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Monday, 03/05/2012, 10:13 am

Strikeforce Coverage | Miesha Tate's Arm Is Not Broken After All

It looked painful, it looked like it was bent backwards, it made the world queasy and everyone assumed the arm was broken.

However that does not seem to be the case. According to Miesha Tate he submission loss to Ronda Rousey this past Saturday did not result in any broken bones.

Here is what she said to about the arm:

“I had X-Rays last night. No bones are broken, which I already knew. Other than that, I have to get an MRI to find out anything further.”

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44 Responses to “Strikeforce Coverage | Miesha Tate's Arm Is Not Broken After All”

  1. Finish IT says:

    Seriously? Her bones must be made of rubber

    • &; says:

      yeah that sure looked broken

    • James Troy says:

      or her elbow joint just dislocated. she proly has some other damage done though. and a bruised ego. wonder if her dumb ass respects rousey now.

      • meh says:

        I’ll give rousey more respect after her first K.O. or TKO.

        • justin says:

          I’m with u Tate was pushing thecfoght with punches n everything n rousey didn’t want none of it. To me yea a win is a win but she’s a paper champ now she the right spot right moment champion she can’t stand n throw punches I know its mmanything goes but this was a built up fight u shoulda went to war

        • sean says:

          Is that before or after she LET HER GO while pummeling her from back mount and went for the arm bar. she had the TKO and let it go to keep her streak of armbars going. she decided how to win that fight. shes the champ because she CHOSE how to beat tate.

        • david says:

          how can she be a paper champ you dumb fuck? theres hardly any competition in womens mma, you stupid fucks make it sound like the only way a female fighter can be legit is if she beats cyborg, well shes a steroid using bitch and she cant fight in all weight classes anyways. your a stupid piece of shit trying to sound knowledgeable but seriously calling her a paper champ your saying there are high level competitors out there she needs to beat o be legit, like who? sarah fucking kaufmann? then who? stfu please your stupid and gay

        • BJ S says:

          +1 for both replies. Your an idiot. Tate fell right into her gameplan

        • Xaninho says:

          Again I don’t like Rousey’s personality, but I don’t think you fully understand the meaning of paper champ. She beat the champ so she’s a legit champ.

        • ctownhood says:

          Why? If she goes 40-0 all by submission, I’m sure she’d be ok with that. She’s a judoka, not a boxer. Who needs a TKO or KO when you snap limbs?

      • idiot says:

        why should she respect her more now?
        rousey’s still a disrespectful one-trick-pony, with many holes in her game. she’s a better talker, then fighter.
        miesha was doing great, got overconfident and got caught. it happens.

        • Gank Train says:

          look at this guy on the Tate bandwagon!!! Umad bro? Rousey sure isn’t respectful but I don’t think being a Judo master makes her a one trick pony, she finishes with the armbar because she likes it the most.

    • sweet game plan's mother says:

      sweet game plan homosexual!

    • sweet game plan's mother says:

      sweet game plan is gay homosexual!

  2. banks says:

    Her bones didnt bend jus the joint.. n ill bet theres muscle damage

  3. true mma says:

    She told her game plan and still got it done. She backed up her shit.

  4. insidemma says:

    it really wasn’t that bad. it only looked bad because of the way she turned.
    funny thing is, arm bars are one of the easiest submissions to defend. you hardly ever see them in mma any more. she just made a small adjustment mistake and turned the wrong way. it’s unfortunate, but it happens. miesha will be fine and get that title back before the year’s over.

    i’m more worried about the insane amount of ronda rousey fans that have suddenly come out of the woodwork. she has almost zero mma skills, but people are making threads about how she’d tap out half the UFC roster. come on, man. between those threads and the ones from kids that think she’s hot….miesha’s pretty good looking, but ronda looks like a truck-stop whore. she’s not even remotely attractive….inside, or out. she’s just the next brock lesnar. she wins a high-profile fight, acts like a disrespectful ass, somehow gains fans, then she’ll fade away into obscurity. this is mma, not wwe. you actually need skill to stay at the top.

    • Rob says:

      Why would you attack her physical appearance? That’s sad. And as far as the armbar being the easiest submission to escape, that just means over confident asses will have their pride crushed even more when they get caught in one. Miesha never stood a chance because she under-estimated Rhonda. Her mistake.

