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Friday, 06/01/2012, 07:02 am

Stranger Than Fiction | Koscheck Asked By UFC To Stir Up Something With Penn | UFC NEWS

“Me and B.J. have a good relationship. It’s business, and, you know what? I like to have big fights. I think that B.J. is the type of fighter that would be a big fight for me. The UFC asked to try and stir up something. You know, I do my job well, and I went on to my Twitter account, and just kinda said, ‘Hey, B.J. Let’s do this fight.'”

It wasn’t that long ago that Josh Koscheck put the MMA world on standby for the announcement to become official that BJ Penn was returning from retirement for a fight with the long-time top welterweight.

He posted on Twitter that he had accepted a fight with Penn and all seemed to report the bout as nearly booked.

However, from the side of Team Penn, the booking was news that made no sense and the revelation by Koscheck came out of left field, which is why BJ himself quickly shut down the rumors.

In this quote from Spike TV’s MMA Uncensored Koscheck confesses that the UFC put him up to the call out in what was likely an attempt to stir BJ into accepting a fight and come out of retirement.


21 Responses to “Stranger Than Fiction | Koscheck Asked By UFC To Stir Up Something With Penn | UFC NEWS”

  1. King Chris says:

    Rumors and stories in the UFC are never a secret. Fighters are too honest! Blood sweat and tears does that to you.

  2. penn fan says:

    It’s not worth bj’s time kos is a worthy opponent but he’s not even near the level and experience of bj if the ufc is going to have you try to pick a fight atleast make sure your not going to get smashed

    • Penn Fan II says:

      If it was the younger pre-2010 BJ, I would say you are correct. But the latest version of BJ hasn’t had much success (record 1-3-1 in last 5 fights) and needs to train like there’s no tomorrow (and figuratively, there isn’t) before stepping into the Octagon again against anyone.

      Koscheck’s toned down his assh*** image lately and is not a pushover. He took several of Hendricks’ lefts right to the face and didn’t go down, so the boy is tough. If the UFC does match BJ and Kos up, I think it would be a good fight. BJ would win of course.

  3. Azusa says:

    Even tho Im more of a BJ fan. Koscheck would win this fight….much better athlete and more explosive.

  4. Donnybrook says:

    Glad BJ didn’t take the bait, IMO Kos is a bad match-up… I’m hoping BJ comes back at LW and make another run for the belt.

  5. Canilive says:

    Sweet you want this fight so you can take him down and hold him there? He won’t stand and bang with bj

  6. monkey juice says:

    Sorry penn nut jiggers, koscheck would GNP bj to hell. Anyone see why penn quit fighting!? Wake up, bj is dead to mma.

  7. DMAC says:

    Extremely bad match up for the Legend. I’ll keep it at that out of respect for the site and BJ.

  8. Fortyb4five says:

    How is it a bad match-up? Kos couldn’t take Hughes down

  9. Mark says:

    Bj is not good is welterweight

  10. Starr816 says:

    Baby j at 55 or stay retired. Please I beg you.

    • frankin nog says:

      fuck that BJ should fight were ever he wants when ever he wants hes a beast at any weight! KO over matt Hughes in what 30 sec or something. The great fight he had with Fitch were he out wrestled the wrestler.or how bout the classic bout with Diaz, He made Diaz fight like a bitch. fist punch Bj landed Nick grabbed a hold and went right to huggin on the cage so get real Bj has earned his spot in the WW division not to mention being a former champion

  11. lol says:

    Bj has nothing to prove, he can retire as one of the greatest and that’s exactly what he is…great

  12. T.Daddy says:

    War BJ all day muthafukka!

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