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Saturday, 05/19/2012, 09:21 pm

Strikeforce Results: Cormier Bests Barnett, Melendez Squeaks By Thomson

After 15 months the Strikeforce HW Grand Prix has finally concluded.

Tonight Daniel Cormier took it to his opponent, Josh Barnett, for five-straight rounds with a solid mix of effective striking and wrestling to secure a unanimous decision victory and simultaneously secure the title of Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion.

In the co-main event Gilbert Melendez secured victory after a scary split-decision that many thought should have been awarded to his opponent Josh Thomson.

Your Full Results Are As Follows:

MAIN CARD: (Showtime)
Daniel Cormier def. Josh Barnett (49-46, 45-50, 45-50)
Champ Gilbert Melendez def. Josh Thomson via split decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)
Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante def. Mike Kyle via submission (guillotine) – Round 2, 0:33
Chris Spang def. Nah-Shon Burrell via KO (punches and knees) – Round 1, 1:35

PRELIMINARY CARD: (Showtime Extreme)
Isaac Vallie-Flagg def. Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Guto Inocente def. Virgil Zwicker via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Gian Villante def. Derrick Mehmen via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
Quinn Mulhern def. Yuri Villefort via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
Bobby Green def. James Terry via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)


0 Responses to “Strikeforce Results: Cormier Bests Barnett, Melendez Squeaks By Thomson”

  1. BabyJ3 says:

    Thompson won.

  2. 808 says:

    At least now people can shut up about Melendez being in the upper echelon of the lightweight division.

    • frost says:

      I agree! I like Melendez but you can’t call him the beat when he fights b grade talent in strikeforce. He wouldn’t get close to a title in the ufc as the level of skill is in a league of its own. All the good strikeforce guys are now in the ufc and only a small handful are exceeding and they were ex ufc fighters anyway who left for other reasons.

    • GET RID OF TRT says:

      I’m no Melendez fanboy but I would have no problem seeing him in a champion VS champion match with bendo/edgar/nate

      • stewbot says:

        You’re a Melendez fanboy.

      • stewbot says:

        Although I agree with your handle “Get rid of TRT” I disagree with having Melendez cross over and have an immediate UFC title shot. Strikeforce is pretty much a ‘B League/minor league’. There are far too many talented and well deserved fighters in the 155 division in line for a title shot. Give Melendez Cerrone or Pettis and I have those two coming out on top 9 times out of 10.

      • Donnybrook says:

        Nate would never fight Gilbert even though I think he would beat him… Edgar’s speed would be too much for Gil and he’d get picked apart… and Bendo would strait up destroy him.

  3. Zack says:

    I honestly don’t think melendez would even be top 5 in the UFC. Might as well stay in strike force and keep that belt and your fanboys.

  4. Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

    Actually i think Melendez is as good as his ranking has him its just Thomson trained very hard and fought over his head for this one. Plus thye have fought 10 rounds prior which is very rare in MMA so its alot easier to train for someone that you already know all their moves. I would like to see Thomson fight a UFC top 10 caliber opponent and see how he does which would answer this question whether Melendez is as good as his ranking says he is. Also i think Nate Diaz is easily top 3 and he sounds quite serious when he said Melendez was best LW in world. Remember at the level these guys are matchups often decide fights. For example i think theri are a hand full of lightweights that can beat Frankie Edgar but can’t beat BJ Penn.

    Cormier is a beast. I think he may be able to beat Jones if he dropped to 205. I know he prob will never do it but all you have to do is go to u-tube and watch his wrestling matches at 184 to see how good of a wrestler he really is.

    • just checking says:

      @Get rid of Fitch (forever) there you go again posting another damn book do you train hit the mits or roll at all have you ever gotten off your ass and away from this website or your pc to do anything other then post your BS comments about fighters when you have never been in one, and your sister doesn’t count I’m just wondering?

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Thomson did win in my opinion 1,4 and 5. Melendez got gifted a decision because Strikeforce is worth more with a dominant champ.

    DC is a beast and Barnett has a ton of heart.Strangely Barnett’s chin might be as good as Nelson’s. I can’t see many HWs taking consecutive punches from DC.

  6. The natural says:

    With those numbers up there does that mean one judge gave the fight to Barnett or is it just backwards

  7. T.Daddy says:

    Gilbert wud get his ass beat in the ufc

  8. DMAC says:

    Strikeforce really trying to protect their poster boy/ cash cow. I’ve said this before Melendez wouldn’t even survive in UFC LW division. I think JT won if not a draw, no way in hell he had 1-3 in the bag.

    DC is the truth, HW division better watch out. Hope he gets out that shitty organization same goes for Barnett, they deserve to compete against the best.

  9. Donnybrook says:

    Another disgusting display of judging… Josh Thomson clearly won that fight. Even though Gilbert got the “W” according to the bought off judges his stock went down, and Thomson’s definitely went up as I’m sure his fan base did as well with the class he showed after the fight.

  10. WAFFAHOUSE says:

    Gil won. Everyone hates on everybody on this site lol I Usta enjoy scrolling down and reading the fans insight on what was going on…. But not anymore after the raping that was givin to BONEZ after his ALLEGED DUI. Btw I got a DUI and I was totally sober. Drank a white Russian and A beer……. I was REAL WASTED AFTER THAT HA H a HavHahahahaha

  11. jeremy says:

    Once again Gilbert Melendez proved to me that he’s not very good and certainly not great! Brother you lost to josh Thompson!! Yeah he won by split decision. but it was obvious he lost fight. The guys is not that great. Gilbert Melendez wins these decisions because he’s really all that Strikeforce has. They don’t want Josh Thompson as there champion. its all business! But i have been saying this for a long time he’s not even close to being the best lightweight in the world. The guy would get chewed up in the up in the UFC guaranteed. In my mind and in the minds of a lot of people he just lost to Josh Thompson. really!! and he thinks he’s the best. common! Thompson would be a bottom feeder in the UFC and he beat Melendez. What does that say about him? Really do people really think that he can beat Edgar, Maynard, Henderson, Pettis, Guida, Penn, Jim Miller, Nate diaz, Cerrone, Lauzon, Kenny Florian, Edson Barbosa. All of these guys could and probably would take him out. This guys is a Bottom level UFC lightweight fighter thats all there is to it. I cant wait till they bring him over so he can be exposed for what he is.

  12. maurice says:

    imo that was a great 5 round war. and i think thomson and melendez both can compete in the ufc. thomson when he’s on point (like last night) he’s pretty damn slick and brutal. maybe ill watch the fight again for better judgement. viewin it live, thomson had all the momentum and won the fight. i had rounds 1, 4 and 5 for thomson.

  13. BobbyLemons says:

    People seem to remember more about how the fight finised than how it started. Gil took 2 and 3, Thompson took 4 and 5, round 1 was so close I’d of called it a draw.

    Anyone who argues strongly in favour of either is a retard. Shit was close, it could of gone either way…

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