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Thursday, 07/12/2012, 09:33 am

Sonnen on Weidman: He is "the best middleweight in the UFC" | UFC NEWS

“There is no way to deny what we just saw. Weidman is on a roll, he is tapping guys out, getting Fight of the Night, and doing everything he needs to do. Now he is playing with the big boys. Now he is in the main event. The test was passed with flying colors. Chris Weidman, present company included, you are the best middleweight in the UFC.”

While playing his role as a FUEL TV analyst for last night’s UFC on FUEL TV 4, the man, the myth, the legend, Chael Sonnen took to his time on the airwaves to share his thoughts on top middleweight contender Chris Weidman.

Is he accurate in his assessment?


101 Responses to “Sonnen on Weidman: He is "the best middleweight in the UFC" | UFC NEWS”

  1. Anderson Silva says:

    No buddy, It’s me!!! :)

  2. Bisping says:

    What about me mates ?! Chael just beat me but i still think i can beat everyone in the UFC !

  3. Bob says:

    OMFG this guy needs to be thrown out the UFC and join WWE already lying criminal cheesy scum bag… He just spit on Anderson Silvas face once again indirectly..

    You notice the only people who like chael are redneck racist faggots… Fuck Chael the Snails dumb ass opinions.. Dont even post them here any more unless he has respect which is never..

    He claimed he was the best ever and loss to Silva twice and now hes going to go nut hug weirdem just because he beat Munoz and he feels has a shot to beat Silva. I get it now Chael hates Silva because hes Black and hes a Champion and beat his ass twice.. LMAO.. Silva is not Munoz!! Silva would KTFO of weirdum before he even gets a chance to use his wrestling.. Weirdum is good but not that good. Munoz threw a sloppy ass right hook and thats how he loss.. Silva would never do that.

    All in all Weirdum is probably top 3 or 4.. I bet bisping would beat his ass… Sometimes fighting someone can make you look like a God until you fight someone that has the right style for you..

    Chael fuck off and fuck your faggot ass fans too… Losers

    • Gould says:

      “redneck racist faggots” ……. wrapping the word racist with your own discrimintory terms only makes you sound like a moron i hope you understand that.

    • Majestyk says:

      @Bob…Who the hell is “Weirdum”?

      • Eric Oka says:

        the offspring of weidman and werdum..

      • Bob says:

        It’s the pet name for my penis, sorry. I get so excited and can’t think sometime go blind.

        Sorry guys, I’m just full of hate. I think Weidman is number 3. Chael thinks he is number 1. That really makes Chael a racist, in my opinion. The order should be Silva, Bisping, then Weidman, eventhough Bisping hasn’t beaten anyone of significance. Munoz lost only because of that sloppy right he tried! Someone told me about the dominant first round by Weidman, but i don’t believe it (I really didn’t see the fight!). Munoz was probably winning the fight before the sloppy right.

        You all are racists! I will continue to think this as I sit here locked in my darkened studio apartment watching the sunlight peer around my black curtains and illuminate dust particles that float all around me.

        • "H" BOMB says:

          vitor is by far the number 2 welterweight in the world and he would easily destroy weidman, no ofence to him he is still young and needs 1-2 more fights against top contenders
          3. lombard
          4. weidman
          5. bisbing

        • lorenzo says:

          Ha! Bisbing. lol

        • West says:

          This analysis coming from a person who talking about the wrong weight class

        • Shameful says:

          Lombard hasn’t even had his first UFC fight yet.

        • Dude Chael already said that Silva is better and that the better man won so how does he think he’s number 1? Get off the “because he’s black” thing. He never said anything like that. When Mayweather constantly talks smack do you say “yeah it’s because that guy is Latino and he’s racist towards them”?? You’re insane.

        • JoeC says:

          Dude, you’re not doing yourself any favours. You’re the only one pulling the race card. I like Chael because he’s entertaining and funny, and a good solid fighter and a fuckin tough cunt. Does that make me gay does it?!?!?! I swear half the reason this site is so good is the absurd comments made by moronic asinine twerps such as yourself Bob. What year did you drop out of primary school mate?
          Besides, does Chael Sonnen come to KFC and tell you how to do your job? Arm chair critic!! Do something with your life for a change mate.

