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Thursday, 05/23/2013, 09:55 am

Standing With Hunt Too Dangerous For Junior dos Santos

Former UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos, has made a career out of knocking people out in cage fights.

His stand up has been such a dominant force for him that, outside of a good sprawl, we rarely see any other aspects of his MMA game.

UFC commentator Kenny Florian believes, that for JDS, it’s time to show some of those other tools:

“Mark Hunt can knock anybody out. His leaping left hook is as deadly of a technique as we’ve seen in the UFC. We may very well see Junior dos Santos revert to an offensive ground game. If I’m Junior dos Santos’ coach, I’d say take Mark Hunt down, and don’t trade with him, that’s going to be too dangerous.”



5 Responses to “Standing With Hunt Too Dangerous For Junior dos Santos”

  1. KIDD433 says:

    Kenny Florian is a fraction of a fighter that Dos Santos is.This is pretty chicken shit advice to give to Dos Santos,Look at all his success he’s had on his feet.On top of that he’ll have a speed and cardio advantage.

  2. Mike Hunt says:

    JDS wins standing up, on the ground, sitting down, or doing a handstand. Sorry, Mark Hunt is just simply not at Junior’s level.

  3. Lou Sashole says:


  4. John G says:

    can’t wait until JDS/CAIN III

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