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Monday, 10/03/2011, 08:10 am

Strikeforce Champ Gilbert Melendez UFC Bound Says White

“Yeah, we do want to bring Gilbert Melendez over, and we’re looking at it right now. We’re looking to bring Gilbert Melendez over ASAP. [The title shot] is a possibility. The thing is with that division, it’s so stacked, there are a lot of possibilities. We’ll see what happens with the timing.”

During this past weekend’s UFC on Versus 6 post-fight festivities, UFC president Dana White confirmed that he intends on bringing over Gilbert Melendez to the UFC’s lightweight division.

With a pending matchup set between Melendez and Masvidal for the upcoming Strikeforce event in December, it is unclear if White’s plans will jeopardize the title fight or not.

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15 Responses to “Strikeforce Champ Gilbert Melendez UFC Bound Says White”

  1. Random Person says:

    Melendez VS Edgar. Another 5 rounder of Edgar and his pillow hands running around the cage. Unless he got clipped. Gil would finish if he clipped him a good one.

  2. Dazz says:

    Yes Can’t Wait Gilbert’s a beast

  3. C5 says:

    lol ^^^ you two already counting out maynard? and maybe he’ll fight ben henderson or guida or guillard or jim miller first

  4. Tony says:

    Don’t know how anyone can count out Mayo against Edgar. Edgar has never beaten Mayo and has struggled against him. Edgar is fortunate to be the champion right now.

  5. Tony says:

    With that being said, Gil has a very stacked division to contend with, but I think he deserves to fight for the #1 contender spot, but not an immediate title shot.

  6. Zach says:

    Melendez would be a great contender for the ufc lightweight strap imo. After reading some of the comments it’s agreed that Maynard may definitely be the newest ufc lightweight champ after this Saturday but when is Edgar finally going to get the love he deserves. I mean he’s only lost once, beat BJ to take the belt and then defending it against him immediatley, and came back to make it a barn burner against Maynard after taking a beating in the 1st round. I for one was not impressed when Edgar beat Penn the first time and thought a more motivated BJ Penn would beat Edgar decisively in their second match up but it didn’t happen. Yet he always seems to be the under dog going into fights. Frankie Edgar is the real deal, he’s proven it to me as a fan but when will this man finally get the recognition that other ufc champions get?

    • Kamuela Kimura says:

      I agree with most parts. Guy fights at his natural weight, a very rare occurrence nowadays. Works hard, takes his job seriously, and seems pretty professional for the most part. I just can’t take to his point fighting style. On the other hand I can’t blame him because if it were my job and paid my bills, I would probably be thinking of winning more than pleasing others. He does deserve credit, just can’t seem to get excited about watching him fight.

      • Zach says:

        My friend said something similiar. He said I just can’t get excited about Edgar vs Maynard 3. My response was well the last time they fought it was an exciting war. He agreed but still says it’s hard to get excited for that one. I guess alot of people have that feeling. I think you said it best, “He fights at his natural weight”, imo he’s definitely an undersized lightweight, comparatively speaking. This may be why he has hasn’t finished that many fights. I personally don’t place him in the same category as I do GSP because he is undersized and still has a few fights to add to his resume before I will say he’s not a finisher. I compare him to GSP in the fact that many believe that GSP has a safety first less exciting style of fighting, where getting the “W” is the most important outcome.

  7. bdizz says:

    Hell yeah! Gil is a friggen beast!

  8. Random Person says:

    I hear you all on the counting out Maynard, I just believe that Edgar is going to be even more afraid of getting beat and be even more “elusive” to mantain his belt. Which means he is going to run and instead of 3 hit combos he is going to have 2 hit combos before he dips out and runs away. Can you blame me for believing that? Trust me, I would love to see a competative fight agains Maynard and Melendez, but I don’t see it happening if Gilbert comes in and challenges for the belt right off the bat. Because I think Edgar will get the decision agains Maynard with his “style”…

  9. Eric says:

    (No disrespect to some of the Gil fans) But I personally don’t think he can beat UFC top notch lightweights like Frankie Edgar, Gray Maynard or Melvin Guillard. I don’t understand why he is ranked as #1 in the lightweight division, but I believe he is ranked as 3rd. The only big names he has beaten is Clay Guida and Josh Thomson, and those wins were by decisions. But we all don’t know until they step in the cage.

  10. BJ Penn Fan says:

    I think it should be Ben Henderson vs. Gilbert Melendez. Whoever wins gets to fight for the title.

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