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Thursday, 02/23/2012, 02:57 pm

“Sudden Death” Rounds Implemented For UFC Flyweight Tournament?

During a recent interview with Tap Out Radio’s “Crooklyn’s Corner” UFC fighter Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson broke news that the UFC made him sign a “Sudden Death” clause in his latest bout agreement.

This is not only news, but it is also unheard of in modern Mixed Martial Arts.

Due to the fact that this is a four-man elimination tournament to crown the first ever UFC flyweight champion the reasoning behind a sudden death round is sound and makes perfect sense.

Here is what he said:

“I don’t know if anybody has said anything about it, and this is the first time I’m mentioning it, is that we (McCall and himself) had to sign for a ‘sudden death’ bout. If it goes to three rounds, and the judges can’t decide who the winner is, then we’ll do a fourth round.”

Demetrious Johnson will square off with Ian McCall and Joseph Benavidez will take on Japanese flyweight standout Yasuhiro Urushitani and the winners will face each other for the first ever UFC flyweight title.

March 3 is the date of the yet to be made official UFC on FX 2 fight card. The evening’s headliner is expected to be a welterweight bout between Martin Kampmann and Thiago Alves, although at this point in time it is too early to be certain.

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24 Responses to ““Sudden Death” Rounds Implemented For UFC Flyweight Tournament?”

  1. DudeIncognito says:

    Awesome, but get rid of judges. Keep the rounds going until someone is KO’d or Submitted. And do it for all weight divisions. No more of this winning by points game plan crap. Be real martial artist, real warriors!

    • HiImTye says:

      I don’t think you’ve ever been to a ‘real martial arts’ tournament, they are often won by points and are the reason that most martial arts suffer from logistical problems (training for martial arts tournaments forces you to train bad habits into yourself, such as closing your half guard when you should be escaping instead)

      • DudeIncognito says:

        I think you and I have different definitions of Martial Artist. Mine is that of a warrior who trains to defeat his opponent in a real fight. A martial arts tournament is pretty far from a real fight. Whereas the UFC is supposed to be “as real as it gets”.

        • HiImTye says:

          martial arts are designed to protect yourself from others who would do you harm, often in reponse to others trying to do you harm on a large scale. quite often ‘a real fight’ didn’t even enter into the situation as martial arts are intended to level the playing field of vicious attackers with weapons oppressing people of lower status and most martial arts are designed to do relatively little damage unless necessary. as a result, a ‘Martial Artist’ would be defined as someone who is untertaking those arts and training using the basis of those arts. your definition is that of the other force (the oppressive regimes the martial artists are protecting themselves against)

        • DudeIncognito says:

          Ok, difference of opinion. Your definition is more the romantic hero, mine is someone who is training to fight period (Hell, I would call a Roman Gladiator a martial artist.) My definition covers both. The point is to stop your opponent.

        • HiImTye says:

          it’s not really a ‘romantic hero’ but the origin of most martial arts – including Subak which you claim to have learned, which was made in response to pirates attacking villages, same thing with Yawara, Hakuda, Kogusoko, etc.. (the arts that originate what you call Jujitsu), they come from war time in Japan

        • DudeIncognito says:

          Your view is the self-defense side, that’s fine. I disagree, but who cares, it’s irrelevant to this topic really.

          Ignore the “Martial Artist” part in my comment. The UFC is not about self defense, sure there is the avoiding damage aspect, but it is ultimately about fighting and who is the better fighter. Wouldn’t you rather see rounds going until there is a definitive winner rather than see judges make f’up calls?

    • Joe Gruber says:

      It might be best if you just never speak about MMA again

    • DudeIncognito says:

      Real Martial Artist finish fights, they don’t play games of tag. Losers.

      • Thom says:

        You cant finish every fight.. Tell me, how many fights have you had? Because you sound like someone whos never even stepped inside a cage before.. Are you telling me the Gracie family arent real martial artists because they win the majority of their tourneys based on points and not on flying gogoplatas? Smh.

        • DudeIncognito says:

          LOL dude, the Gracies would love it if the rounds kept going. They are some of the biggest opponents to the judging and rules systems in the UFC.

          You seriously saying you would rather see Judges scoring fights over seeing a fight finish? Believe me, if rounds kept going someone is going to win.

      • HiImTye says:

        DI is either a troll or has never taken a martial art in his life (or both)

        • DudeIncognito says:

          What?? Traditional Jiu-jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Fencing, Archery, oh yeah Tae-kwon-do too long time ago. (ok, the fencing and archery more like hobbies).

        • Go roll and spar a few times, and come back. says:

          And what happens if they gas? Round 11 would be extremely exciting to watch… I’m sure someone will tap from exhaustion. THAT’S real action. ….Dumbass.

        • Jim says:

          What a stupid comment. What do you think happens in a real fight? You get exhausted you lose. Would you rather see a real fight or pansya$$ fighters fightin to please the judges?

          When fighters know there is no way out other than finishing, they will fight their a$$es off. That exciting fights.

    • Sweet game plan says:

      Benavidez will be the last man standing after this tourney ends!!

    • G says:

      100% agree with you. B.J. Penn basically promoted a similar idea, so everyone here who disagrees with you is also disagreeing with B.J. Penn. (Look it up on YouTube.)

  2. Confused says:

    I have a quick question for you guys. Is this flyweight division for real? The UFC website only has 6 fighters listed in it. I assume they’ll get more fighters, but I’m confused as to how they can start a weight class with 6 people, and a 4-man tournament for the belt.

  3. K2 says:

    So they implemented this “Sudden Death Round” but didn’t use it. FUCKING JUDGES FUCKING SUCK. They should just get rid of 3rd round being saved by the bell. 3rd round ends from neutral position.

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