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Following his recent and surprising UFC release, Top 10 welterweight, Jake Shields signed a multi-fight…

4.25.12@11:19 AM
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“I was definitely a little surprised, especially coming off some big wins, guys in the…

4.21.12@6:28 AM
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“We look at everything. Everything. Money has something to do with it. I’d be lying…

4.7.12@9:26 PM
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“I think, obviously, Jake was disappointed. He is a guy who for many years has…

4.7.12@7:14 PM
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Former title-contender Jake Shields was released by the UFC on Monday, putting an end to…

4.7.12@3:24 PM
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After a three-year run in the UFC, climaxing with a fight against welterweight champion Georges…

4.7.12@8:47 AM
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