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Wednesday, 08/22/2012, 12:00 am

Sonnen Thinks Jones Will Never Face Him As He's Surrounded By Yes Men "Is Chael Better Than Me, They Say Yes" | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
The UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is scheduled to face former PRIDE and Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson at UFC 151. That hasn’t stopped Chael Sonnen attempting to bait the current champion into a future bout.

Some have speculated that Sonnen may be trying to set up a title bout with the champion with a win over Forrest Griffin however UFC President Dana White was quick to shut those rumors down.

Sonnen commented while appearing on UFC Tonight and stated why he is not expecting a bout between himself and Jones to happen.

“Look I will never fight Jones. He will never fight me. He is surrounded by a bunch of yes men. Is Chael better than me, they say yes. Will Chael beat me, they say yes. Will Chael take my title, they say yes.”

When he began his verbal assault on Jones many were surprised when the champion responded labelling Sonnen a coward and cheat. Sonnen addressed Jones comments and made sure he pointed out the fact that he is a ‘gangster’ and not a ‘cheat’.

“Well you know I am not a cheater, I am a gangster and we follow our own set of rules and it’s up to other gangers to attempt to stop me…duh. I think that whenever Jon does anything, it’s very cute. I used to protect kids like him in school. If Jon was here right now, I’d put him in a headlock and give him a little ‘noogie,’ maybe a sucker, then pat him on the back and send him on his way. That’s about as much time as I spend thinking about Jon Jones.”

Sonnen also discussed the UFC 151 main event between his friend and former training partner Dan Henderson and Jon Jones. Sonnen recently stated that the bout between Henderson and Jones will determine who is the greatest Light-Heavyweight ever, he also believes that the ‘man’ Henderson will defeat the ‘talented kid’ Jones.

“I didn’t understand the whole thing. He has to focus to beat Dan Henderson, which he won’t do. I don’t think he should be focusing on me he should be focusing on Dan Henderson’s right hand. He says that I provided him with motivation, but Jones, isn’t that your coach’s job? I mean do you want me to give you the number to the bat phone and you can just call me and pay me 10 percent for my rhetorical skills? The only thing we need to know about Jones, is which hospital we need to send the flowers too.”

Before Sonnen finished he had one last parting shot for the UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion. According to Sonnen he doesn’t need to fight Jones he just wants to.

“Look, Jon. I don’t need to fight you. I’m the highest paid fighter in the UFC. I shatter pay-per-view and television records. I don’t need to beat you up, Jon. I just want to.”

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56 Responses to “Sonnen Thinks Jones Will Never Face Him As He's Surrounded By Yes Men "Is Chael Better Than Me, They Say Yes" | UFC News”

  1. Rob says:

    Cheeee hoooo!!!! Get em chael ! Lol

    • BJ is KING says:

      hahah uso loves his chael sonnen! The guy is a comedian, a very good talker. Some of this shit he says is hillarious and I personally wouldn’t want to meet this guy, sharp tongue and can fight lol. I hope Hendo beats Jones

  2. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Chael beat Anderson twice now he is coming for Jones.

  3. learntoread says:

    I’d pay to see this fight, heck I’d pay to see the Primetime Special, lol.

    Let’s hope Chael smashes Forrest, (which he deserves after his childish antics post Tito fight), and can call Bones out in the post fight interview, good times !!

  4. Angelo Bustillos says:

    Why is Chael trying to trash-talk himself into another beating??? When is he going to learn that trash-talk is only effective if you can back it up. I thought for sure the massive disappointment that was Silva vs Sonnen 2 would have taught him some manners.

    • Johan says:

      It’s obviously something mentally wrong with him.

    • Chael Fkn Sonnen says:

      Chael has ALWAYS proved himself. He dominates Silva in the first fight, loses, comes back and beats the contenders no problem to compete for the belt again. He didnt win and i know this, but hes always PROVED that he could fight for the title. His smack talk wasnt the only thing that gave him the shit, if it were he didnt have to roll through stann and bisping for another shot.

      • chael the cheater says:

        Chael might have rolled through stann but he did not roll through bisping. That fight easily could have gone against him. There is no way he deserves to fight for the title agains jones. There are plenty of 205’s that would throw sonnen around the cage.

    • Radge says:

      Clearly the trash talk is effective as he just got offered the chance of another title shot against JBJ although Jones being a bit of a tool turned the fight down. The point is the trash talk hypes a fight and gets him the fights he wants and lifts the pay per views for the UFC.

  5. Majestyk says:

    After Charles beats Forrest, Jones will have 2 choices: Give Sonnen a title shot….or leave the UFC forever!

  6. jawz says:

    are use all seriously brain damaged sonnen is a bitch that talks himself into a championship fight coz thats all he can do jones will destroy him and for that idiot who wrote sonnen beat anderson silva twice well my friend you are clearly a glue sniffer.

  7. Bjj BB says:

    Let me get this str8 keep fitch (forever)! Chael beat silva twice?!! Man!! (moving on) well chael is a cheating cry baby prick but i love listening to what he has to say, anyway jones is gonna lay dan out and if you (chael) can get a win streak going in the lhw class then jones is gonna mop the floor with you!!

  8. Me says:

    Chael is actually incorrect about being the most paid fighter I believe he is 6th after GSP.Anderson,Jones,Rashad,JDS and then him.
    But if Sonnen can get a few wins under his belt in the LWH division Jones will have no resson to not to fight Chael and if they are both interested in money they will get paid very well!

  9. Sting says:

    Chael is a marketing genius, that’s all he is. This is a guy who makes so much money off of pay-per-view revenue because he makes sure that you guys pay to watch him. He’s lost twice in his title fights and here he is again, looking to get in there with jonny jones. He knows he aint gonna get any belt but just like any gangster, it’s all about the money.

