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Wednesday, 11/07/2012, 08:12 am

Stephan Bonnar suspended one year for failing UFC 153 drug test | UFC News

UFC light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar has been suspended for one year after testing positive for steroids for the second time in his career.

According to Marc Ratner, the UFC’s VP of regulatory affairs, Bonnar will be suspended until October 13, 2013. This after the “American Psycho” tested positive for the anabolic steroid Drostanolone following his loss to Anderson Silva at last months UFC 153.

Bonnar was suspended for nine months by the NSAC following his UFC 62 loss to Forrest Girffin in 2006 after metabolites of the anabolic steroid Boldenone were found in his system. Stephan announced his retirement from the sport after an 11-year run, this prior to the news of his positive drug test came out.

Ratner added that he has yet to determine what kind of suspension Dave Herman will receive, but he expects a decision to be made later on this week. Herman tested positive for marijuana metabolites at UFC 153, it marked the second time “Pee Wee” has tested positive for marijuana.

“We feel very strongly that there’s a big difference between PED’s [performance-enhancing drugs] and marijuana,” Ratner said. “We think the commissions do a good job with PEDs, but we think with marijuana there should be some form of rehab involved, going through that kind of process and learning about it.

“Other sports have a difference between PEDs and recreational drugs.”

Ratner said he expects Herman to be suspended for “months,” while also having to go through some kind of rehab program.

Earlier this year, the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended Nick Diaz for a year after he tested positive for marijuana metabolites a second time.

Neither Bonnar or Herman have publicly commented on their positive drug tests since the news was first reported last week.


4 Responses to “Stephan Bonnar suspended one year for failing UFC 153 drug test | UFC News”

  1. Devilock138 says:

    rehab for marijuana? who goes to rehab for marijuana? Just take it off of the banned substances list.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Hahaha steroids just don’t work against anderson just ask Cheal.

  3. nico says:

    Rehab for MJ indeed IS taking the piss….the only reason it is considered a drug of abuse is sheer ignorance….the reason so many get popped with MJ is because you can test positive after for WAY longer then any other drug… focussing on MJ just drives people to drugs less likely to pop, like coke and other actual nasty stuff

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