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If you missed tonight’s TUF 19 episode on FOX Sports 1, here’s a replay of…

4.30.12@8:43 PM
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Watch every punch, kick and submission attempt between Cathal Pendred and Hector Urbina as they…

4.25.12@12:02 PM
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  Fresh off the second episode of ‘TUF 19: Penn vs. Edgar’, Atlanta’s Dhiego Lima, Team…

4.23.12@9:46 PM
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During a recent appearance at the UFC GYM BJ Penn Grand Opening in Waipahu, Hawaii,…

4.22.12@4:53 PM
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  Famed MMA Boxing coach, Jason Parillo, has embarked on his first season of ‘The…

4.22.12@1:28 PM
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Daniel Spohn takes on Tyler King in one of the fastest KOs ever seen on…

4.17.12@3:19 PM
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Fresh off the debut episode of ‘TUF 19: Penn vs. Edgar’, Atlanta’s Dhiego Lima, Team…

4.17.12@10:38 AM
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The first episode of ‘The Ultimate Fighter 19: Penn vs. Edgar’ is in the books…

4.16.12@10:03 PM
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Ahead of his appearance on TUF 19 Chris “The Killing” Fields talks about his team,…

4.2.12@12:49 PM
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“The whole package made me interested. If you look at past coaches, they are big…

4.1.12@10:29 AM
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“If it’s me, let me be limp before you stop it. It’s tough to be…

3.31.12@4:49 AM
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On April 16th BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar take over as coaches for The Ultimate…

3.25.12@6:59 PM
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The UFC’s ‘Fight Week’ set for 4th of July weekend, just got its first official…

3.19.12@5:14 PM
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