  10. Bahamian says:

    I used to hate sonnen but now I just find him hilarious

  11. Chaelisdead says:

    Sonnen would probably get submitted in an armbar by rousey. Would be funny if griffin knocked him out

  12. Sting says:

    That fight i would pay big money for, sonnen vs rousey. It would probably shut sonnen up “forever” after ronda submits him with the patented arm bar lmfao

  13. ya herd says:

    seriously sonnen just shut up. U cheated to try and beat the champ and failed, He fought a man in bisping , witch at the least that fight should of been a draw. So the ufc had that fight planed anyway, even if bisping destroyed sonnen for 3 rounds he would of still got the W. The UFC make the best fights that will beniifit them for $$$$$$ not the fans. And then Mr fail chael sonnen gets a golden chance to beat sliva when he hasnt cheated, he had the chance to go out there and say hey im not on that much jucie anymore but i can still dry hump silva for 5 rounds and land baby punches well lmao Mr fail it just proves u aint nothing without that much TRT dont get on another hype train fans this is all it is who really wants sonnen to fight JJ SONNEN HAS THE MOST BORING FIGHTS EVER!!!!!!

    • Jay says:

      The fights that benefit the fans make the most money because they will get the most ppv. I honestly think the judges are just retarded. These are the same guys that let bradley beat manny. It’s funny how when a fight meets one of these conspiracy theories people just say oh everything must be fixed where if that was the case we would be seeing many different matchups.

    • stan871 says:

      not as boring as watching GSP hump people on the ground….

  14. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Here we go again with this jackass tryin’ to shit talk his way into another title fight. I swear, his M.O. never changes, and the shit is getting oh so old…

  15. DMAC says:

    After that last regulated trt performance he turned in he should just be quite. Jon will kill him and Hendo at the same damn time…

  16. FamilyGuy says:

    Sonnen lost to Silva the second time because he lost control of his game plan for a second and mist that stupid spinning back fist. He was destroying Anderson Silva up to that point. Silva had a fractured jaw folks, FACT!! Sonnen has proven that he can talk and fight. Just because you dont like what Sonnen says does not make his words anyless true, FACT!!

  17. YA HERD says:

    Yea he lost 2 times get over it haha! In the second fight sonnen couldnt even land those baby punches silva was in full gaurd most of that round! Yea 9/10 SONNEN WILL PUT SILVA ON HIS BACK AND TRY AND HAVE SEX WITH HIM BUT IT WILL END THE SAME WAY ALL THE TIME A BIG FAIL FROM MR FAIL CHAEL SONNEN LMAO HE IS A JOKE NOT EVEN A GOOD FIGHTER HE A GOOD WRESTLER WITH VERY GOOD MIND GAMES THATS ALL WHEN IS THE LAST TIME CHAEL TKO OR KO ANYBODY>???????????????????????????

  18. CombatRusse says:

    I’m always entertained by Chael comments. He is really good
    Concerning his payout, I hope that he is well paied. But I doubt it because his money laundering lawsuit.

  19. Drew says:

    IF charl every fights for the 205 belt that man i give him props Of making an absolute boatload of money… NOt saying its about the money but at the end of the day uncle chael can most definitely provide for the sonnen family generations to come that’s a super provider

  20. Johan says:

    I don’t know why the continue to allow that clown to speak. He needs to head over to WWE.

  21. T.DADDY says:

    American Gangster bitches..

  22. Rocco says:

    1. Chael has about 3-4 fights he would have to win before he even proved his worth at 205 to fight Jones.

    2. If Chael spent half as much time in the gym as he does in front of a camera, he might actually win his big fights.

    3. His shit talking antics are going to working as a PR motivator as he keep calling out and losing to people he can’t beat.

    4.Retire, sit beside K Flo and Couture, and call fights. It is abundantly obvious you do your best work outside the octogon.

  23. JD says:

    How the fuck is Chael a gangster? He’s a real-estate agent by day. Needs to get his head on straight. SMH

  24. joe says:

    Chael is a comedian. He is giving his buddy Dan a much better chance by distracting Jones from the task at hand. Sonnen beat an injured silva for 23 minutes. And guess what mofos….a slightly injured silva is still better than bones.

  25. lambeezy says:

    So funny chael couldnt even beat besping when they faught… Only reason why he won that fight because they wanted Anderson vs chael rematch… He is a joke.. he just needs to focus on beating forrest because if he continues to look past Forrest he may be in for a surprise…

  26. sidley says:

    Didnt sonnen say if he lost to silva he would leave the ufc forever lol

  27. trolligans says:

    Sonnen is a moron. He doesn’t deserve a title shot in a division he doesn’t even fight in. hell, he can’t even get a title in his own division. This would be a warmup fight for Jones before he hit the gym for a workout.

    Chael Sonnen a gangster? Haha. He grew up in the burbs and walks around in a suit.

  28. he needs to shut the hell,and go away,,nobody cares,what you have to say,i dont,if you want to fight,go to the heavey-weights,all of the fighters,will put you face on the matt,and you will tap out

  29. Simon Morgan says:

    Why is two time failure gasbag even relevent now.

  30. jbeamazing says:

    I think he could beat anderson and jon at the same time lol

  31. muay thai says:

    is everyone ignoring the fact that he accepted a fight at 205 against Forrest Griffin…….wow Chaels really proving he;s the man by taking on the tuffest fighter at LHW hahahahaha

  32. Fags says:

    Dont stream ufc there needs to be more even if 80% of the fights suck it’s still the only sport worth watching

  33. bui says:

    i would love to fight chael sonnen any day, he is a faggot. that is all

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