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Tuesday, 07/10/2012, 10:58 pm

Sonnen Talks Potential Retirement, UFC 148 Appeal And WWE Reports | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Chael Sonnen appeared on FUEL TV as part of the on-air broadcast team for the UFC on Fuel TV 4 weigh ins. Sonnen discussed his UFC 148 bout with Anderson Silva as well as all the reports that came after it.

Sonnen started off by talking about the spinning back fist he threw that cost him the fight.

“You know, I really wish that I knew and I don’t know. Listen, in fairness, had that landed, we’d all be talking about what a wonderful spinning punch it was. It didn’t, I fell down like a doofus, and I gotta live with it.”

He also commented on the highly debated knee that landed when he was down against the cage.

“Well, listen. The knee really hurt. All those shots hurt. But here’s the reality — we don’t do instant replay in this sport, and we shouldn’t. It comes down to a judgement call, and wherever the referee says the knee landed, officially, that’s where the knee landed. That’s an excellent official, as they all are. He made his call, and that’s the way it goes, and I will never complain or look back.”

Reports coming out of the Sonnen camp from coaches stated they would like to appeal the decision and get a rematch. However the fighter himself says he has no plans to appeal the decision.

“Let’s make sure we don’t call it illegal. The referee’s judgement is what stands. I trust in that, and it works both ways. I’ve thrown knees before — the referee makes his decision. That is the decision we live with. We would never appeal it, except with these. If we had a chance to re-do it, well, that’s a different thing. But we would never go and appeal. The decision’s the decision, and part of competing is, you gotta know how to lose. It’s real easy to win, but you gotta know how to lose. Sometimes you gotta man up, swallow it and walk out.”

One of Sonnen’s coaches had stated he would not be surprised if Sonnen retired. This could be true however Sonnen plans to take more time to decide as he does not want emotion to be the key factor in the decision.

“I don’t think any athlete should beging to talk like that or think about that until you let about 30 days go by. In anything in life, you don’t wanna make a decision based on emotion. You have highs and very big lows in this sport. You don’t wanna make any drastic decisions. I think that it’s also an insult to the fans when guys like to come out and say, ‘I’m retired!’ When what they really mean is, ‘I’ll see everybody in 18 months, because I’m coming back.’ I don’t wanna do that. But when I get to that point in my career, I’ll make a statement, and I’ll never look back.”

After a dominant first round Sonnen went back to his corner ahead on the scorecard and he states he felt Anderson break. However the Middleweight Champion came back and finished the fight in the second and although hard to take it impressed Sonnen.

“You know, listen, it’s very rare, in a competition, where a guy will fall apart and come back in the same night. Generally, as athletes, when you fall apart, you gotta go re-group. You go back home, you take a few months off and you come back. In my firs fight with Anderson, he fell apart, and then, at some point, he decided, ‘You know what? I still think I can win this thing.’ I really admired that in him. I look up to that in an athlete. He does that. Randy Couture does that really well. Anderson did that in this fight a lot, too. In the first round, he offered very little resistance. He came back strong.”

Sonnen also discussed the rumors about a potential move to the WWE and has no plans to become a pro wrestler currently.

“Well, listen. I tried to go to the WWE. It’s in Vegas, on the 16th of this month, but I was leaving Vegas. I’d love to go to WWE. I’d love to get my popcorn. I’d cheer on CM Punk, but I go back to my promoter, Dana White, at the end of the night.”


50 Responses to “Sonnen Talks Potential Retirement, UFC 148 Appeal And WWE Reports | UFC News”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    cool, he can still win some fights in MW… not anderson, but there are still some fights left for Chael before he walks away.

  2. vancouverism says:

    Sonnen got my respect . He made peace with the situation and is moving on without the trash talk and any excuses! Cool!

    • Drop Dead Gorgeous says:

      The best thing about Silva’s next loss will not be Silva losing, but a great number of his fans committing suicide because they won’t be able to accept the loss! Mark my words, it will happen. The only positive thing in the lives of Silva’s fans is that Silva keeps on winning. Once he loses, his fans will have nothing to live for and nowhere to turn.

      Silva GOAT and P4P king!

      • mike says:

        Honestly, Sliva fans wont be hurt or commit suicide. He is THE GREASTEST fighter of all time. P4P. Everyone has to lose eventually. Im just glad Mr. Sonnen has some sort of humility in defeat. I didnt see this coming from him at all. Im shocked that he actually has little bit of class. Good for him, Ive gained the respect id lost for the guy. Now if i only felt the same way bout his fans. Funny the guy that fought isnt complaining, but everyone else it.

