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Tuesday, 06/19/2012, 11:01 am

Steven Seagal Says He Trained With Anderson Silva For Sonnen Fight | UFC NEWS

“I have (trained with Anderson Silva for this camp). I gave him some stuff that I consider to be very special, and I think it is also stuff that I don’t think most people will be expecting.”

“Well, there are millions of techniques that no one has ever seen in the UFC. I’ve showed him some of those, but I’m not going to talk about what they are. There are things that I think if Anderson decides to use them, they’ll be very effective.”

“One never knows what a fighter is going to do until he gets out there. When he fought… Vitor Belfort, I was with him until seconds before he went out. That was exactly what I asked him to do and to a ‘T,’ it was just perfect. Sometimes they do it, what you suggested and what you taught. Sometimes they go on their own, because he has an amazing plethora of different techniques, they’re very effective.”

“…We were doing Mixed Martial Arts before they even began using that term, so I’ve got a plethora of techniques that are not widely used in the UFC at all. I’m trying to bring some of those with me ’cause I think they’ll be very effective.”

While a guest on’s “The MMA Hour” Master Seagal talked about his influence on the Mixed Martial Arts styling’s of the UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva.

Will his teaching make a difference in the fight and will Anderson once again credit the action movie star with his victory?


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70 Responses to “Steven Seagal Says He Trained With Anderson Silva For Sonnen Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Rondo says:

    Whoopitty doo da day!

  2. TRUTH says:


  3. SEGAL SUCKS says:

    Lmao,bla,bla,bla,bla, segal thinks he can get credits for Anderson fights,Las time someone ask Anderson if segal told him about that kick,Anderson just put a big smile on his face and didn’t said anything,fuck Steven segal he he wouldn’t last one minute with any MMA fighter his belly is the only thing bigger than his who he need STFU P

  4. Clay says:

    Seagal is a badass, you guys are just haters. I’d like to see him step in the ring tho instead of just talking a big game. He is old and past his prime but he’s obviously not a wannabe.

    • TRUTH says:

      Dude, paint is not made for human consumption! I know it looks like a big can of delicious soupy ice cream, but I assure you it’s not. I bring this up because clearly you have lost any capacity for reasonible thought. Steven Segal is an actor NOT a fighter. If in his “prime” he stepped into any ring, guys like Oleg Taktarov would have ripped his pony tail off and choked him with it. If Silva wins this fight, which I think he will, it will be because of the training he’s done over the years with legit camps like Chute Boxe, Blackhouse and BTT. NOT because Segal came over bloated on Kung Pao Chicken smelling like farts and baby powder teaching secret truffle shuffle kicks.

      • Reno Pereira says:

        Hahahahahahahahahahaha love truffle shuffle kicks

      • Slim says:

        Seagal was a martial artist long before he was an actor. Try doing a little research before you run your yap. He has trained many fighters and is a 7th degree dan and Shihan in aikido, which he has been training in since a teenager in Japan. Douchebag.

      • kushites says:

        Seagal is a 7th dan black belt and one of the first and only non-Japanese to teach Aikido in Japan. Aikido derives from aikijiujitsu, which is the earlier form of both aikido and jiujitsu. Stealth, joint locks, and circular movements. Real martial artists know real martial arts. He was in some corny movies, but his technique is for real. Anderson gives him mad respect and trains with him for a good reason.

      • Clay says:

        You try way too hard to be condescending. What’s funny is you actually believe your intelligent. Your obviously right. Seagal is “just and actor” and has no idea what he’s talking about.. Lol

  5. MoosePie says:

    Just because Seagal has made movies most bad does not mean he is not the real deal. I know for a fact that he is an amazing instructor and any person who fights can learn much from him. The image he has is based on his movies which really is not him. He runs like a bird on crack but he hits hard and has amazing technical skills from his years of training in Akido.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Dude, I actually and literally “laughed out load” over the running like a bird on crack…It immediately made me think of one of his first movies that I think he was chasing Richey and that is the fruitiest run I have ever seen. Aikido only works on Aikidoka who play along with the choreograph.