        • Shameful says:

          I concur. The comments are more entertaining than the articles on this site.

        • milos says:

          you “DIDNT SEE THE FIGHT BUT YOU DONT BELIVE IT?!?!?!?!?!?” stop right there and disappear,weidman absolutely destroyed munoz,he was suposed to be some great wrestler,yet he got taken down with out any trouble on 2 occaisons in round 1,and in round 2 he was taken out with an elbow,what more there is to it,even by fightmetrics he threw only ONE strike!!!,watch the fight before commenting on it…

    • DanielD says:

      Here we go with the racism claim again. It’s getting old!

    • "H" BOMB says:

      hey fuck stick if you think racism has any role in this whole post, your just as ignorant as any racist and at least spell chris weidmans name right if you’re going to insult him…fucking idiot!

    • KID433 says:

      Chael is white and one of his coaches/corner for the Silva fight was black. I don’t know whether that proves anything but at first glance it wouldn’t appear to stand out as racist.

    • LOLOLOLOLOL says:


      Calm the fuck down you fucking retard.

    • Coffee409 says:

      You’re a fucking moron. Shut up.

    • Artemis Entreri says:

      But Bob, how can I be a “faggot” if I just fucked your mom?

      • Bob says:

        well, you’ll be happy to hear that my mom is a trans-sexual ! so Artemis, YOU ARE what you are! and go punch YOUR mom in the face for naming you that! gaybastard.

    • Joe silva says:

      Its weidman jerkoff learn how to spell u illiterate sack of sh!t

    • Because he’s black?????? Where did you pull that from?

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Bob..spelled backwards is boB…..WTH… are you pissed or what? Are you really named Ed. Do you get paid to be a Silva zombie or are you just demented? You bradduh need to get some meds or get back on them. This anger will eat you up boB….

    • Jake R. says:

      Oh bobby. Did you even watch those fights? In the first fight Chael absolutely dominated the fight as well as the first round of the second fight. Yes Silva did win the first because of great composure and the second by some well landed strikes but i won’t say he beat Chaels ass. Not to mention you seem to be overlooking some shady Silva moments as well. The vasiline on the chest and holding of Chaels shorts has no place in mma. If you are gonna beat on him like you say then do it without that bs. As far as Chaels incredible banter I never heard him once say anything racist. Has he made funny of his country and everything else about Anderson, yes but nothing ever about him being black.
      On to Chaels assessment he was just paying the man a compliment. He has fought Silva twice now and Chael feels from watching WEIDMAN fight he feels he is the best in the division. Not to mention Weidman’s last three fights have been against some pretty solid middleweights. Munoz is considered one of the best in the division and he tossed him around in the first and then put him to sleep with a sweet elbow to the dome will avoiding Munoz’s punch. And I don’t know what you are seeing or not seeing in Weidman to say “he isn’t that good”. Also I think Weidman would be able to take Silva down as seen by Chael repeatedly taking him to the mat. Therefore an aggressive good wrestler may be able to take Silva down which was clearly demonstrated by Weidman last night. So maybe you should actually watch the fights before you open your silly bandwagon mouth.

    • BXER says:

      Dude you seriously need to shit the fuck up! I don’t like chael but for you to show that much hate makes you racist keep your stupid fucking comments to yourself,you just a keyboard warrior thinking tha if you write shit like this makes you a man,I can read your head to your words,and I know you don’t have the balls to make that kind of statements in person, express your opinion but be a man about it,not a fagot, so shit the fuck up or even better get the fuck out of this site,anybody who uses racism to their benefit is a fucking fagot

  4. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Atleast weidman doesnt cheat. He doesnt grease him self or throw illegal unlike certain “p4p best fighter we know”. I hope weidman gets a title shot and puts a whipping on anderson for being a disgrace of a cheating champ. He is a brazilian monkey that belongs in a zoo.