      • Brit says:

        Interesting human being aren’t you – happy that people will die – hmmm, great character.

      • AJ says:

        As a Silva fan, please show me how you have more of a life, a better life, or more to turn to after his next loss than I will. I would love to hear an intelligent response to this, Drop Dead Gorgeous.

      • Adam says:

        Im a silva fan and in the most unbiased fashion possible I’ll just say you’re a hater. When/if Silva loses as a fan I will thank him for giving me a great show and for sustaining such an unheard of run. Im not gonna go into depression and stop watching UFC. The reason you watch is because there is a chance he might lose and you want to witness a triumph, not because he’s guaranteed a win. Silva doesn’t pay my bills so him losing is just another great era ending. Respect the champ. He’s done more than earn it.

      • JYoung says:

        This sounds so familiar to what happened to another fighter whose name I will not mention. He went on a tear for nearly 10 years, lost a couple of fights, and now his legacy is widely under debate, not only because of his losses, but his decision not to come to the UFC. But he was, like Silva, considered the best by all who knew anything about the sport, and like this fighter, as soon as Silva loses, which will happen if he doesnt retire soon, his career will come under fire by the same people who are now calling him the best.

        • fedor is still GOAT says:

          I’v been saying this ever since Fedor lost to that triangle. Still the Goat to me. And yes I hope it does happen to Silva, not because I dislike Silva, but I want his fans to eat a little humble pie.

    • Mike b says:

      took the words right out of my mouth.

  3. Xaninho says:

    Yeah he definitely gained my respect by the way he carried himself after the loss. Very classy.

    Now if his butthurt fans just could do the same…

    • e says:

      nah they’re a bunch of bitch ass cowards.

    • dogfart says:

      and his team

    • Gabi says:

      Yep only if the balldanglers would shut the fuck up and accept what happened as it is the MMA world would be back to normal, in Dana White’s words bisnuess as usual, right remember that interview lol. No excuses, loser accepted the loss no blah blah blah like Tito always did and became known for. Chael said it was clean knee, the vasoline was nothing because he would have said something quickly and shorts is something that happens in every fight (Chael say it was nothing. That he does it everyone does it). There was absolutely no cheating (on Anderson’s part) and no excuses. Chael simply lost, like any fighter who loses a clean normal fight. He accepts it so please Chael fanboys shut the fuck up and move on. You’re the only ones making is more then it is again. Lol. Just doesn’t stop. Please God let these girls learn, grow, and mature.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Never thought I’d say it, but Mr. Mouth Almighty has gained a bit of respect from me since after the fight, too. I almost hate to say it, but when he’s not running his mouth about how he is the greatest and the true champion, I he’s not as bad as he had me believeing. For now…

  4. WarDiaz. says:

    Much respect to Chael

  5. Wrestler66 says:

    Respect Chael is a warrior think he will do well in future in whatever he does !

  6. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Wow even after anderson cheated chael forgave him and big props to chael. He forgave the brazilian illiterate monkey hooligan anderson after he threw illegal knee.

  7. The mist says:

    Sonnen deserves alot of respect 4 being so gracious in defeat. He may well b the next champion anyway if silva retires as many ppl think, which at 37 isn’t far off. Silva vs sonnen III would b great 2 c but it just can’t happen, the UFC can’t afford 2 have 3 divisions in limbo im sure if sonnen decided 2 hang up the glove he could b a successful promoter quite easily

  8. jbeamazing says:

    hope he doesn’t leave the sport he brings too much attention to mma

  9. Nick says:

    He doesn’t need to retire. Dude has always had my respect, and he’s great for the sport.

  10. Mike69 says:

    I think the interesting thing is that people are acknowledging that Silva DID grease up( it got wiped off by the ref), he DID grab Sonnen’s shorts, and DID throw a knee to a downed opponent that some feel was to his head. (I’m a Sonnen fan btw but I think the knee was legal and impressive)

    Sonnen is making NO excuses he’s saying Silva fought great and won.

    MY issue with Silva is that he is the opposite. The first fight with Sonnen was ALL Sonnen. He controlled EVERY aspect to the fight- standup and on the ground. Silva pulled off the greatest come from behind victory. BUT, he was STILL nothing but excuses. I had a broken rib, my doctors told me not to fight bla bla bla. He never once could just say Sonnen fought great. Personally I don’t believe for a second Silva had broken ribs before the fight. He never would have passed his pre fight medical. Silva took Sonnen way to lightly and it almost cost him his title.

