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Monday, 02/25/2013, 12:56 pm

Sonnen Says He Won’t Give Machida Title Shot | UFC NEWS

The dust is finally settling following the close of UFC 157, which took place this past Saturday at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Several exciting fights embraced the night’s spotlight including the history setting performance put on by Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche, a fight that ended with Rousey successfully defending her title via arm-bar submission in the first round. However, the second most anticipated fight of the night, a number one contender fight between Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida, did not live up to the hype. Machida won the fight by split decision in another lackluster performance of defensive fighting. Henderson pushed the pace the entire fight and Machida countered with knees and kicks as Hendo tried to close the distance.

Although it was clear that Lyoto Machida won the fight by landing a few more flush strikes than Henderson (I could count the amount of strikes landed on one hand), the performance did not impress many fans or other fighters, including the next light-heavyweight title contender, Chael Sonnen. At the conclusion of the fight card Sonnen spoke out about Machida and what he thought about his performance on the UFC 157 post-fight show on FUEL TV;

“Does Lyoto Machida deserve another title shot? Absolutely. Is he a great fighter? Absolutely. I’m in on the business; I’m in on the pay-per-view (PPV). So is Jon Jones, but neither of us want to fight him because he can’t draw flies. That’s the bottom line. He got booed tonight; he got booed in his last fight. I can’t sellout an arena with you; I can’t sell PPV’s with you. I’m not giving him the shot. Alexander Gustaffson, Gegard Mousasi, step up and I’ll take the winner.”

In a business that is made possible by being exciting and drawing numbers it is essential for a fighter to always strive to put on a good show for the fans. Machida, although he is very talented and a master of his craft in karate, is far from a fan favorite. Even in most of his KO victories the fight is very slow and uneventful until he lands the one counter strike that ends the fight. The problem with that style is that when you don’t land that one strike that can end the fight or you face someone with a jaw of steel like Dan Henderson the fight will most likely be boring and deemed a dud. In my opinion this type of classification for Machida is just as bad as all the wrestlers that get blasted for winning decisions through lay-and-pray, only in a less dominant fashion because Machida doesn’t even win with octagon control or dominating positions. If you’re going to hate on the Jon Fitch’s of the MMA world then you also have to hate the style of the Lyoto Machida’s. Machida is a great counter-striker, a style that is great for self-defense, but this is a prize fight not a self-defense class; press the action and make something happen for the fans.

Sonnen, who is one of the greatest of all time at drawing a crowd to a fight, will not ultimately have the final say in who he fights but he does make many valid points that the UFC may want to consider. First, however, in order for Sonnen to even have a chance to defend the title he’ll have to get through the current champion and undefeated phenom, Jonny “Bones” Jones. Those two will square off at UFC 159 on April 27th, 2013 in Newark, New Jersey.

So, after witnessing another defensive fight displayed by Lyoto Machida, do the fans agree with Sonnen? Does Machida deserve the next crack at the UFC light heavyweight strap or should “The Dragon” have to prove himself in a far more exciting performance first? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!


125 Responses to “Sonnen Says He Won’t Give Machida Title Shot | UFC NEWS”

  1. Zack says:

    This guy clearly has no intentions of ever winning a title or he would have learned from his last two title fights to not run his mouth like your already champ. Jones is going to annihilate him.

    • BringFitchBack says:

      I think you’re right but not the way you see it. He is doing the TV stuff and not training to fight. That means he’s looking to retire soon otherwise he would be training fulltime for Jones. His comments are to promote a fight and get PPV buys. That’s how he and his opponents make more money. Silva, I’m sure thanked him for making him more money than he ever has. Face it, until the Sonnen drama with Silva, Silva never was a big PPV draw fighter.

  2. Mike says:

    I love watching Machida fight. He is a great fighter. I like specialist fighters and I like fighters that have unique fight styles. We could have used more aggression out of Machida, but as long as his opponent keeps walking into, he doesn’t have to. When Hendo stopped coming forward in the third, Lyoto did come forward (and Dan got kicked in the face twice). The Bader fight was exciting and dominant. I think Lyoto respected Hendos power and was cautious. If he was aggressive it would give Hendo what he was looking for… Takedowns and H bombs. This is combination fight style and gameplan. Its elite fighting at the highest level. Not at all like the “lay and pray” wrestling style because he is constantly looking for the finish. He could explode and finish the fight at any moment. That’s exciting when you know it could happen and thrilling when it does.

  3. Brasileiro says:

    Just let them two fight so Machida can Anderson Silva his shittalkin Ass.

  4. haha says:

    it’s funny cause sonnen is the master of lay and pray. Only problem he can only do it when juiced up. Anyway let this clown talk, Machida is a mix martial artist, sonnen is just a bum

  5. john says:

    the reason chael wont give him a title shot is cuz he wont ever have a title to defend.

  6. Mellow says:

    Give Gus the title shot Machida is boring Hendo would have slept him so i guess it was smart to run

  7. drew says:

    machida doesnt deserve it, hendo won, give em hell chael win or loose

  8. karen says:

    Does anyone have a link where we can watch the fight? Please and thank you.

  9. Boring says:

    Already trying to get another fighter by running his mouth. Judging by the way he fought in his last 2 fights thats the only way he will be able to get fights.

  10. TheTude says:

    Lyotos past 4 fights have been against top 10 guys. Hes has put away Couture, Bader and now Henderson. He lost to jon Jones but really tested his chin, Jones had never been hit that hard in his Life. He is one of a very small group of guys that actually have a shot at beating Jones. Hendo could knock out Jones but Jones is too smart to go anywhere near that right hand. Jones would tire hendo out and ground and pound his ass. Machida is much more diverse in his strking abilities and has a btter chance this time. Everybody Knows Sonnens gameplan is goiong to be what it always is, he is going to try to lay on top of Jones for 5 rounds but Jones is just too damn good for Sonnen. I guessing 3rd round submission for Jones.

    • BringFitchBack says:

      I think your analysis of Sonnen is pretty good. I see a 2nd or 3rd round submission win by Jones. But your estimation of Machida is way off and way too generous. I see Jones beating him up easily. Machida’s non-fighting style will be picked apart by Jones from the outside and then he’ll get in close and nighty night again for Machida. This time though, I see a KO. Machida will NOT be champ at 05 again.

  11. miro says:

    What? What is he evan talking about? This guy never held a title, yet he keeps bragging like some sort of undefeated champion. Sonnen belongs to reality TV shows, not to the fight business.

    • BringFitchBack says:

      Correction he beat the WEC middleweight champion. Before they were absorbed into the UFC. Therefore, in my book he came to the UFC as the middleweight champion. The reason it is not really considered so is because that dipshit, Filho, came in above weight and Sonnen still beat his ass up. LMAO….

      • miro says:

        OK, got your point. Don’t get me wrong, i love Sonnen. But he should get his a$$ back to the gym to be 100% ready to fight Jones, instead of acting like he is the LHW champion already.

        • BringFitchBack says:

          I hear brother…Sonnen seems to be interested in his next career as a TV personality and less about fighting. We’ll see. I don’t see him doing much against Jones. I would love to see Sonnen fight Machida though.

  12. absolutepower says:

    I thought it was a great fight!. Machida fought great. Sonnen is a joke

  13. JERV says:


  14. Nando says:

    Wow apparently people like watching boring fights. Anderson silva is an elusive counter striker, but the difference between him & machida is that he does it in a much more exciting way. Every machida fight has been boring. You people must also like to watch paint dry if you like his fights. I’d rather watch golf.

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