    • Steven says:

      +100 insidemma

    • John Blaze says:

      you are an idiot lol.

    • erik says:

      dude why dont you actually put some hours in the gym first before u make that claim. lol!

      been a fan of rousey since her being on rogan’s podcast. maybe fake tuf’er fans such as yourself jump bandwagons, but real fans do not. how can you say she has zero skills?? she is a fucking olympian that could EASILY take your arm home with her. shut up u fucking pussy.

      she has had 5 fights and barely been fighting a year… striking takes time to develop but is FAR easier to develop over a slick ground game. rousey has the best ground game in female mma maybe behind megumi. she is just fine… next fight she will show better standup and even better ground n pound then the vicious ground n pound she layed on on tate lol.

      she isnt losing that belt unless cyborg drops down. just sayin’ haters gonna hate. why u made bro?

    • jonesy says:

      you dont see arm bars that often anymoren ??? there just as common as any other

    • Joe says:

      you’re an idiot.

  5. Jay says:

    Rousey comes from Judo so obviously her arm bars are fuckin brilliant buuuut I’d like to see her stand up improve A LOT! Plus her ground and pound was horrendous lol.

  6. g says:

    Every fucking MMA article appears to be written by a teenager. Misspellings and grammar errors abound. Fuck.

  7. Popp24 says:

    Rousey is one dimensional and she will be exposed by Kaufman!

    • Andrew Ingram says:

      Yes, Rousey will stand in front of one dimensional Kaufman all night and take blows to the face until Kaufman wins by UD.

      LOL! Honest to Christ, I can’t believe the crap I read sometimes.

      No her standup isn’t very good, but she has been in MMA barely 1 year and has already improved. Her GnP is not so much to take anyone out, but to open her victim up for a sub, in her case, a highlight reel armbar. She almost locked it in within the first minute of the title fight… She has ths belt for a while.

    • ctownhood says:

      Kaufman is pretty one dimensional as well. She’s a great striker though. Classic striker v grappler match. I got Ronda.

  8. david says:

    ronda has a nice ass, i saw the weigh ins lol

  9. jonesy says:

    if they dont fire cyborg she will smash her whwen she gets back,,,and by the time cyborg punishment is up im sure she will have stopped using sterioids and be able make 135 to smash ronda…tate has no power and escaped the firsat arm bar..a strong cyborg will beat ronda all over the place

  10. Trey says:

    Man ronda basically took that bitch arm from her and made her tap ronda’s not a paper champion shes the real deal so what if she does the same thing every fight that just proves how much better she its than her opponent cause they know whats coming and can’t stop it so yea she the best right now and how people go say she a one trick pony its not like somebody’s knock her out on the feet we’ve never seen her stand up so people ned to lay off that one trick pony shit and just wait till cyborg comes back she going to smash rousey I believe

  11. hahaha says:

    Had the tko lmao not even she barely threw 4 punches, this is pure judo not mma, kills me how ppl think rousey is so good, she’s a one trick pony that needs to go back to judo, as soon as she got hit once she went for a takedown,jim miller fights the same way but will lose to a superior fighter, becuz the talent level is so much better in mens, but in womens there’s no room for that garbage one trick ponys aren’t marketable as champions as strikeforce will find out

  12. tank says:

    Brut take Cruz’s nuts out your mouth before you trying writing about mma.

  13. Uncle chael says:

    Rousey did a great job. Those armbars are ridiculous! She might be a one trick pony, but till someone figures her out, she’s going to continue ripping everyone’s arm off. I think Gina in her prime would have given her a run for her money. That chick had sick stand up, and that seems to be Rousey’s weak point. It would of been something exciting to see, but we know that will never happen

  14. JoeL says:

    thats not a break… thats a dislocation of the elbow. Elbow simply came out of the socket. Theres gonna be possible tissue and/or nerve damage. May even be more painful than an actual break of the arm.

    I’m not sure if she’s a gangster for not tapping or an idiot. But I can say that Meisha has heart!

  15. sweet game plan's mother says:

    sweet game plan is gay!

  16. Leben'sDad says:

    I really hope Cruz wins. Don’t want to see Faber with the strap. Can’t say why he annoys me so much. Probably his hair. Guida can pull it off cause he’s Guida, but anyone else should think twice before rockin the long hair.

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