    Silva is great, and its funny to say, but he could learn from Sonnen in this instance.

    Now, go ahead. Defend Silva. He needs it.

    • not sure, HIV positive says:

      Very well said. I gained a lot of respect for sonnen after this whole shindig

    • Xaninho says:

      They don’t take X-rays before the fight.

      You also seem to forget that Sonnen fought that first fight with the testosterone level of 17 men. After that fight Sonnen wasn’t as classy as he is now.

      And Silva was every bit as classy as Sonnen was after this fight.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Why is it you always give Silva the benefit of the doubt. Hasn’t his past behavior give you suspect that he was using the ribs as an excuse? Based on his past behavior and antics, it would go right with his character to make excuses. No???

    • Shawn says:

      Apart from what Xaninho said, Silva didn’t have broken ribs. There was no fracture, more likely they were bruised. And let me tell you, bruised ribs HURT enough to impede your motion, and maneuverability. Laughing and leaning (on your arm) on the side of the bruised ribs still hurts. Now imagine fighting 5 rounds with that pain. And everyone knows that Silva’s plan the whole fight was to submit Sonnen in a triangle choke if he couldn’t knock him out in the first. You can see him trying to constantly apply it in every round. So in sense, he didn’t mind being taken down. And I’m most certain that if he didn’t have so many people bashing him, and criticizing him, he wouldn’t have mentioned anything about his ribs. I’m not one for excuses either, but when some questions my abilities and my decisive win, I’m going to explain (that’s explain, NOT make excuses) as to why things turned out the way they did. Ignorant people will continue to be ignorant unless you give them all the information they need to make a logical and well informed view. But then again, some people are just hopeless. lol

      Sonnen should be the one to learn a thing or two from Silva. After 2 years of trash taking, berating, and disrespect, he still gave Sonnen props, got the Brazilian people to not disrespect Sonnen after the fight, AND invited him over for that steak he wanted his wife to make him. Now THAT’s class.

      Silva doesn’t need defending, because he did nothing wrong. I’m just edjumacating you and people like you who can’t stand that Sonnen lost for a second time. YOU need to stop making excuses. 😉

  11. Linkanator55 says:

    I feel as though anderson got away with a lot in that fight, what with the Hair grabbing and the controversial knee, but it was ultimately Chaels fault he loss. The Back fist was a complete accident but a stupid one that he shouldnt have made. I still think that he could beat Anderson though.

  12. Larry says:

    STFUP! Why can’t hatters like you accept a man for what his done and accomplished, and stop wishing bad things on them? Stop being a hatter, accept the fact that the guy is a great fighter! No one has done what the guy has done. Silva is the champ, and unless you are willing to get in the octagon, to fight him, shut the f*#k up!!!

  13. ya herd says:

    lets all get 1 thing right! sonnen isnt a good fighter hes a good wrestler fact!
    he trying to be the nice guy now just cause he made a fool of himself for 2 years lmao all the talk but hes yet to walk

  14. Noel says:

    Gona hold my respect for Charl for another few weeks when the dusts settled c if he isn’t just playing a ‘media game’
    For all bleating about the fight, the short pulling, grease, knee it’s done n over if Chael can admit shit happens then all you Silva haters should too! However the weigh in incident is being rediculously overlooked! He (Silva) should have been seriously condemned for that, altho petty and childish he still struck another outside the octogon but with no statements from UFC n the way Sonnen didn’t react it wudnt suprise me if it was a publicity stunt for the crowd

  15. Nunya says:

    Chael said it best, he threw the spinning back fist & fell, that mistake costed him the fight. Much respect to Mr.Sonnen for not using that as an excuse for his loss. Loss respect to Silva for kneeing a man down , legal or not. I understand its the nature of the sport, but the “No Kneeing a man on all fours, or knees with one hand touching mat” is a no no, but as long as both hands are up.The knee hits the chest is legal. Most of the time this situation never happens. It just sucks it happened in this fight. The Spider beat Sonnen, but it was an ugly win. it probably will never happen, but i’d like to see them fight again.

