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Monday, 01/27/2014, 03:49 pm

Sonnen, Silva Fist Fight on TUF Brazil Set, Coach Jumps In And Sucker Punches Chael

“Wanderlei and Chael fought. Just today. They literally fought. While they were fighting one of Wanderlei’s guys sucker punched Chael. They went crazy, crazy shit happened there. We’re dealing with that right now too. … They literally fought today, it went on for awhile. It’s one of those things, it’s on a reality show, it’s good and it’s bad. A fight didn’t need to break out between these two for people to be excited about this fight, because these two have been at each other’s throats.”

During a luncheon in Los Angeles, UFC President Dana White, told the media that Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva came to blows today while filming season 3 of the UFC’s ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil’.

Crazy right?


0 Responses to “Sonnen, Silva Fist Fight on TUF Brazil Set, Coach Jumps In And Sucker Punches Chael”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Dana (Sonnen and Silva) are building the buzz….PR 101…

  2. Danny Valentine says:

    “Chael no hespek notting” -Anderson Silva

  3. jams68 says:

    It is just a bunch of hype and probably just a publicity stunt to get everyone to watch TUF Brazil which probably wont be available to watch anywhere except their fight pass site. I am sure this is just to build interest.

  4. Reyrey73 says:

    I’m sure it hit the ground very quick like, chael probably had top position and then the sucker punch.

  5. Panteradactyl says:

    Interesting how there’s no video to further entice me…. *yawn*

  6. Arjun Chipalkatti says:

    i dont buy it… TUF hype machine at work

  7. jroot says:

    Watch crazy horse get jumped by wands crew. Look how its edited. Brazillians a mostly cheaters.

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