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Thursday, 12/08/2011, 04:04 pm

UFC NEWS: Strikeforce Staying On Showtime

“It’s staying, and hopefully I’ll have all the information for you next week,” said UFC President Dana White. “Just sit and wait and watch what I do,” he said. “Trust me, it’s going to be just fine. Like I said last time I talked to you guys about this, I’m getting into this, and I’m going to handle it. Watch and see.”

It looks like the  San Jose promotion will continue on the Showtime network, as Dana White explained to earlier. Negotiations between the UFC and Showtime have been going on for quite sometime, as the promotions current television deal was set to expire in 2012.  With a roster that’s had most of its top fighters go over to the UFC, one has to wonder what exactly Strikeforce’s role will be within the Zuffa family, but much like when Zuffa ran the WEC simultaneously, White seems confident in the future of the promotion.

“[The WEC] did work,” said White. “We had a great television deal with the WEC. It was very successful. The fights were awesome. There were people that loved watching the WEC fights. It absolutely worked.”


9 Responses to “UFC NEWS: Strikeforce Staying On Showtime”

  1. KingGareth says:

    Strikeforce is like the AAA of MMA

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      yeah that’s why the 205 champ of strikeforce came in and worked shogun- the former ufc lhw champion- and every other top guy going over to the ufc are given either immediate title shots or no 1 contender shots.

      • Mitch says:

        Dan Henderson is a UFC guy that left due to contract disputes to fight for the joke that is Strikeforce. So don’t call him a Strikeforce guy. The reason Strikeforce guys get the No.1 contender spot or the challenge to fight the Champion of the UFC is because it makes good ratings to see two champions fight. Guess what, UFC usually ALWAYS wins. Also you don’t see every Strikeforce fighter come over because most of them are inferior fighters. Sweet they get two, three, whoa maybe four fighters come in to the UFC and actually stick around. Jake Shields is getting his shit pushed in and we will see what happens to Nick Diaz. He was a chump that couldn’t hang before, and left cause he couldn’t stop smoking weed cause he’s a joke. Ok, you did well in the AAA of the UFC. Sweet. We will see what happens when he fights GSP. Cung Le? Oops. Your Dumb Bro.

        • dave says:

          you are truly an idiot,,,,diaz will smash gsp..diaz left teh ufc not over weed u idiot but cuz he fought joe riggs in the hospital after his fight,,,diaz hang well in the ufc with the top contenders,,diaz was never dominated in the ufc and this was befor he was even that good..he got caught for weed 1 time after he beat gomi///after he beat gomi the top lw in the world at the time they called it nc cuz nick failed drug test…nick is top ww in world for sure.. the champs were all ufc level befor the buy out,,,gilbert mel the lw champ wil beat most top lw in ufc also…U DONT KNOW SHIT

  2. BiggoTrav says:

    I miss WEC… I hope they keep Strikeforce separate! Food for thought, if they do end up merging, and the buy out/mergers continue, where are fighters ever gonna get good enough to fight in the UFC? If UFC becomes the ONLY high end promotion (which it isn’t far from), fighters will never have a chance to compete at a high enough level to be able to hang once they do get to the UFC.

    • This guy says:

      I think it would work itself out after a while though. Eventually champs will retire and the not-so-great fighters will end up taking over. It may lower the bar for a bit but eventually there will be few prodigys here and there to raise it up.

      But to your point; I do believe these “smaller” shows or “b level” venues are absolutly crucial. Fighters need to grow and get experience. And fighters who cant compete at a higher level who still want to or need to fight can have a place to go and finish their careers.

    • Millerhighlife says:

      Don’t get too used to calling them a high end organization… They just booted Miguel Torres, from now one there will always be a giant question mark over the Bantamweight division. What might have happened in Torres’ next couple fights?

      • dave says:

        torres was lookin worse all the time,,he was not even considerd top 5 anymore…so i dont kniw what the ??? will be in his division for man…he has lost more then he won as of late,…to shit guys…the only ??? is what you smoking

  3. WOO (from Deadwood) says:

    “Vegas Cocksuucckkeerr”!!

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