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Friday, 02/21/2014, 04:39 pm

STAREDOWNS!! – UFC 170 Fighters Mean Mug In Vegas (Photo’s)

If you missed today’s live broadcast of the UFC 170 weigh-ins event then you missed the intense moments only a pre-fight staredown can provide.

Here’s more:


8 Responses to “STAREDOWNS!! – UFC 170 Fighters Mean Mug In Vegas (Photo’s)”

  1. The natural says:

    They said u never no what’s goin happen so let’s take everybody that’s known as a safe fighter or boring fighter and put them all on one card against each other and we’ll charge top dollar. It will b our biggest f u to all the fans. So b4 that happens I say nobody order and strike first

  2. magoo says:

    Love how McMann didn’t even flinch at Lousey, with her peacock stance and her sour puss mug.

    • Fred Baden Agvald says:

      “Lousey” is the only reason McMann gets to fight in the UFC…I think you Ronda haters forget that…

      • grandpoobah says:

        Yea you’re right, i don’t think it had anything to do with the fans wanting women’s mma in the ufc at all, and nothing to do with ufc management making a decision to have women’s mma under their fight banner, it was all Ronda that made it happen… not. I don’t think Ronda is the ONLY reason McMann gets to fight in the UFC, and i’m not even a ‘Ronda hater’ as you put it, but that reply statement is simply ridiculous.

        • Fred Baden Agvald says:

          In case you can’t listen or read, Dana White stated multiple times that he didn’t consider putting women in the UFC until Ronda Rousey showed him what she can do with PPV buys in Strikeforce…

        • grandpoobah says:

          In case you can’t read or listen, as already previously noted PPV buys are based off FANS wanting to watch it, you just a miner bird or do you really think about what you post before you post it?…

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