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It was a rough day at the office for this referee.

10.21.12@4:01 PM
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Floyd Mayweather proved to Marcos Maidana that his first victory in May 2014 was no…

9.13.12@10:50 PM
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If you missed last night’s Boxing pay-per-view, here’s a recap from the night’s main event…

7.13.12@9:41 AM
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Boxing fans have long been wondering who Floyd “Money” Mayweather would be fighting, and now…

2.25.12@6:11 AM
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Arsenio wants to know how Floyd Mayweather would do in the UFC. Dana White does…

1.28.12@10:53 AM
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Riddick Bowe. Evander Holyfield. Mike Tyson. What do all of these boxers have in common? They…

11.26.12@10:16 AM
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