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Wednesday, 11/02/2011, 08:16 am

Sonnen to Belfort: "I Will Stomp You"

“Listen, I’m gonna go fight whether it’s him or it’s someone else, I’m not gonna hold back. I fight them all. I am the middleweight champion and I take on all comers and he’s an impostor. The clear distinction between the tru champion and that bum is that. I’ll fight ‘em all. I don’t care what their name is, what their record is…big fight, little fight, this fight, that fight…I will fight. Period. Vitor Belfort calls me out, that’s no problem, Vitor. I will stomp you just as sure as I’ll do this interview today. You mean nothing to me, okay? You wanna fight me? Let’s fight. Got that, Vitor? You challenged me. I accept your challenge, stupid. Now what are you gonna do? Nothing, are you? You just said it ‘cuz you knew my plate was full. Wrong. I will stomp you.”


105 Responses to “Sonnen to Belfort: "I Will Stomp You"”

  1. Michael says:

    vitor would never get off his back in this fight

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    “…I am the middleweight champion…” I am so sick of hearing about this delusional fool ranting and raving about how he is the true champion. IF YOU TAPPED, YOU LOST! Get that through your damn skull, Phael!

    • Coffee409 says:

      If you haven’t caught on yet, I’ll let you in on a little secret… Chael doesn’t really believe this stuff. He’s trying to piss people off, you see? Get under their skin… You know, he’s trying to pick a fight… Get that through your damn head, fool…

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Fool? Seems to me that you’re the fool for assuming that you know what a man is thinking when you’ve never spoken with him before, so don’t tell me, like you absolutely know, what Chael is thinking, fool, cuz you have no clue.

        • ChaelSonnensNephew says:

          TheGreenBandit is a GreenDumbass.

          You don’t have to know a person…personally to know what they are doing. You’re just mad because you fall for the bullshit.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Another mind reader… Get Phaels dick outta your ass and put it back in your mouth so you I don’t have to hear your bullshit.

        • Chael Sonnen says:

          Hey, Chael Sonnen here, The American Gangster, The Peoples Champion, The TRUE Middle Weight Champion. I mean listen, first off “Tha” really? Are u to lazy to reach your finger up a row to the E key or are you just that stupid. Listen, I’m here to fight. I’ll fight who ever when ever, but if I want to fight the best. Anderson calls himself the best so I want to fight him and to fight him, I must pick a fight with him, which is what I am doing. If you don’t understand the concept of picking a fight you must been a moron or a member or Black House, and as far as mine reading, I mean listen, you dont have to be a genius to know what I’m doing or are you yourself a mind reader.
          Chael Out…

        • Delta says:

          Are you too stupid to write “you” as opposed to “u” and to hit the “O” key one more time for “too”(instead of “to”) or are you stupid?

          By the way, you forgot to add a question mark. And you typoed and said “mine” instead of “mind.”

        • RHendO says:

          Damn, It was fun while it lasted. I did alright though didnt I?

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          “Chael Sonnen”, while we’re on the subject of stupidity, how the hell are you an “american gangster” and “the people’s champion” at the same time? Gangsters prey on the everyday working man, so tell me, how are you championing the people? By running real estate scams? By repping the people and cheating in the octagon? American gangster, no. More like a fucking wankster. People’s champion? Not hardly. Never held a title. Not even in the amateurs…

      • Shawn says:

        Sonnen is the Champ in his own mind. But I don’t think he’s thinking the UFC. He probably has a secret passion to become the “new WWE Champion”. He would do great as an entertainer in the WWE.

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          I can agree with that

        • Chael Sonnen says:

          Listen, WWEEEEE is what your sister was saying last night while I rode her like a wild hog that shit is. I am the Champion, and that bum Anderson knows it thats why hes going into hiding pretending he has an injury. What a Bum. He hoping some one like the Real American Hero Brian Stann could have taken me out but I’m still her Anderson LETS FIGHT!!!

    • Julio says:

      i agree… this guy needs mental treatment…

    • Bandit .. U are a true Chael fan and always repping his threads!

