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Monday, 10/01/2012, 07:36 am

Struve Calls For Step Up In Competition, Wants Fabricio Werdum | UFC NEWS

“There’s not a lot of other guys in the heavyweight division on a four-fight win streak right now. Four finishes in my last four fights. I believe I won six of my last seven. I’m not even sure. I think I got 29 pro wins now, but I think I’m closing in on that, but still, there’s no rush. I’m 24, imagine what I can do in four years, but I think I’m a couple of wins away. I think for example, Werdum would be an awesome fight for me next fight. You know, I think I can cope with him on the ground and I think I can rough him up on the feet.”

Outside of a couple of key losses, Fabricio Werdum has cemented himself as one of the worlds best heavyweight fighters in the world. It’s because of this fact that at 24-years old, Stefan Struve wants to fight him.

Coming off of a key victory over Stipe Miocic this past Saturday, the 7-foot “Skyscraper” hopes to catapult himself into the division elite and attempt to earn a crack at the title.


13 Responses to “Struve Calls For Step Up In Competition, Wants Fabricio Werdum | UFC NEWS”

  1. some dude says:

    Make it happen struve vs werdum

  2. nick says:

    And it ends in a KO

  3. Karl says:

    “Worlds best heavyweight fighters in the world” does this site not have any editors? It’s littered with mistakes that wouldn’t be acceptable from a child.

  4. TowerPower says:

    Struve got rocked a couple time is his last fight, I like him, just not sure Werdum would be good for his record.

    • Mav says:

      Struve gets rocked every fight, it’s a matter of whether he finishes or gets finished afterward. I think anyone in the top 5 will be a big ask for him right now but I don’t think he would embarrass himself

      • chuck says:

        nailed it. he can cement himself as a prospect killer, but he will probably never be top 3. all that said, hes only 24. How exciting!

        • Clay says:

          He will be champ one day. The dude is only 24. No one in the HW division and fuck with him on the ground. All he has to do is keep improving his stand up (which he has many years to do) and he will be unbeatable

  5. Sean says:

    So he knows hes young and has many years ahead but instead of taking his time and progressing his game hes going to charge into the top 10 when he has no shot of beating the top 3? if you beat werdum then what? you cant go back down in competition. he needs more patience if he wants to have a memorably career

  6. Big Show says:

    Struve vs Mir…. that´s a fight that I would love to watch!

  7. Nunya says:

    The Struve vs Werdum would be nice. Would like to see Cormier fight Roy Nelson & work his way up if he defeats Big Country. Strikeforce is the Minor’s. He’s got to work his way up n the majors

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