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Tuesday, 09/18/2012, 12:58 pm

Stann Not Sold That Bisping Will Stand With Him | UFC NEWS

“I welcome him standing with me and trading shots. That’s an area where it’s always been one of my best opportunities to win fights. But I don’t think that’s exactly what he is going to do. He’ll use his footwork. He’s not a pocket-puncher-type of guy. He’s a stick-and-move-type of guy… I’m not expecting Michael to go out there and get into a kickboxing match with me. Mike’s going to try to mix it up, and that’s fine with me, too. I’m very excited to surprise him in the other realms of mixed martial arts. I feel he’s underestimating me in my other skills and that’s fine; I’m not going to tell him how good I am, I’m going to show him…”

In a recent discussion with, UFC middleweight fighter Brian Stann made a prediction that Michael Bisping won’t be making this weekend’s main card fight a kickboxing match.

Bisping has shown a decently diverse game with his ability to take most his opponents to the mat, however his bread and butter has always been his fast paced stand up game.

Will Bisping stand and trade or is Stann on to something?


15 Responses to “Stann Not Sold That Bisping Will Stand With Him | UFC NEWS”

  1. James says:

    This marine is gonna eat that snageled tooth brits face off. I can’t wait to see the KO comin from Stann the Man!!

  2. toneloc24 says:

    Cant wait, this should be an awesome fight. Kinda ashamed to say im pulling for Bisping. I used to really hate him but hes grown on me the last year or so

  3. Brend0magic says:

    C’mon Stann! Send that “buttertooth brit” back down the ladder!

  4. MMApersonalJESUS says:

    Bisping has this. Stann is not as technical on the feet and his power is overrated. Sonnen walked all over Stann where as Bisping faught Chael to a close decision.

  5. punchkick says:

    bisping by sub, 2nd round

  6. stephen riddle says:

    Stann by s bombs to the dome!

  7. 757 says:

    Back to the TUF series for Bisping . I hope Stann knocks his teeth out. Best clip of all was Bisping laying on the mat with his toes all curled up after Hendo collapsed the side of his face. Big mouth needs punched in it. Go Stann!

  8. Cali scrapper says:

    Stann has the right amount of confidence and verbalizes everything he wants to say perfectly. He’s the shit and I hope he knocks that British prick the f**k out!!!

  9. S.A.S says:

    stop hating on bisping he gone make stann tap in round 1 then .k.o weidmann before new year is done !

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