      • primalmasher says:

        coming from a wrestler, there’s no point arguing that more fluid martial arts are better than wrestling.

        the only real reason to use wrestling is when you’re getting your ass kicked, you’re too scared to stand with him, or defending takedowns.

        • mashprimal says:

          Are you retarded?

        • WrestlingRules says:

          “mashprimal” I once again actually and literally “Laughed Out Load” – pure brilliance….people keep looking at me laughing at Starbucks. These Silva-Seagal zombies are soooo stooopid. They make me LOL….

    • Tago Barantino says:

      well you are right….bird on crack

  6. WrestlingRules says:

    I’m gonna break it all down here for the Silva-Seagal zombies:
    Ladies and germs , whatja got here are 2 egotistical narcissists using each other for their own personal benefit….How’s that the zombies ask? See Mr. Silva will be quitting win lose or draw after the Sonnen fight (maybe even before) and what does a good narcissist do at 38 in retirement that likes to dress up like Wacko Jacko? He wants to be in the MOVIES. And What better way then to be in a Seagal C-movie, Yay!! Now the zombies say yah that makes sense (actually they don’t say this cuz they’re stupid zombies but us normals say this) but what about Seagal? What’s in it for him, you ask? as every narcissist like Seagal needs, are fans that adore you and Seagal, always on the prowl for adoration, saw that he could use another fellow narcissist in Silva to get relevance in the mma fan base and to do what you ask? To netflix his stupid movies and give him more of their money. And even beyond the money, he just likes the zombies oooing and awing over him. Because at the core of every narcissist, is an empty blackhole that needs to be filled by the love of zombie fans…..There you go, NOW you know the Silva-Seagal realtionship….Of course, like most Silva zombies that saw how dominant Silva was in the first Sonnen-Silva fight and how he baited Sonnen into a choke because he had to protect the honor of his girlfriends, won;t see it this way…Oh well what can you do with zombies these days???

    • KushLoc says:

      Bro get a fucking job..

      …Or do you get paid to fluff chael sonnen all day?

    • Xaninho says:

      I think the doctor needs to adjust your medication, you’re losing it.

      You’re one step away from eating a homeless guy’s face.

    • Eric Nelson says:

      One of the most well thought out truthful comments to ever grace the pages of this site. (other than my own)

    • Sam Eames says:

      Why would he retire BEFORE fighting Sonnen? You’re just typing. You don’t have it figured out. You are just running your mouth. Oh, wrestling is pretty effective, but holy shit it’s boring.

    • Bo says:

      I wouldve given you more credit if you had said seagal is using silva so that other fighters will come train with him and continue to vomit his name on microphones. However you said that he wants his name out there so people netflix his movies and make money off of that. You obviously aren’t aware of how netflix works and how production companies and netflix are tied together. So just in that lack of research it shits on your entire post making u a fucking zombie. Well played retard.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Huh??? So what you are saying here Einstein, is that getting a zombie like you to get his movie on Netflix DOES NOT make him money??? R U like one of those mental illness liberals?? Cuz. dude, you make NO sense…..Your mental capabilites tell me you are a RAGING zombie….& psssst…So does evetybody else who reads your dribble….Yes, its true people are talking about you and not wearing any clothes…..Zombie elimination is soooo much fun. I eliminate one of you everytime I leave a shit. I now call them Bo’s….I tell all my training partners: ‘ Hey I’ll be back, I gotta go dump a big ass Bo….They laugh and know that I mean you!!!!

  7. Zack says:

    Wrestling rules is a faggot and has no life. Steven segal would break your wrist in half and throw you off a rooftop. Get a job. Do something. Your wasting air and tax dollars that everyone else works hard for. And your wasting people’s time making them read your pointless posts. Go play call of duty since your so obsessed with zombies you fucking child.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Quit reading my shit then…I know its not better than your trolling shit, but hey I try..

    • WrestlingRules says:

      @Zach – you have a 4 inch dick don’t you?? You’re always so grumpy….smile more, get a sense of humor…How does it feel to be a zombie???

