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Thursday, 01/09/2014, 08:45 am

Steven Seagal rumored to run for Arizona governor.

Known for his ass kicking days of old and possibly BEST known for “teaching” Anderson Silva the front kick that dropped No. 1 contender Vitor Belfort at UFC 126 Steven Seagal is rumored to make a run for governor of Arizona in 2014.

Seagal has been an active member of the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve Deputy Chief for many years, and has discussed running for governor with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of Arizona according to The Washington Post.

“Joe Arpaio and I were talking about me running for governor of Arizona, which was kind of a joke,” said Seagal. “I suppose I would remotely consider it, but probably I would have a lot more other responsibilities … that may be more important to address.”

Its seems more likely however, that this is all a ploy and Seagal will be starting a reality TV show with Arpaio instead. But you never know. We’ve already had the “Governator” with Schwarzenegger. Who’s to say that the Arizona governor position won’t be “Under Siege” by Seagal.

However there may be some complications to his running as Arizona Republic’s Yvonee Wingett states that Seagal may not meet the residency requirement to run. She states that one must be a resident of Arizona for at least five years on election day to be eligible to run. Looks like even Steven Seagal isn’t “Above the Law” (sorry guys, I just can’t help myself). And Wingett contacted Seagal’s agent, she was told that they were instructed to give no comment.


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  1. fitz says:

    Mr. Seagal, tell us more about how you used to beat the shit out of Kelly LeBrock, and the women you kept as sex slaves…

  2. Hershey Maxwell Barber says:

    As being from Arizona, I wouldn’t mind. This place is already a joke when it comes to things of this nature anyway. I fucking hate Arpaio with a piss on grave passion, though.

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