  5. Bob says:

    Apparently Munoz is the GREATEST FIGHTER OF ALL TIME AND NEVER LOSS IN THE UFC and weirdum made him look like a clown so therefore he can beat Silva..

    Chael GTFO bitch ass racist redneck.

  6. maurice says:

    @keepfitchforever..u mad? bahahahaha. silva finished chael b4 round 3 like i said. suck on it bitch.

  7. Gould says:

    Sonnens job as a commentator is to add hype to people.. build their name, lay the foundation for the marketing they need for a title shot. Saying he is the best in the UFC (wether you agree or not) is a way to bring attention to Weidman and create a buzz about him so people will buy the PVP if he gets his shot. PLAIN AND SIMPLE, all of you getting mad at chael need to shutup and realize he is just doing his job… nobody complains that you put the bun on a little crooked during your shift at mickey D’s now do they ?

    • Nuitari X says:

      LOL you said PVP. This isn’t an MMO mister. And yes my boss gets mad when I put the bun on crooked on the roast beef sandwiches at arbys. Quality my friend, quality.

  8. maurice says:

    @gould man shut ur dumbass up.

  9. KIDD433 says:

    @keep fitch…u said that Anderson threw a illeagle strike must be refering to the knee he landed on Chaels saying that means that you either didnt watch the fight,or just being biase and making excuses for fag bed buddy Chael.Either way means your opinión aint credible so just shut the Fuck up

  10. Q says:

    Weidman vs bisping #1 contenders match lets do it !!!!!!!!

  11. Brend0magic says:

    Keep Fitch Forever, I totally agree. I wanna see Weidman WHOOP that cheating disgrace of a champion.

  12. ZC says:

    Why would Bisping get another #1 contender fight? He lost the last one and I don’t remember him fighting since then.. Weidman should be number 1 contender because in my opinion Munoz was next in line.

  13. 123 says:

    chris weidman is the man to beat anderson silva, he reminds me of cain velasquez.

    • lorenzo says:

      yeah saw how well cain did against santos

      • lorenzo you dumbass says:

        Cain did not do well against JDS, you dumbass. He did poorly. He was KO’ed. Didn’t you watch the fight?

        BUT did you see how well Cain did in his first nine pro fights and the mess he made with Bigfoot’s blood all over the Octagon? Damn!

        lorenzo is a dumbass. lorenzo is a dumbass. hahahahahahahaha

        • lorenzo#3 says:

          @lorenzo you dumbass, i think the real Lorenzo was making a joke you MORON, LOL@ you taking what he said to heart, I’m sure he knew Cain lost dumb-nut and then you have the balls to keep at it like he really didn’t know what he was talking about lol you under weight faggot you!

        • Lorenzo#4 says:

          Lmfao I wad thinking the same thing as Lorenzo #3

        • lorenzo #5 says:

          hey #3 and #4, you both are dumbasses for taking “to heart” (btw, where do these faggots come from who use ”to heart?”). sarcasm is what you need to look up.

          All lorenzos are dumbasses!!!! yeah! each and every one of us! you stupid dipshit of a human being! let’s take this website to a new low!!!!!

          hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !

  14. Dee says:

    Munoz made a huge mistake. He started cashing in his chips before winning. He was just running his mouth about fighting Silva and loss. This is why fighters need to shut their mouths and produce first. He got ahead of himself. Also best middle weight? I guess. It seems these days that the only middle weight who fights the best in the division is the champion. The other guys are always considered “the best, but they never face each other.” Silva has fought Maia (who was running through the division at one time), He fought Franklin twice, Henderson, Sonnen twice, Vitor Belfort, and he’s the 1st guy to break Chris Leben’s win streak. Belcher, Sonnen, Munoz, Bisping and these guys never fight each other, but they are always regarded as “the best.”

  15. maurice says:

    my question is, when ppl talk about mw contenders, why is VITORS name ever brought up? isnt vitor a top dog? i believe he would knock bisping, stann, and possibly lombard clean out. i understand anderson front kicked the fuck out of him..but damn, against anyone else, vitor is a beast. not a vitor fan, but he deserves to be in the mix when he comes back.

