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Monday, 09/02/2013, 12:11 pm

T.J. Grant Wants Pettis: ‘I feel like I’ve earned it’

T.J. Grant watched from the sidelines this past weekend a title fight in which he was supposed to be.  Though an injury forced the lightweight out of the fight against Henderson at UFC 164, Grant believes he has earned himself the next shot at the new champion, Anthony Pettis.


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

UFC 164 saw the crowning of a new lightweight champion.  Had you asked him a few months ago, that is exactly what T.J. Grant thought would happen, with one difference: he would be wearing the UFC belt instead of his replacement, Anthony Pettis.

Grant suffered from a concussion the month prior to UFC 164, forcing him from the title shot he earned with five consecutive wins.  When Pettis won the belt, he did mention Grant and wished the top contender a strong recovery, but most of the MMA world has been enraptured by the idea of a super fight between Pettis and featherweight champion, Jose Aldo.

Grant spoke to MMA Fighting about that super fight, and where he fits into the whole picture.  While he would be interested in watching Aldo and Pettis fight, he does think he’s earned his shot.

I’m pretty sure Aldo is a little banged up as well right now.  My opinion – I’m a fan, and I love watching UFC fights.  I watch all of them, whether they’re people I’m potentially fighting or not, I enjoy it.  Pettis against Aldo is an exciting fight.

But hey, I just won my last fight in two minutes.  I knocked [Gray Maynard out].  I knocked [Matt Wiman] out before that.  I feel like I’ve earned it.  I feel like I’m the guy.  I’ve been in the UFC a long time.  I’ve never really gotten the push that I feel like I need, but I’ve also built a lot of experience in fighting and haven’t been in the spotlight, which is nice too.  But I’m ready to be there and I’m ready to go out there.  Give me the opportunity, man.  I feel like I’ve earned it.”

Of course, all three men in question are, to use Grant’s words, “a little banged up.”  He himself is recovering from a concussion, Jose Aldo suffered a broken foot in his last fight against The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung, and it was announced following UFC 164 that Anthony Pettis may have hurt his knee.

While they all may fight one day, it seems that we may have to wait just a little bit to see it happen.


7 Responses to “T.J. Grant Wants Pettis: ‘I feel like I’ve earned it’”

  1. Thesire says:

    Tj definitely deserves a shot, there is not disputing that but honestly I think most people would want to see the best go t it more than a contender against the best IMO

    • UFC 84 Forever says:

      I agree that TJ deserves the shot but I don’t know if I’m interested in Pettis trying to fight the smaller fighter here. Might be an exciting fight but it’s entirely possible Pettis’ power based partly on his size makes the fight uneven. Regardless either fight is going to be an amazing fight, and Grant has the kind of punching power Pettis has never faced before (coupled with a granite chin and tough as nails skills).

      Gonna be a good fight, and one that will happen regardless.

  2. magoo says:

    I agree with u 84 forever, although I don’t believe Aldo would be the “smaller” man that dude does a serious cut to 45! Whether its TJ or whether its Aldo we fans are in for a treat.

    • UFC 84 Forever says:

      Yeah that’s very true he is a big 45 but Pettis isn’t a tiny 55er either (course he isn’t the biggest by far).

      But that’s true either fight is gonna be a brawl and one hell of a fuckin’ fight!

  3. scotty says:

    Aldo vs. Pettis is obviously what everyone wants to see, i mean who doesnt.. But one will have to Vacate a title.. They would only get to defend each title once a year and possible hold up a division.. Now if one of them gets hurt then u are holding up 2 divisions.. And i dont think Dana wants someone to hold 2 titles at once for those reasons.. They could a catch weight match at 150, 5 round non title fight and still headline a PPV. Also TJ needs to understand there is no such thing as a “earned” title shot in the UFC anymore..

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