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Wednesday, 03/28/2012, 01:51 pm

Stephan Bonnar Wants To Fight Donald Trumps Kids With One Hand Behind His Back

Stephan Bonnar calls out Donald Trump Jr. and his kid brother Eric and offers to settle the score with a 2 on 1 charity Grudge match.

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37 Responses to “Stephan Bonnar Wants To Fight Donald Trumps Kids With One Hand Behind His Back”

  1. california grown says:

    yeah bonnar!!!
    when i saw the butchered elephant, my heart sank and my stomach turned.
    trump trust fund punks need to know what life is all about… the struggle, not a slaughter.
    entitled brats would get their asses handed to them.
    they are the farthest thing from hunters.
    they need to learn respect for life. keep what you kill.

  2. TEVARUA says:


  3. jc says:

    lets be honest though with one hand behind your back 2 opponents will own you dosent matter if you bonner or anderson silva



  5. anyone have the opening odds on this?

  6. James says:

    Someone should hunt the Trump kids…

  7. otter says:

    Non-Hunters don’t understand how the game works in Africa. The hunting of elephants (and the rest of the big 5) in Africa is what pays for the conservation efforts. Without foreign hunting money there would be zero funding to pay for the protection for the native animals against poachers. By having controlled hunts, small numbers of the herd can be culled while keeping a healthy population.

    It wasn’t until after regulated hunting that the populations of Africa plains animals stabilized. I still like Bonner but he’s just showing himself ignorant.

    • James says:

      The exploitation of Africa certainly does pay for the remainder of it.

      • otter says:

        All humans have been exploited at one time or another. It doesn’t make it ok but it’s not like Africans haven’t done the same.

        • James says:

          Africans have always played an integral role in the exploitation of their land’s resources. It could never have really worked out that way if they didn’t.

    • Xaninho says:

      So what if the same kill crazy rich mothafuckers would just donate the money without needlessly shedding blood? Your whole story is bullshit! They are just bloodthirsty bitchass rich boys who’d shit their pants if they would ever get into a real confrontation without their bodyguards to protect them.

    • Vince Vuong says:

      you fool. just spitting shit that you dont even know about. the fuck? so what about the waterbuffalo? A FUCKIN EXTINCT ANIMAL UNDER THE IUCN?! shut the fuck up bro. Stop trying to justify shit.

      • Hey Vince Vong you Ding Dong! says:

        You fricken Ding Dong Vince Vong. The animal killed is not the same YOU are talking about, so it looks like your shit is confused not knowing whether to come out of your ass or mouth!

    • Todd says:

      So that must kill animals to save animals. I see your logic.

    • Rudy says:

      Otto, you are accusing Stephan of being “ignorant,” while you entirely missed his his viewpoint. He never indicated the economic “contributions” of hunting, which is a totally different subject. Rather, he is upset with the act of hunting for game in ITSELF, regardless if it yields positive or negative results in to any nation’s economy. The morality of killing wild and endangered animals for game and not survival has always been subjected to issues on ethics and morality.

      Your argument had no logic whatsoever (paraphrasing): “Killing animals, which financially contributes to a nation, and eventually the country spends on preserving their wild life.” Once again, it is not about the end result; it is about the debating the morality of the act in question.

      Individuals, who get gratification out of hunting for game, have deep issues (control, infatuation with killing, lack of authority, etc.). They have no consideration for life and are not hunting out of necessity since it is purely based on game.

      Hunting amongst animals in nature has always been for survival; Humans still hunt for survival and I do not disagree with that. Hunting and gathering is instinctive within our human race. However, hunting for merely killing and collecting can be morally disputed.

      In conclusion, Stephan Bonnar has a logical viewpoint and he is NOT an ignorant. Think before you ignorantly judge Mr. Bonnar.

  8. Donald Trump says:

    Im calling you out Bonner But were up in the stakes!!!! I beat you, You leave my sons alone. You beat me, I will reveal the truth about my hair. WATTA YA SAY????

  9. jbeamazing says:

    might be a step up in competition just playing get em Bonnar

  10. Miesha Tate's arm says:

    your fired you asshole

  11. Zack says:

    All the trump brothers gotta do I work on that spinning back elbow

  12. You all love Mcdonalds...hypocrites says:

    Hey fuckhead, hunting is fun. Who cares as long as the meat is eaten. It was taken from a preserve where they monitor the number of animals to a healthy level. Humans kill animals. Always have and always will. Millions of cows, pigs and chickens are slaughtered each year to feed your fat fucking faces. I guarantee those cows you eat, go through more pain and suffering than these elephants did. /realtalk God you people need to eat some venison.

    Bonnar is a fuck. And trumps sons would beat him. Sorry but 2 on 1 with 1 arm tied behind his back. Come on son! Think reality here people.

    • IDK says:

      you got a professional athlete who knows how to punch with either hand very well and and knows how to kick with either leg. and don’t forget mentally fighters have no problem punching someone in the face where non-fighters have to overcome the thought of doing something like that. plus, bonnar is pretty big and fights for a living!!!! money would be on bonnar.

    • Rudy says:

      You made good points, but had no merit for judging Bonnar’s argument. Hunting for fun is morally questionable. Hunting for survival does not have the same ethical arguments. I am all for hunting in order to survive. Furthermore, in rare cases if there is an high population of animals contributing to destroying the ecosystem, then I am for it (high population of certain rodents and birds).

      Bonnar is not a hypocrite. Speaking for myself, I eat meat, and have clothing that is made from true leather. However, individuals, who hunt for game and thrills have deep issues. Whether it be lack of physical manhood, lack of control, infatuation with killing for the sake of killing, etc., it is questionable on one’s character.

      Bonnar is questioning the actions of the TFB Trump boys.

      Bonnar is a golden gloves boxer, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a black belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu. I don’t think the TFB power tripping hunters have a chance.

  13. Fleximus oblideratus says:

    Blast those fuckin animals boys! Yeehaw! This here is how we do in America! Kill shit! Yeehaw! Then fight them guys that kill shit! Yeehaw America!

  14. DroDiego says:

    stephan bonar is my american physio

  15. Haters Hate shredders Dominate says:

    destroy those pussys!

  16. Stephan Bonnar says:

    Hey scrotumgargler…I never said “1 hand tied behind my back.”

    I’m only allowed to jab. My other arm would still be allowed to defend myself.
    If you’re so confident the Trumps would beat me, how bout I throw your stupid ass in there with them so I can jab the shit out of you.

    • Todd says:

      That douche has the typical response of all hunters. “You eat meat, der, and eat chickens, der. First, the meat from McDonalds is not real meat. Second, it is a justification to compensate inadequacies by hunting animals to kill by creating shooting lanes and baiting fields. If you want to call it a sport hunt on the ground with a knife or some other means to to make it fair. This desire to kill is sociopathy. Hunting to survive is one thing, but we have grocery stores for a reason l

  17. JP says:

    I would much rather eat an animal I’ve killed and had processed than an animal pumped full of antibiotics and whatever else to FEDS require them to do to put it on the shelf. Everyone seems to think of hunting as rednecks out there killing everything. Educate yourselves that’s not how most hunters operate.

    Bonnar I love you and your fighting style but your stance on this is wrong.

    And hesitate you don’t kill animals and balance the population eventually they will die when they pass their crazy diseases back and forth. It’s a slower and more painful death than any hunter would allow.

  18. Lol says:

    Donald Trumps money/ his sons likely inheritance >>>>> Stephen Bonnar

    Hardcore capitalist making a real difference >>>>> Douchey hippy UFC fighter

    And yes he could smash me but atleast i’m not a fucking hippy

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