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        LMFAO! Yeah, you got me. All I’m gonna say to that is you sound about as crazy and delusional as Phael, that loser that will never hold the belt that you rep so dearly.

      • He doesn’t need the belt .. I’ll be happy w him kickin the crap out of Anderdoucheson again like he did in the first. The people’s champ..the rocky balboa.. Han solo..robin hood..Chael sonnen!

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          “…again like he did in the first.” You must be on some good dope, because if I remember it correctly, Phael was the one that came out looking battered, even though he landed over 300 pitty pat punches. Phael was the one that basically said, “please stop Mr. Silva from snapping my arm, because I can’t do it myself.”, by TAPPING. He needed someone to step in to stop Anderson from crippling him, so tell me, how exactly will he be kicking Anderson’s ass “again” if he has never done it before?

  3. Kdog170 says:

    hahahah this is funny

  4. Cain says:

    “You just said it ‘cuz you knew my plate was full. Wrong. I will stomp you.”
    And you respond to him calling you out the day after he is booked against Johnson ??

    • M Green says:

      Use your brain for a second here. This interview was probably half a week before Vitor and Rumble got booked. Just because it was posted on today doesn’t mean that’s when the interview took place dumb dumb.

      • Cain says:

        Hey jackass , before you go spouting off stuff about intelligence on a fucking mma site wtf does “probably half a week before Vitor and Rumble got booked” ? So concluding that Chael Sonnen gave this interview at some point before yesterday, and justifying that conclusion on something that “probably” happend half a week ago is what you define as using your brain ? wrong… If you want to claim that Chael didn’t do what I said, find some damn proof.. I looked in two places that this interview , couldn’t find any, and care not to waste more time..

  5. Leon says:

    This guy has some balls, and apparently no memory or sense of reality. No body cares what you have on your plate, no cares who you think is a bum, and reality check-YOU ARE NOT THE CHAMPION! You may have come close with Anderson, but here is another reality check-close means nothing in MMA. I hope once again your face is pounded into the mat so your cocky trap is shut, because obviously if you were as good as you think you are you would have the belt by now!

    • Zack says:

      Stfu. Anderson is still a human, you punch him in the face HARD ( keyword) he will cut, bruise, or swell. No one on this earth is damage resistant you clown. Face the fact that chael is a cheater, a quiter, and a joke. He has NEVER had a belt and thanks to Anderson never will.

      • aaxantonio says:

        hahahhha makes a Dumb comment n dafendz it wit a spilling and gramma leson hahahahha dis aint english class shythead hahahahhahaha. have fun fixin the spelling mistakes in dis coment hahahhahah

  6. Cagin says:

    BAHAHAHAHA man I just love this guy! He makes me laugh at my boring ass office job

  7. If I were Vitor and all other mw except Anderdoucheson I would stay out of Chael’s way..period! Vitor good luck against Rumble .. u got this one!

  8. steve says:

    Anderson probably just choked him 2 hard nd sonnen just remembers the first 4 rounds. I wish sonnen had gone to brazil there would’ve been riots if the brazillians saw him. Hopefully belfort takes out rumble

  9. Eric says:

    Silva doesn’t want this fight because yes he can win via submission, but hes going to take a beating in the process. So he is going to try and postpone this fight as long as he can. My prediction Sonnen via tko, Anderson is a h.o.f. fighter, but this a bad matchup for him, and Sonnen sub defense will be better.

  10. Xaninho says:

    Sonnen’s momma squirts breastmilk into his mouth every day at practice inbetween rounds…He’s a fukkin’ momma’s boy lol

    • A least he has a mom.. u have two dad’s u faggz!

      • Xaninho says:

        Cuntmonster you’re too easy to manipulate…I just KNEW you couldn’t keep that dumb mouth of yours. Just like your idol Sonnen you keep talking shit…No literally shit cause it ain’t worth more than a pile of …well..shit basically.

        • Ex-ho.. Why are u still here. Your on every Chaelmonster post u closet fan. How are your two dads doing, bet your house smells like butt. U queer..