      • ricky says:

        seriously tho, you have no life. you literally sit on this website all day trying to debate a bunch of bullshit. i hate tools like you that think theyre mr know it all nd can never be wrong. eat shit and die

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Is that ALL you little cunts have for me??? A fucking trolling response to my brilliance and employment status. Your behind butt wipe, How about stepping up and debating me over substance or are you just another little dumbass guttersnipe. DO YOU EVEN KNOW THAT YOU SUCK??? Cuz everybody else does!! Well what are you cunt??? WAKE UP Zombie you’re wasting your life…

  8. anix says:

    I had an Uncle who was on set when Gene Lebell choked out the pompous fvck. Said he could never get caught or choked out and Lebell landed him. Then he had the gaul to fire a bunch of the grips and production guys who laughed at him afterwards.

    Segal is a douche. Pompous, and makes me wretch with the ego he carries around his disgusting fat body. He is hardly an example of a fighter, humility, or a Rinpoche as he claims he is. #pathetic

  9. Brend0magic says:

    It’s gonna be Silva by flying axe kick.

  10. Brend0magic says:

    Or a swift chop to the neck, yea.

  11. Ryan Dockins says:

    I’m not gonna say Seagal doesn’t have a ridiculous ego, but the guy is the real deal in Aikido and karate. Most people who watch Aikido videos call bullshit on it because it looks scripted and fake in it’s demonstration, but most people don’t fully understand what they’re are watching cuz they assume the technical applications of Aikido are aikido. Anyone whose ever done jui jitsu knows that someone can watch mma or UFC for a long time a begin to understand the science of how chokes and armbars and leg locks work and you might have even fucked around trying to do these things with your friends with no training it at all and maybe your were able to pull them off and maybe you didn’t, but if you ever go into BJJ gym and roll with the instructor you know that there is a lot more going on with a lot less effort than what it appears to look like on tv. Aikido is no different, you can watch all the youtube videos in the world and pretend to know what aikido is all about because you saw and instructional on it and question and ponder whether or not if any of it is applicable to mma and the truth is until you’ve gone to a credible dojo and worked with the instructor you don’t really have a clue. Seagal is a 7th Dan in Aikido. He’s trained a lot in the martial arts and it’s not surprising to me that guys like Anderson and Lyoto were interested in working with Seagal. You can say all you want about how bad Seagals movies are and I would agree with you 100%, but to say that Seagal is a joke in the martial arts is just an uneducated statement. Would Seagal have gotten his ass kicked in the octagon I don’t know. It would have been really contradicting to his martial art to have even considered it, but whether he would have won or lost that doesn’t determine anything on his ability to teach. Ceasar Gracie got KO’D by Shamrock and he’s got one of the best camps in MMA right now.

  12. Majestyk says:

    Whenever I hear him talk I think about his character in the movie Machete, then I remember a story my uncle told me that seagal is a women beater.

    • Majestyk says:

      Loser posting worthless comments under my name. Sad.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Hey Majestyk, just remember, imitation is the purest form of flattery. Besides I have about 4 to 10 people doing it to me or maybe there is just one sick fuck who has multiple personalities!!!??? Plus I know who one is already….isn’t that right ddecker? But really these guys are cowards and mine usually are very homoerotic so I believe they probably are homosexuals and/or wax their eyebrows…

        Anyways, they are skeard…

      • Majestyk says:

        I forgot to say that I am a proud homosexual and Im in love with all the men in the UFC.

  13. Rayvyn says:

    Let me explain something. Steven Segal is a real martial artist. Yes, I said martial artist. He is not a mixed martial artist. But he does have some stuff to offer. I saw him teaching AS about that front snap kick before he did it to Vitor or Lyoto did it to Couture. Yes, belive it or not, it was a training video that I watched before the fights, with him teaching Blackhouse about an open lane to the jaw that usually only gets exposed by uppercuts. No one was doing that kick until he brought it up. Now I realize he is not a MMA guy, and would get wrecked in the cage, but so would any guy who specializes in one discipline. That doesnt mean you dont go to a boxer to learn boxing. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU KNOW BETTER THAN ASILVA OR LMACHIDA, REALLY?

    • Ryan Dockins says:


    • 9lives304 says:

      Well put!

    • ZC says:

      That “front snap kick” is just called a front kick. It’s the most basic kick anyone can learn and even tae kwon do white belts learn it at the age of 3-4. It’s easy. It has very little to do with learning proper technique.

