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Wednesday, 02/26/2014, 08:14 am

Suspended After UFC 170 Due To Injury, MacDonald Refutes The NSAC’s Findings: ‘There is no ankle injury at all’

Rory MacDonald isn’t happy.
After his tough-fought win over the jiu-jitsu ace Demian Maia this past Saturday night at UFC 170, the Nevada State Athletic Commission examined MacDonald and determined that an injury to his ankle would need medical attention. This would mean that “Ares” would need medical clearance if he wanted to compete again in the next six months.
MacDonald, however, is disputing the validity of the perceived ankle injury, and has taken to Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter:


Now obviously, there must be a reason the NSAC felt that MacDonald needed a doctor to check his ankle out, prior to him fighting again. But if “Ares” is right, and his ankle isn’t injured, then he should have no issues obtaining a doctor’s approval to prove his ankle is fine.
By Jim Chadwick | Twitter


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