    • Dave says:

      Definitely!! He is an awesome fighter but I can’t see him ever beating Anderson.. So why not start running these so called top contenders through him to see if they have a decent stand up game… If they can’t hang with vitor forget Anderson!!

    • Sam Eames says:

      I absolutely agree. In my opinion Vitor is the best MW who isn’t Anderson SIlva. There are actually a lot of match-ups I would like to see in this division right now.

  16. KID433 says:

    Bisping a contender?Thats fucken hilarious!

  17. KID433 says:

    Serious I cant stop laughing!

  18. KIDD433 says:

    @ MAURICE.Iagree .Since his loss to Anderson he’s had 2 first roun d finishes in impressive fashion .But you gotta remember most of these clowns on here are casual fans.They talk like Bisping is actually a contender,Even though he lost his last fight in a boring ass fashion at that.And on top of that Vitors asking to fight him right now for the 2nd time,and Bisping ducks him by calling out Stan insteadn.In a real MMA fans perspective Vitor and Hector Lombard should be #1 contenders.That is after Hector smashes Bocthe!

  19. KIDD433 says:

    @ MAURICE.Iagree .Since his loss to Anderson he’s had 2 first roun d finishes in impressive fashion .But you gotta remember most of these clowns on here are casual fans.They talk like Bisping is actually a contender,Even though he lost his last fight in a boring fashion at that.And on top of that Vitors asking to fight him right now for the 2nd time,and Bisping ducks him by calling out Stan insteadn.In a real MMA fans perspective Vitor and Hector Lombard should be #1 contenders.That is after Hector smashes Bocthe.

  20. KIDD433 says:

    These people would rather see someone take Anderson down,lay on top of him for 5 rounds and FITCH themselves a victory.Not someone thats gonna goe to toe and bang with him like Vitor and Hector Lombard would.CASUAL FANS

    • It's called "mixed martial arts" says:

      So according to you, a hardcore fan of mixed martial arts is someone who only wants to see the standup portion of it? Why would someone who’s best base is wrestling or grappling stand with silva? Learn to appreciate the whole sport before claiming people are casual fans

      • KIDD433 says:

        I do appreciate and respect and different techniques of MMA.However i wouldn’t want to buy or even see a fight like that.That would be a waste of a fight on Andersons contact.The man is an artist,just amazing to watch.I want to see someone thats gonna go in there a fucken fight him.Not lay on top of him to avoid fighting him,drop baby punches and Fitch a decision to him.Thats not fighting,that aint fucken MMA.Thats lay and praying.Weidman IMO would probably Fitch ANDERSON and try to grind a decision.Not entertaining,You wouldn’t even get to see ANDERSON at full potential…VITOR if he gota rematch,HECTOR LOMBARD,even BRIAN STANN,tho not a contender,if fought ANDERSON,win or lose would bring the fucken fight to him.And then,You see ANDERSON at his full potential

      • KIDD433 says:

        i do appreciate and respect different techniques in MMA.However i wouldn’t want to buy or even see a fight like that.That would be a waste of a fight on Andersons contact.The man is an artist,amazing to watch.just I want to see someone thats gonna go in there a fucken fight him.Not lay on top of him to avoid fighting him,drop baby punches and Fitch a decision to him.Thats not fighting,that aint fucken MMA.Thats lay and praying.Weidman IMO would probably Fitch ANDERSON and try to grind a decision.Not entertaining,You wouldn’t even get to see ANDERSON at full potential because hes trying to avoid being Fitched.VITOR if gotta rematch ,HECTOR LOMBARD,even BRIAN STANN,tho not a contender,if fought ANDERSON,win or lose would bring the fucken fight to him.And then,You see ANDERSON at his full potentia

  21. Andrew Brown says:

    @Bob ……Really? Only Redneck , Raciest , Faggots like CHael Spnnan? Well I’m mixed, city breed, and clearly if I’m mixed not raciest! And even though I like my salad tossed time to time I’m not gay. And I like Chael Sonnan! So i guess that blows your theory out the water you fucking waste of human life !