        • SaberTooth says:

          He’s not an Ex-Ho, he is a real Ho. That’s HoMo..the db is from the Netherlands…the gayest nation in the world. And obviously, the most delusional as well…HoMo

        • Xaninho says:

          Snaggletooth..I see you crawled back from under your rock. I just can’t understand the fascination you guys seem to have for gay men.

          I wouldn’t say it’s disturbing cause I’m openminded, so whatever rocks your boat, go ahead.

          Now mind you, I’m not gay at all. The male anatomy doesn’t have any appealing features to me. However since you and your little buttbuddy Cuntmonster can’t talk about anything else I think you two are slowly coming out the closet….Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

        • chon209 says:

          “bet your house smells like butt”


        • SaberTooth says:

          Ho Ho Ho..don’t you have a life? What, do you just troll on all day? Oh yah that;s right, your a male escort in the gayest nation in the world. Don’t deny your polarity. How’s the delusional world working for you? Ho

        • Ex-ho.. For one person to generate so much emotion from you, you already lost and what all u losers are saying is CHAEL IS THE MAN! I’m sure u won’t miss his next fight.. I’m sure u were glued to your tv when he fought Stann.. It truly was a work of art! Chael has elevated his game 10 fold!

        • Xaninho says:

          Stann was just disappointing…He made it too easy. Nothing exciting about that fight at all…

  11. bruiser says:


  12. Abel Fox says:

    This guy must be feeling the after affect from coming down from juice ! You taped biotch ! Your not the champ till you beat the champ.

  13. P R O D I G Y says:

    Chael Sonnen will retire that guy named Anderson.

    • Xaninho says:

      That guy that made him tap like a biatch..That guy?

      • Your dad ‘s boyfriend tapped him and your ok w that.

        • Xaninho says:

          That’s pretty weak man. You really have nothing better to come up with? I know you can’t bend the truth on this one…Speaking of bending….You’re getting back to the gay comments a lot huh? I wonder why you’re thinking so much about gay people doing their thing……

        • Delta says:

          You two should get a room already. The sexual tension between you two is obvious.

        • Xaninho says:

          If it isn’t Chaels Son…You know that makes you a shithead right? He pooped and there was you hopping out of the toilet making stupid comments…I wonder who your other daddy is…I think it’s DW cause it seems he’s on Chaels dick alot lately..

        • Dante says:

          LLOOLLLL haha how are u? your dads boyfriend tapped him?
          hahahah you sound like the kids i teach at the leisure center
          get sum pussy buddy, dont support one like chael…

        • Super freak retard..Dante go take off your parachute pants and members only jacket mc hammer ain’t dancin anymore fool, and your not making any sense bc Chael is the SHIITE…and your teaching kids?

  14. Shan says:

    Vitor was never that good. He lost to Tito, Chuck, Randy and only held the belt because his glove scratched his eye. Chael is the No1 contender still and will eventually have to hold the belt because he is better than the other 185 fighters. If I was Anderson I would want to shut him
    up but I don’t think he is looking forward to the ordeal he went thru. He won but still, a painful win.

    • I’m still embarrassed about the lame ass anderdouchebag’s lucky kick that dropped Vitor. Vitor needs to concentrate on revenging that bullshittzki!

    • joe2 says:

      i dont understand how you can say chael is the number 1 contender. Since silva made him tap he has only had one other win and that was against brian stann the c+ student of the middle weight division. if chael could get past Vitor i think that would better qualify him for another title shot,but personally i think sonnen needs a couple more wins to earn a chance at the strap.

      • Delta says:

        Why is it he’d have to go through Vitor to be considered the #1 contender? Your argument is worse for Vitor.

        Chael did lose to Silva, but he dominated the fight for 4 full rounds and about half the 5th before getting submitted. Then he beat Brian Stann, who’d been on a 3-fight win streak.

        Vitor however got knocked out in the first round by Silva, then his next fight he beat Akiyama, who lost his previous 2 fights. If anything, it should be the other way around that Vitor should get through Chael, at this point.

        • joe2 says:

          so you agree with me?

        • Delta says:

          OK, I’ll try to explain more simply.

