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Last month ex-Bellator MMA fighter, War Machine, brutally beat Christy Mack causing a broken orbital,…

9.14.12@4:22 PM
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Former Bellator MMA fighter War Machine had his day in court earlier today after being…

8.19.12@3:14 PM
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Dog the Bounty Hunter said earlier today that he had officially began the manhunt for…

8.12.12@3:25 PM
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We have been following the beef between Dog the Bounty Hunter and someone claiming to…

8.12.12@1:33 PM
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After trading shots with War Machine’s brother via Twitter, it appears Dog the Bounty Hunter…

8.12.12@7:56 AM
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Famed bounty hunter Duane Chapman, also known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, has warned War…

8.12.12@7:22 AM
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