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Tuesday, 02/04/2014, 06:30 am

Sonnen Says Wanderlei ‘Got Fat’, Wants Out Of Fight

“Wand is fat. He hasn’t taken his shirt off since we have been here. He thought our fight would be in July, but it got announced for May. He’s stressed and trying to get out of it.”

In a recent interview with Fighters Only, Chael P. Sonnen, gave an update on the state of his upcoming bout with Wanderlei Silva.

Think there’s any truth to this statement?


10 Responses to “Sonnen Says Wanderlei ‘Got Fat’, Wants Out Of Fight”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Just Chael P. doing what he does best. This fight is going to be a nasty.

  2. Rodney Brimer says:

    I’m surprised how many fans say wand is to old, he has been in to many wars, chael will take silva down just like shogun and ground and pound silva. When has anyone kept silva down? His defense on ground is very good. Question 4u. What will chael do when wand connects with ko punch? Or blasts chael with knee coming in to take him down. Silva is a warrior that has given us great fights. Only thing chael gives is 2nd grade humor and boring fights. If chael takes wand light as he says. He will be waking up in center of cage with an aching jaw. WARWAND,

  3. mike custer says:

    The “preview” Chael did for the tuf was just epic. love him or hate him, the man can sell a show better than anyone in the fight business.

  4. Danny Valentine says:

    Chael no hespect nossing

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