          You said the only win Sonnen’s had since his loss to Silva is to Brian Stann, who you called a “c+ student.” But Stann was on a 3-fight win streak, all of them finishes. And yet Vitor’s only win since losing to Silva is Akiyama, who had lost his last two fights before losing to Vitor.

          This would make Sonnen’s victory more relevant than Vitor’s, so why is it he should get through Vitor to deserve a rematch? And this is ignoring that Sonnen did far better than anybody else has against Silva in the UFC.

          Basically, I’m saying that out of the two fighters, right now it’s Sonnen that’s more deserving of a rematch than Vitor(and yes I know he’s scheduled to fight Johnson).

        • joe2 says:

          the only true justicfication of a sonnen silva rematch is that chael took the fight to him last time. congratulations sonnen, on doing your job! the fact is anderson proved he was a better fighter by being beat up and still finding a way to win. that is the definition of a true champion. you cant call it a fluke victory, look at the guys record. chael got close but that doesnt rerally mean anything. alexander the great almost conquered the world, does that mean he deserves another chance?

        • Delta says:

          um Do you not realize what you said and what I’m saying? Vitor beat Akiyama who lost his previous two fights. Chael beat Stann who was on a 3-fight win streak. That would mean that Chael’s more worthy than Vitor, so it should be Vitor should beat Chael to be deserving of a title shot, not the other way around.

          And your analogy of Alexander The Great fails, since he got sick and all and died when he was close. Your analogy would be like saying Chael got close, but then an earthquake happened and stopped the fight before it was over.

      • joe2stupid.. Are u serious? Do us all a favor and STFU STUPID!

  15. Mason says:

    Chael should take a lesson from Nick Diaz on how to call a braddah out.

  16. P R O D I G Y says:

    Chael P. Sonnen will retire Anderson “the rodent” Silva.

  17. Vincent says:

    Shan your stupid… Vitor belfort was very young when he fought all of them he still had alot to learn now he has more experience and he’s a way better belfort than he used to be I still think Vitor has a better chance at beating silva than sonnen does… Sonnen sucks wow he took silva down and had him on his back for almost 5 full rounds and sonnen’s face looked worse than silva’s lol… Sonnen doesn’t have any skills too beat silva… sonnen got beat by Jeremy horn like 3 times he got beat up by forrest griffin and renato sobral lol sonnen is a joke and a boring fighter I can’t wait till silva shuts him up

    • Delta says:

      So him being boring means he can’t win? Sonnen could’ve ran around the cage for the last round and he’d be champion now. Like it or not, he WAS beating Silva. Don’t bring-up that he got submitted in the end, that’s irrelevant as you said he lacks the skills to win(and had Silva had some bad luck, he wouldn’t have gotten the choke). Don’t bring-up Sonnen was juicing either, as it turned-out to be TRT and it’s so annoying that people keep calling him a cheater.

      • Xaninho says:

        He’s just 34 yo..He needed the TRT cause his own body stopped producing it’s own testosterone after using steroïds…So yeah he’s a cheater.

        • Xaninho says:

          Hendo is 41 poopyhead…

        • Delta says:

          And you have proof that he’s cheating? You know all the exact reasons why someone would have to have it and have proof that Chael doesn’t need it? Yeah, no. I highly doubt you do.

          You’re just coming-up with shit to stick to your desire to call him a cheater.

        • Xaninho says:

          It’s proven that steroïd use causes the body to partly or even completely stop producing it’s own testosterone. Now Sonnen is just 34 yo which is extraordinarily young to need TRT.

          He has strange aggressive, megalomaniac outbursts in public, which are also signs of steroïd-use (roïdrage)….Just put all those things together, the outcome to me is he is at least very likely on roïds. Can’t all be a coïncidence….

          You mentioned Hendo, but he’s 41 already..At that age he could well be suffering from natural loss of testosterone production.

        • Delta says:

          So, in other words, you just really want this to be the case. I’m only 27, I get gout. Even now I’m young to get it, but I’ve had it since I was at least 19. You don’t actually know Sonnen, know his personal or medical history, so you’re just assuming that he used steroids so that’s why he needs TRT. Now you could be correct, but you have no proof to back it up.