    • Shawn says:

      You must be new to MMA. Kneeing or kicking a guy who is on his knees, or has feet and hand touching the mat at the same time (called ‘grounded’) ISN’T illegal…as long as it’s NOT to the HEAD. Head strikes to a grounded opponent IS illegal. Any other body part (except the groin and spine) is fair game. Which baffles me a little that not very many fighters like to work the body of grounded opponent with their knees. I for one don’t want to see another Silva vs Sonnen, because it will end the same way as it did in the first and second fights. The hype and excitement are spent. Face it, Chael got owned. Had it been a close fight, or even controversial (which it wasn’t, and neither was the first), sure…make it a trilogy. But that isn’t the case now is it? All the Sonnen fan boys need to take Sonnen’s lead. Humbly accept defeat, and move on. lol

  16. Adam says:

    Sonnens a straightforward guy who makes no excuses. He put up the best challenge for Anderson twice. If it was any other fighter you could say Chael presented to blueprint to beating Silva but as you can see, Silva does his homework. He came out, head clouded, gunning and seeing red in the first and got handled. Then went back to his corner, gained his composure and ended the fight. Chael has always had my respect because he means what he says but Silva is just another beast.

  17. Dog king says:

    I don’t know why anyone is shocked by his humbleness and humility if anyone actually looked at Chael in depth they would realise that he is a very respectful humble person there is even video of him saying anderson is the greatest fighter on the planet being serious he only trash talks to sell fights he’s actually a really nice guy and has huge amounts of respect for his fellow fighters and even the refs which did surprise me

  18. Justin says:

    that knee was completely legal. sonnen sat there and didnt know what to do when he was on the ground and he got caught. the vaseline silva wiped from his face on himself was irrelevant. i wonder if he was even thinking about it being an unfair advantage to wipe excess Vaseline off his face on his body. and it would hardly be an unfair advantage anyways. sonnen is a great fighter too and i don’t mind his trash talk. if anything its a way to throw off his opponents. too bad for him it didn’t work. he’s gracious in his loss this time. last time not so much but i think he was just trying to get his rematch. either way i think both fighters have evolved and will continue too if sonnen doesn’t retire and i look forward to more great fights

  19. Shawn says:

    I’m glad to hear the old Sonnen talking again. That’s the fighter I got to respect. However, I don’t think he “broke” Silva in the first. It’s a 5 round fight, I don’t Silva was in any rush. I still believe that was the plan on Silva’s part. Take it easy in the first round, gauge Sonnen. Like the first fight, Sonnen’s strikes, though plentiful, did very little damage to Silva. I’m sure Silva remembers that. He looked pretty comfortable on his back, taking Chael’s punches. That would have given Sonnen false sense of confidence going into the second. And when he couldn’t take Silva down, he panicked. Throwing that ill advised backhand. The rest is history. So in a sense, I think Silva started playing mind games with Sonnen starting in the radio interview where he blew up. He even fooled other UFC fighters into thinking Sonnen had gotten to his head. I do hope the old Sonnen sticks around and continues to fight. He can still put on good fights without the theatrics. I’d still love to see him go against Boetsch, Belfort, Lombard, Franklin, the winner between Munoz and Wiedman, and even Shields. Enough top guys to test himself.

  20. Milkman says:

    Wow! he just gained über respect in my books. For a guy who talks over the line smack he took this like a champ. Good outlook on this fight and competing in general. Hats of to Chael P Sonnen.

  21. WrestlingRules says:

    Sonnen HAS always been classy. He was just picking a fight against Silva. You boys seem to forget that Silva never wanted to fight Sonnen in the first place and Sonnen was making him look like a bitch if he didn’t take it. After the first fight Silva DEFINITELY didn’t want a rematch with Sonnen until Dana made him take it. All you crybabys complaining that he took it too far, come on haven;t any of you ever played sports or competed??? How many of you haven’t told the other guy on the line that you fucked their mother or their girlfriend the night before?? All of you can’t be babys? That crap doesn’t mean ANYTHING unless unless you are sensitive. Then they both hyped the fight once the PPV cuts were signed. that fight made then both millionaires for that night. You can;t fight your worst enemy and win/lose and not come out respecting that person for at least putting it on the line. If anybody is slimey, it is Silva. Look at all the antics he’s done in many of his fights!!!

  22. GRT 3000 says:

    bah, I’m not so fickle. I witnessed this fool being a disrespectful degenerate asshole for two years; after he cheated (17:1) and was subbed, he completely disrespected the best thing that ever happened to him and his mediocre career…Anderson Silva. Now we got a few days (from someone who just got bitch slapped – like he deserved) being Mr. humble bumble good guy and everyone’s getting all soft in the pants. Fuck that! Sonnen sucks and needs to drop to 170 and fight Maia.

  23. MMAHawk says:

    As a Silva fan, I hope Chael doesn’t retire. He may not be the best fighter in the division but he is damn good. And there are still many good matches for him in MW.

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