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Wednesday, 10/17/2012, 09:56 am

Sonnen Sounds Off: Jones Should Have Moved To Heavyweight When He Had The Chance | UFC NEWS

“I don’t know. Here’s the bottom line, he should not have been pressured into this. I did everything I could to warn this guy. I told him ‘Hey I’m coming to the division’ and he should have packed up and left it. He talked about going to heavyweight and he should have done it because now he’s waited too long and the man has arrived.”

“Listen, here is what you need to know. This show [The Ultimate Fighter] has some tremendous young talent on it. I will be taking 50 percent of that talent and teaching them how to fight. The other half is going to be taught how to be selfish, entitled brats like Jones. The good news is that when it is all over, I’m sure Coach Jones will throw a hell of an after-party.”

“What you need to know, Todd, and what Jon already knows, is that I got the biggest arms, I got the greatest charm and I do the most harm. I’m better than Jon Jones, I’m better than Sean Combs and I’m better than John Holmes. And little Jon Jon, the little leprechaun, has my belt I’m coming to take.”

Last night on FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight” Chael Sonnen dialed in via skype to discuss his upcoming coaching gig and subsequent title fight against Jon Jones.

The tamer than usual Sonnen didn’t blast off with insults, at least not yet, but instead offered some very stern warnings for the champion.


28 Responses to “Sonnen Sounds Off: Jones Should Have Moved To Heavyweight When He Had The Chance | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bob'O says:

    LMAO! Let the circus side show begin!!! ~Bob’O

  2. Bob says:


    As much as I lost respect for Jones and I like how Chael is attacking this young cocky kid I think Jones is going to end Chaels career.. LMAO

    If Chael pulls a shocker even better..

  3. TheTude says:

    not wise chael, not wise

  4. T.DADDY says:

    American Gangster bitches! War Sonnen!

  5. Jose says:

    This is going to be the best fight of 2013. Donñt know why people are discounting Chael. He is a a real fighter, and he is not afraid of anyone. I hav ebeen following the sport cor 20 years and I have seen loooots of surprises and upsets. FOr every Gracie, Hughes, St. Pierre, Liddell or Fedor, there has always been a Sakuraba, St. Pierre, Serra, Evans or Werdum. Chael has a lot of time to gain weight and prepare, and in the process, he will humiliate and get in Jones head in front of millions of people. Jones will not react intelligently to this, which will turn the favor of the audience towards Sonnen. Come April, we might see another surprise. There is no denying that Sonnen is THE MAN. True genius. Besides, Jones definitley needs to be brought down to earth.

  6. David says:

    haha why does the writer say Sonnen didn’t throw any insults? He called Jones a selfish, entitled Brat. But i guess they don’t consider it insulting as it’s clear;y true but i thought the writers were supposed to be objective

  7. drew says:

    chael 205 champion.

  8. drew says:

    butttttt jon jones is there and i dont see anyone beating him, meaning KO or tko or submission i just dont see it at 205…chael can grind out a decision and thats that bottom line soooo that is a possibility i dont see chael getting KOd but if chael is in top position he wont be able to do much becuase jon jones will use a body triangle oppose to traditional guard, why not do tht and i just dont see how this is gonna go well for chael i dont see him winning butttttttttt its mma and chael could be wearing the belt

  9. Rich says:

    what a f’n joke this guy is shame on you ufc

  10. GRT 3000 says:

    what a sham; I’m not watching a second of this cheese.

  11. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Sonnen and Dana are making a mockery out of the UFC. At this point Bellators way of earning titles shots seems to make them far more LEGIT. How can Sonnen jump in front of fighters like Hendo for that war he was in with Shogun. IMO every current top 10 LHW deserves a title shot 10 fold before Sonnen whether they lost their last fight or not. HELLO Sonnen is coming off a loss. UFC/Dana should have announced Jones vs Sonnen as one of their so called “FUN FIGHTS FOR THE FANS” with no title on the line. At least then it wouldn’t be such a slap in the face for the TRUE top contenders and it would give all of them to train for JOnes.

  12. some guy says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA as much as i would LOVE to see chael win, i just dont think its possible but i guess he has his chance! i dont like jones, and i hope he loses. If chael does lose at least he will always be the champion of shit talking haha that guy is too damn funny!

  13. mrgroovep3 says:

    LOL I used to hate Sonnen with a passion but this is entertaining now that Ive lost all respect for Jones. I’m going to say it and it’s going to be weird but here it goes…WAR SONNEN!

  14. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    They say the best “shit talkers” are born pathelogicl liars. That has to be best description of Sonnen ever. Yes I agree i hate Jon Jones as much as th next guy and would like nothing better than to see him get his a’ss kicked unfortunately Sonnen doesn’t stand a chance. IF and that is a HUGE “IF” Gre Jackson ever lets Jones fight Grover Teixeira or Daniel Cormier then we will see Jones get his arragant ass kicked real bad. Grover will KO Jones out cold

  15. Matt says:

    I was very critical of Jones when the whole Hendo mess went down. I am still, although as with most things when more information comes to light things become better understood. I can not stand the fact that Chael talks his way into high level fights But the facts are that it’s entertaining leading up to the fight, and the gate is high, the PPV’s are high BUT JBJ will beat Chael into submission. Remember how Shogun looked ? The ref stopped the fight and Shogun was still tapping the mat ! This only gets out of the 1st if Jones allows it to.

  16. DMAC says:

    This dude said Glover will kick bones ass hahahahahahaha. Anyhow back to reality, Chael’s writing a check his ass can’t cash, his past performances are that of a average fighter not a title contender. I say screw the tuff show and make this happen ASAP. I can careless to hear him gas himself only to be finished at his own game. He’s as delusional as the modern MMA fan.

  17. antwon says:

    why is everyone complaining about who deserves the fight over Sonnen maybe you forgot how everyone else turned down the fight he was the only one who stood up

  18. RealityKings says:

    Chael can talk all he wants, i mean he talked his way to the top of a division where there are so many more deserving fighters. But, he has no chance against Jones. Chael relies heavily on his wrestling and sets it up using decent boxing. Jones has a wider array of attacks and is a lot more agile than Sonnen as well, along with a great Greco-Roman wrestling background. Jones also has the longest reach in MMA and has finished the majority of his fights with submissions or KO’s. Sure Chael has an outside chance but i think Dana just wants him to shut up lol

  19. Wowzers says:

    Didn’t this fruit cake do this in MW and had to leave the division because he got hurt too bad by the GOAT?

    I think Chael is funny. He’s a comedian. That’s why he’s on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia… But I truly, truly hope Jones puts this retard to sleep. He’s a joke and I’m sad that Jones ended up accepting the fight. The only thing I’m happy about is that it’s going to be on the TUF so we’ll be entertained for a long time.

  20. halfway says:

    If you don’t realize that Chael loves to put on a show, thats too bad, because its just hilarious and I love it. He’s doing exactly what Ali did and it works.

  21. halfway says:

    Its also hilarious that people get so bent out of shape with what he says. That’s exactly what he wants you to do.

  22. jbroce says:

    well we might finally have someone whos not afraid to attack Jones. Doesnt mean he’ll be able to do anything, but I doubt hes going to stand out at the end of Jones range like Shogun, rampage, Rashad, and Vitor. Pretty ridiculous strategy. Maybe Chael can grab those bony legs of his…. never mind, i doubt it. But at least we will get to see someone finally try.

  23. Josiah says:

    its not just sports, its entertainment…..

  24. saiasaka says:

    Johnny Bones Jones…

  25. Mike b says:

    Let the fun begin……ha ha!

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