          And Creature pointed-out a reason that can cause the need for TRT.

        • Creature says:

          long term effects of cutting weight continuously also can cause the body to stop producing testosterone, Chael and Hendo are both guys who have been cutting weight for a very long time.. just saying

        • Xaninho says:

          henry Kobasky…If you would have read that topic again you would have seen my post in which I ate my words..I stated you were right before about BJ not being in the right place with his thoughts and mindset. I actually thought you weren’t that dumb….

          Ofcourse after reading your comment above I will have to revoke that. You my ignorant friend are dumb. Sonnen is good, but just not good enough to take the belt. Or maybe via a crazy typical ignorant judges Decision or Split Decision. But never in a really decisive way.

        • Ex-Ho.. Go back down in your moms basement and pull up your colored tube socks put on your vans, don’t forget your retainer and STFU u FOOL! See if you can finish the rubik’s cube u nerd.

        • Xaninho says:

          Hahaha how about I count my money and laugh about a loser like you being all tough on his mom’s computer not even knowing you lost the fight after you tapped LIKE A BITCH!

          at least I can finish a Rubik’s cube you can’t even tie your shoelaces dumbass….

        • Xaninho says:

          Chael should have flushed before letting you jump out the toilet poopyhead…you’re spreading shit everywhere…

  18. Respectexpected says:

    I think the answer to everything Chael Sonnen says is “Real men don’t tap.”

  19. nick says:

    he is a fucking pussy. who is not going to shut the fuck up till he gets out of the ufc or until anderson retires. because because that is the only way his juiceing ass will be the champ there or anywhere

  20. Vincent says:

    Delta lol your stupid nobody cares about sonnen juicing he’s a joke either way and there was no way he could of won if he would of ran around in the last round he would of got ko’ed easily sonnen has no skills except for dry humping guys and still he couldn’t finish he got caught in a triangle it wasn’t lucky silva knew what he was doing if you watch the fight again silva pushed the hand in and triangled sonnen no submission is ever lucky bjj guys know what they are doing

    • Delta says:

      I’m the idiot but A: you’re too stupid to us the Reply feature, B: you’re using “your” instead of “you’re” and C: you don’t know how to use punctuation. Yeah, I’m the stupid one.

      And Sonnn would’ve had to have been, ya know, HIT to get KOed if he ran around avoiding Silva in the last round. And considering how he took down and controlled Silva for 4 rounds(so much for he has no skill).

      Oh and are you trying to say that submitting Sonnen was Silva’s plan the entire time? Then why exactly did he not pull-off the Hail Mary until half-way through the last round? He certainly tried several times before, with no success. If it was his plan all along, why did he get desperate and try to KO Sonnen like half-way through the fight?

      And that “dry-humping” was of Sonnen controlling Silva and beating his head in for over 20 minutes. You might not like it, but to say he has no skill because he’s boring to you is ridiculous. Boring fighter? Sure, to each their own. No skill? Only something an imbecile would say.

      And Anderson Silva is probably my favorite fighter. But I’m not a delusional fanboy who’ll make-up excuses for him getting dominated for the majority of the fight. Yes, he won in the end, but your initial moronic claim was Sonnen doesn’t have the skills to beat Silva. Sonnen’s an elite wrestler, a weakness of Silva, and he dominated Silva for most of the fight. That tells me that he has the skills to beat Silva.

      In closing, you’re an idiot, and a little kid. Go back to the kiddie table and let the adults talk, boy.

  21. Vincent says:

    Since when are you supposed to start a sentence off with “and”, sonnn? Ya? Doesn’t?… Yes I’m the idiot lol anderson solve even said it himself that he wanted to submit SONNEN(Learn how to spell) for the nogueria brothers… Look it up and if wrestling was silva’s weakness Henderson would of beat him dumbass oh and okami. “And” fanboy? Wow lol ok your so cool talking mess over the Internet (deadbeat)

    • Delta says:

      Since when did I claim perfect English? But the difference between you and I is the fact that I actually write like a competent, native English speaker, you end-up looking like someone who speaks Ebonikz as a second language.