    • WrestlingRules says:

      What is mixed??? I thought we are all of one race the human race??? How can you be racist to yourself??? I know you say you are not homosexual because you like your salad tossed, BUT that is getting close. Don’t tell me you wax your unibrow!! Because if you do that too, then sorry dude, you ARE a homosexual…

  22. lorenzo says:

    Wow. I know everyone is sour about the slaughtering of sonnen, who by far has just become the biggest joke of UFC, but lets face it. What he was saying about Anderson and his country is by faaar racist towards the Brazilians and if you deny it then youre obviously wrong in the head too.

  23. Coots says:

    Weidman looked awesome deserves next shot! I agree with sonnen he is the man to dethrone silva! Munoz looked out of shape a Lil bit give him sonnen! If Lombard wins he can wait after Weidman! Bisping should fight belfort or stann, belcher should fight the guy bisping doesn’t!

    • Dude says:

      Chael wants someone to face Silva soon because he wants Silva to lose, which may lead to Sonnen fighting the new champ. That’s the only reason why Chael wants Weidman to face Silva next. He’s not supporting Weidman, he’s renewing his drive to the championship. And it has to be against someone other than Silva.

  24. Pijan says:

    Let’s get one thing straight. Weidman beat Muñoz, that’s about it. He beat an underachieving Damian Maia, and he beat Lawlor, he’s got a while to go before he’s the ‘best middleweight’. A step in the right direction yes, but he’s got a long way to go before he’s even a legit contender. One fight doesn’t make you the best, I know it’s for hype, but they should be hyping up someone else, Weidman is still a few fights out. Maia got a shot long before it was due and I think we all remember what happened (still one of my favorite fights).

  25. marcus says:

    Weidman could best bisping easy bisping is a standup point fighter that is all he has the credential s he has should best bisping and yes Hamill did beat bisping so ya

  26. Guss says:

    Lol! C’mon Chael, I thought you’d have learned your lesson by now. You aren’t the best unless you have that gold strap around your waist. Maybe Silva should’ve hit you a little harder.

  27. LUKE says:

    Chael Sonnen, worst loser in MMA

  28. Alex says:

    On a side note, that referee should be fired…

  29. Jason says:

    He’s got a VERY good chance at beating silva

    • B-rad says:

      Anyone that has any chance people just jump on board and say hes gonna do it… i got news for people, if Anderson Silva was gonna lose it would have happend in the first Chael fight, hes gonna retire unbeaten in UFC

  30. Guys. Guys. In all fairness, I’m the best d%$n middleweight theres ever been.

  31. paul love says:

    Ahahaha! Look, Chael has every right to comment on Weidman and make his opinion on him. Everybody has different opinions and Chael gave Silva alot of respect. Now here’s Chaels reason that he would think that Weidman is the best. Chael is a fantastic wrestler but he wrestled Munoz and Munoz actually beat him by a little in the past. Munoz was very motivated for this fight and was at his best ever so that he could get a title shot against Silva. Munoz has even trained with Silva before and he’s confident that he can win against him with his set of skills and Chael knows that to because Chael was the only one that had the tools to have dominant rounds against Silva and Munoz has those tools as well but with more powerful ground and pound. After seeing Weidman finish a motivated Munoz at his best like that it really says something. Chael knows that weidman has the tools against Anderson and that he’s only gonna get better for the fight with Silva. Now, do I think that Weidman is better than Anderson? No, I think that Anderson is the best “well rounded fighter” in the world.” But, every dog has his day and Silva isn’t getting any younger but Weidman looks like he may be the future in the division and Chael knows that. Weidman could still beat Anderson if he fought him right even if Anderson is better. And if he does beat Anderson then people are gonna call him the best fighter and Chael knows that so it was a smart thing to say. Even if Weidman were to lose against Silva in the first title fight he’s only gonna get better while Silva gets past his prime and unless Bisping comes in and wins which is possible, or someone else comes around, Weidman will eventually get Anderson in my opinion and take his title. Now, much respect to Anderson Silva because he is the best and is incredible. Also Chael, you n Joe Rogan are my 2 favorite people and Bisping you are a funny favorite of mine to and I hope you both stay in the sport for a while

