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Thursday, 10/06/2011, 09:41 am

Strikeforce Update: "Either Showtime Wants to Be In Business With Us or They Don't", Says White

“The ball is in their court, you either wanna be in this business or you don’t. The problem is, we’re [already] running a business, I can’t sit around and wait for decisions to be made. Do you wanna cut a deal and be in the mixed martial arts business? I’m not gonna cut a stupid deal. I’m not gonna cut a deal that’s gonna hurt me and put me out of business. It’s not just about getting on TV. Yeah it’s great if you get on TV, but if you’re paying the whole bill, you’re dead.”


6 Responses to “Strikeforce Update: "Either Showtime Wants to Be In Business With Us or They Don't", Says White”

  1. bdizz says:

    Love him or hate him – He’s the F’ing man when it comes to business.

  2. boontown says:

    People are crazy to hate on Dana White. The UFC would have gone out of business 10 years ago if it weren’t for him. He’s literally the Steve Jobs of the modern sports world.

  3. Mike Diaz says:

    He still didn’t answer the question twice, ‘ Are you going to clean out Strikeforce of all their major talent?’ Then he replies twice ‘ They either want to do business or they don’t.’ Does that mean if they do sign a deal you’ll stop pinching Strikeforce talent? IMO Dana is going to keep Strikeforce only to pay his personal bills…..PENN NATION!!!!!!!

  4. TrainerNick says:

    Screw showtime, HBO, and the rest. We need our own MMA Channel. All MMA all the time!!

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