      And “Anderson Solve even said it himself?” And I’m the one who needs to learn to spell? By the way, last I checked, “Sonnen” was how to spell his name. And I wrote it like that every other time except for the first. OH NOEZ!!! I made a typo the first time I spelled his name!!! You are so right, I need to learn how to spell!!

      Anyways, even if he wanted to submit Sonnen, it took him an awful long time to do it. If Sonnen was so unskilled like you’re claiming, Anderson would’ve done it early on. Maybe you’re the one who needs to watch the fight, as Silva had multiple failed submission attempts, and did in fact get desperate and tried to knock Sonnen out, I want to say about half-way through the fight.

      And yes, wrestling from elite wrestlers is in fact a weakness of Silva’s. The Dan Henderson fight? Silva lost that first round. Him winning in the second with a RNC doesn’t mean it’s not a weakness. Okami? Not in the same class as Henderson or Sonnen. So, you’ve utterly failed to make a competent argument. For fuck’s sake, Travis Lutter was able to take him down.

      And yes, you are a fanboy. Like it or not, I’m pointing it out. It’s true, as you’ve proven. And how hilarious you’re saying I’m so cool(again you can’t fucking write “you’re” when you’re supposed to) for talking mess over the Internet, and I’m the deadbeat, when you’re the one who started it by insulting me, oh yeah and you had insulted someone else in your first comment I responded to. So the pot calling the kettle black?

      By the way, you still have proven incapable of figuring-out how to use the Reply feature. And I’m the dumbass? You’re the one proving to be the more and more you write. You’d really be better off shutting the fuck up.

    • Fortyb4five says:

      You can start a sentence with a conjunction.

  22. mmaislandjunkie says:

    once sonnen hears belfort has a fight scheduled he runs his mouth lol.

  23. Vincent says:

    *silva, “And” I’m actually not a fan of Anderson but, I know sonnen does NOT have a chance. By the way, maybe you should proof-read YOUR comment before you send it thank you and have a great day bagging groceries:)

    • Delta says:

      So, you still can’t use the Reply feature, and claim you’re not an Anderson Silva fan(but have made it clear you’re a fanboy), and tell me to have a great day bagging groceries. No, I already had a great day plowing your mom. :)

  24. Zack says:

    Every time he opens his mouth it gets more and more just plain stupid

  25. Vincent says:

    Reply feature Where is that at? lol yes because I’ve said I liked Anderson silva and you calling me a kid? YOUR the one talking about mom’s wow your an adult lol grow up and get a life you must really be a deadbeat you reply back right away when I comment get a life dude. Also, let me step WAY down to your level. If you really want to start something just tell me don’t hide behind your computer in your mom’s basement playing world of Warcraft all day, I actually feel bad for you:)

    • Delta says:

      Where’s the Reply feature? That red button at the bottom right that says “REPLY.”

      And I’m calling you a kid because everything about you screams 13 year old typing. And you’re the one who started talking shit. You called me stupid because I pointed-out that you’re wrong. It’s hilarious that you’re the one who’s saying I’m hiding behind my computer, but you’re the one who started it. It’s obvious you’re the keyboard warrior here, kid.

      And hey, talking about plowing your mom is a classic, and much better than your lame attempts via saying I’m bagging groceries and I’m in my mom’s basement playing WOW.

  26. aaxantonio says:


  27. C91 says:

    It amazes me how people truly take the time to sit on there ass and reply essays full of trash talk. It really does.

  28. Vincent says:

    Apparently they weren’t lame attempts because they got you mad:). (cartman’s voice) Do you have sand in your vagina?

    • Delta says:

      I got mad? You got that I was mad from my responses? Your skills of reading peoples’ moods over the Internet is very, VERY poor.

      And scared of what? You accuse me of starting shit over the Internet, when you’re the one who actually insulted me first. You’re not very bright, are you? What is it? You 13 or so, or just stupid?

  29. Vincent says:

    Delta, “don’t be scared homie”:)

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