      Throw your foot toward the opponents face and try to land with the ball of your foot. Wooptifuckinla. I’m a black belt in TKD and purple belt on BJJ along with years of training in Thai boxing. It’s not something that takes “master segal” to teach.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        + 1,000,000. That’s just a basic kick open to anyone that holds there face forward with wide low hands…no voodoo aikidodo here.

      • Rayvyn says:

        ZC. Im no noob either. I am a life long wrestler with alot of boxing experience as well and very heavy hands, not that stating our MMA credentials means anything. I obviously wasn’t implying that he created the front snap kick. What I said is that it wasn’t being used very often. I would throw a front snap kick at times in sparring but more to create space so I could shoot, not to knock someone out.

        But I digress. What I was saying was do you think it is a coincidence that Seagal started teaching them a technique, and within a few months two blackhouse guys use it successfully? He can teach some thing. And not to be rude, but you are a tae kwon doe guy, who are you to disrespect another martial art? And back to my question. Don’t you think AS and LM know what they are doing my man?

      • Rayvyn says:

        Let me state this another way. Segal trained Silva in front snap kick, Silva did it in fight and scored knock out, so I think Segal deserves some juice.

        Same as if GSP does Muay Thai with Phil Nurse, then uses it successfully in a fight. Even though Phil Nurse clearly didn’t create Muay Thai, he still shares in the glory, AM I WRONG?

        Just a made up example.

        Quit hating!

      • you are missing the point actually ZC. everyone knows how to do the said kick. but only through a master will you learn how to utilize it and use it properly. how to recogonize “the opening” for it to be used. Master Seagal has such knowledge and more. profeciency in anything comes from knowing how to do it, more than just being able to do it.

      • Xaninho says:

        Funny thing is nobody used it until Anderson Silva used it to knock Belfort out. Now you see at least one frontkick to the face thrown in every fight.

        It’s not about Seagal teaching the proper technique, it’s about Seagal opening their eyes to some usefull stuff that’s underappreciated in modern day MMA.

  14. says:

    Steven seagal is a real MMA he just happen to of had his career in the 80’s way before the UFC or any real platform for that type of thing he fought in Japan for many many years before his acting career ever existed it is actually what started him as a actor after the 70’s and Bruce lee death America was hungry for martial arts hence the TENT and all the 80’s kung fu and action films seagal was just taking advantage of the money and helping spread the seeds of MMA …. really ANY UFC fan should thank him or any one else that has helped spread knowledge

  15. says:

    TENT = TMNT ***

  16. Eric Nelson says:

    Chael Sonnen will retain his belt.

  17. Your Mom says:

    You young bucks think you know everything about combat…you guys have much to learn from the old order..shut your mouth and listen to your elders. Nuff Said.

  18. brad says:

    seagul is a clown who refuses to stay off t.v the only way he can be in the lime light now is by showing his soup can face claiming credit off skilled fighters from brazil who think hes still cool because his shitty movies, im pretty sure seagal bitched outta a fight from van dam so he has no place to ever speak about guys like jon jones.

  19. T says:

    MMA is all about training hard and getting in repetitions. Whether you’re training wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, striking or anything else. Seagal is a pompous ass, yes. But has he put in the reps in Aikido? Yes. Does he have “millions” of techniques never seen in MMA? No. Is it possible he helped Silva master three or four very powerful strikes? Sure. Fuckin’ Joe Rogan showed GSP a spinning back kick that he’s used and taught in his camp.

    You guys need to get over it. Yes, Seagal would get his ass handed to him by anyone in pro-MMA. But Eddie Bravo is a legitimate Jiu Jitsu master and bad ass that might not make it in the octagon either.

  20. Sam says:

    In other words, if silver dose something amazing it’s on him but if he gets wooped he didn’t use his shit

  21. jones says:

    maybe steven invented a new round house kick this time and taught anderson…just like the front kick he invented and taught anderson and loyoto…why did steve call it a front kick?? who should have named it a seagal kick

  22. pthance says:

    I think that Blackhouse is using Segal as a huge joke on America and Segal is an unwitting fool in all this. Brazil is getting a huge laugh at all our expense with this one.

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