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Tuesday, 11/26/2013, 01:00 pm

Sonnen’s Mom Begs For Sons Protection While Filming TUF Brazil In Hostile Territory

“I’m worried about his safety during filming there. I know you all are legal, decent people. My sister and her family received an exchange student from Brazil who has lived in her house when Chael was younger and they have shared many hours with each other. That said, it only takes one to ruin it … and I pray that you not allow someone to reach Chael in person. He is a great coach and is eager to help the young fighters as much as he can.”

In speaking with the Brazilian Media Chael Sonnen’s mother expressed her concern for her son while he heads south to fil TUF Brazil opposite Wanderlei Silva.

Sonnen’s rivalry with Brazil is storied, but will he be safe amongst the locals while fulfilling his UFC duties?


29 Responses to “Sonnen’s Mom Begs For Sons Protection While Filming TUF Brazil In Hostile Territory”

  1. drew says:

    brazil is a 3rd world country however you wanna see it…seeing JDS riding his land rover on a street with actual shacks built next to it is just unfair. When a man has nothing to loose anything can happen so yes im worried for chael

  2. klg says:

    hope those southameribeaners dont pull any shit. better napalm all the favellas now just to be safe. then the world cup would be safe too :)

  3. garreth says:

    I’m not condoning any actions but if something does happen to Cheal, maybe he shouldn’t have insulted an intire country, in a cruel fashion as he did whenever he got his hands on the mic in the safety of the states, now you’re going to the country you’ve insulted greatly, probably shouldn’t have poped off at the mouth so much. Like wanderlei once said “in brazil if you have no respect you lose your teeth”

    • Pat says:

      I couldn´t agree more with you.
      If you have a problem with a co-worker you do not disrespect a whole nation. He made fun of the poor children in Brazil, that they play in the mud while (Chael) the Americans play with computers.

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    Mommy (his little scamming partner) is asking the Brazilian murder squads to holster it for baby Chael. lol you fu(c)k with them, they f(u)ck with you, that’s how it works.

  5. Johnny says:

    A bit too late…his mom should have taught him how to respect others. You get what you deserve.

  6. 757 says:

    Gangster my ass…..Chael is a faggot and a little pussy on top of that fuck him who cares what happens to his big mouth dumb ass

  7. The Dragon says:

    sonnen reminds me of a bully when I was at school. He kept opening his mouth and when he got smacked his mummy came to his aid. oh poor little sonnen you gonna cry and tap again like a little girl. I hope he gets raped by some guys from the favelas and apologize for all the stupid things he’s said. a$$ hole

  8. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I just want to see Sonnen, head plant ole cat eye’s a foot into the canvas and send him to the jungle, then let the natives loose…..

  9. tcp030374 says:

    There are bad people in every country. I think for the most part people will welcome him if he apologizes. After all, Anderson spoke for the people of Brazil twice. That being said, I am sure that the UFC has paid a pretty penny for private security. I’m sure he’ll change his tone and try to help the kids he coaches legitimitely.

  10. Jimmy says:

    I love Chael but he created his own mess with Brazil, the funny thing is he never really talked bad about Brazil just called out their top fighters.

  11. 757 says:

    He can’t plant anyone…he hits like a little girl. He could lay on him or hope that he puts his head in a choke like Shogun did. Sonnen doesn’t plant anyone because he can’t hit

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