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According to Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer, all of the athletes at…

11.23.12@10:53 AM
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It seems no one will be punished for a failed drug test this time, as…

11.20.12@7:37 AM
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By JAKE CHASTAIN | UFC 162 took place last Saturday, July 6th, in Las Veg, Nevada and today…

7.12.12@4:44 PM
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By JAKE CHASTAIN | Brian Bowles was defeated by knock-out two weeks ago by George…

6.7.12@4:24 PM
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All six drug tests submitted to the California State Athletic Commission following the seventh edition…

4.30.12@7:15 PM
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The VADA organization has made diligent efforts to clean up the sport of Mixed Martial…

3.22.12@11:22 AM
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By Jonathan Kirschner Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission Keith Kizer stated that…

7.13.12@3:10 PM
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