  32. Chael Sonnen says:

    Guys it’s eating me up inside but I just have to let the world know that I took a dive. Silva wouldn’t fight me saying I was juicing but uncle Dana wanted to get richer. So they gave me a couple of million through the Fertitas’ money laundering operations. So I took it :)

  33. 9lives304 says:

    Weidman needs to fight a few more TOP contenders including Chael Sonnen, then let’s talk about him challenging for the belt. Top contenders with different fighting styles, cuz styles do make fights, and if he runs right thru them..give him his shot!! That is all for now!

    • Nuitari X says:

      Yeah I think he should fight chael. Chael looked scared of that dude when he came on set. He was probably thinking oh shit don’t knee my chest!

  34. GRT 3000 says:

    shocker…the classy Chael has been used up already, hasn’t even been a week. for the record, I never for one second thought this guy was anything more than a piece of shit.

  35. slacker says:

    It seems like Sonnen just won’t let go of his hate for Silva. Well, it’s his grave. You know what they say about bitterness. It hurts the person holding onto it more than the person it is being directed at! Look at Silva. He let everything go after the fight and at the press conference. His heart is clean and free! I would hate to be Sonnen. Living with all that self – contempt.

  36. Xaninho says:

    Munoz went into this fight with the wrong mindset. He wasn’t taking Weidman seriously and looking past him. Worst thing a fighter can do is look past his opponent.

    Al he did was talking about calling out Silva after he beat Weidman.

    Now Sonnen claims Weidman to be the best 185-er, that’s a bit too soon. No one can deny Weidman is doing great, but beating Munoz who was foolishly looking past him after elbow surgery and a lay-off is still impressive, but not the best reference to make an assessment on where he stands in the 185 division.

    Munoz seems like a nice guy, but let’s be honest Silva would have annihilated him as well.

    So in short: Weidman has reached contender status and hasn’t proven himself as the best 185. To rightfully be called the best he would need to beat the best first.

  37. jeremy says:

    No absolutely not. Chael Sonnen I like the guy as a fighter and as a person. But you have to start not believing the things he says. I mean common really chael. Weidman is a good figher and he did beat Munoz easily. An older Munoz that has his mind on other things than fighting. But yes he did kick his ass I give him that. But there are a list of guys that are ahead of him in the pack. Let him fight Bisbing, Vitor belfort, Okami, even Hector Lombard deserves a shot before him. If you want to talk about winning streaks he’s has a way longer winning streak.The guy definitely has to work his way to the top. Besides Munoz who has he beat?…Demian Maia, and Tom Lawlor. The guys doesn’t deserve a title shot as of yet. In my opinion there are better middle weights in the division and he needs to beat them to show he’s deserving of a shot. And for the Record Anderson is on another level and would destroy this guy. He doesn’t get the respect he deserves. He’s the best pound for pound fighter on the planet. The guy has never lost in the UFC and has faced the best competition in the world for 6 years. He dosent lay and pray he knocks fighters the hell out or submits them. He’s a finisher. He’s the best most consistent Mixed Martial Artist ever and he does not get the respect he deserves. When healthy who have you ever seen put a a beating on Chael Sonnen the Anderson Just did. Curled up in a ball in the second round getting smashed on. The guy is the best and for Chris Weidman or anybody else to think that he’s ready to Beat him is uneducated. He’s not ready, Not now. Just like a Strong Wrestler Chad Mendes wasn’t ready Jose Aldo the same is True in Suggesting this fight.

    • 9lives304 says:

      Anderson & Fedor , Fedor, not-so-much now but in his PRIDE days! Best that ever done it in Rule & Regulation MMA which is why i’m not mentioning Royce Gracie

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