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Friday, 03/16/2012, 03:10 pm

Sonnen On Silva Fight | I Don’t Even Have A Bout Agreement For That Fight Yet

“Couple of things: First off, I don’t even know if I have that fight. I’m telling people I do. I’m reading about it in the media. I don’t have an agreement for that bout. And, second off, I’m gonna start ]training camp] in April. So, we haven’t even begun yet.”

“Listen, here’s the deal with Anderson. My beef isn’t so much with him, it’s with everybody else. I get real sick and tired of seeing guys in the back asking him for his autograph with him, and then when they get on camera themselves, they portray themselves like they’re tough guys. If you put a microphone in somebody’s face, and he calls out anybody other than the champion, he might as well just turn in his pink slip. If you’re not here to be the best, get to the end of the line. You don’t belong. I’m not sidestepping this guy or anybody else. You know, any time someone publicly slaps Dana White in the face, publicly spits on Lorenzo Ferttita, I don’t understand that. When Anderson comes out and he publicly says, ‘I disagree with you’ to the decision makers, the guys who put the process in place, who say, ‘Here’s how we’re gonna determine a number one contender,’ tells these guys he’s got a better idea of their business than they do, I don’t really understand that. So, that’s not really a slight at me when Anderson says that, but he is telling his bosses that he disagrees with them.”

If you missed it, Chael Sonnen was a guest on last night’s SPIKE TV “MMA Uncensored” and he discussed a lot of topics.

The interviewer got Chael on the subject of Anderson Silva and his thoughts surrounding their upcoming fight. Sonnen also used the opportunity to reply to Silva’s claims that the UFC bosses should go against each other as well as Anderson’s statement that Chael doesn’t deserve the rematch.

Check out what he said about Rampage HERE or what he said about TRT HERE.

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78 Responses to “Sonnen On Silva Fight | I Don’t Even Have A Bout Agreement For That Fight Yet”

  1. aa says:

    you dont want one chael, your gonna get the shit kick out you

    • joke ass fans says:

      really shit kicked out of him, what like the first fight? hahahahahahahaha hey buddy’s how is the fight going to be ANY DIFFERENT.. chael wasent on roids, and ANDERSON WAS NOT INJURED, if you knew anything about mma you would know that in the rules and regulations you can not fight with broken bones… frank mir vs tim sylvia IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE FOR THAT… also dana NOR ufc doctors CONFIRMED andersons injury… so now that only anderson has said he was hurt SAYS WHAT!?!?!?!?!? IT SAYS HES SCARED TO FIGHT CHAEL, but yeah chaels going to get this shit kicked out of him, HES ALREADY KICKED THE SHIT OUT OF ANDERSON for 4 1/2 rounds… GOD DID YOUR MOTHER RAISE A CHILD NOT TO SEE?!?!?!

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      AS much as I KNOW Sonnen is the biggest SCUMBAG in ALL MMA I almost feel sorry for the beating he is in for. Sonnen is going to tear him apart. last time he wanted to submit Sonnen for all the crap he said about Nogera BJJ. This time Sonnen will get destroyed. YES Sonnen was JUICED out of his mind beyond what most people could even comprehend. Sonnen said it himself that he was shooting up twice a week. Ask any doctor about TRT and NOONE with TRT needs to shoot up tiwce aweek. If Sonnens primary doctor was prescribing him that much JUICE he would be turned in to FEDS by the pharmacist. No truth IS Sonnen was buying TESTOSTERONE from multiple sourses (prob illegally off interent) and injecting himself with 10 times waht he was suppose to be. All TRT is LEGAL JUICING ie: steroid abuse when used like Sonnen and marquardt are using it. All these CHEATERS are doing is getting AAL JUICED up and training with maasive amounts of JUICE throughout theiur training camps then tapering off up until weigh ins and having their blood tested weekly to make sure they get under 740 which by the way is VERY HIGH and only reason the athletic commissions are forced to use the #740 is because 1% of the healthiest Olympic althltes bascially 21 year old males have etsted as high as 740 naturally. No way in hell is someone like Sonnen and marquardt who have been abusing steroids fro `15 years anywhere close to 740 naturally but because of this stupid ass TRT rule they are able to compete with massive amounts of testosterone in their systems which allows them to train harder and recover 10 times faster than say a natural fighter 37 years old like Andersen Silva. FACT what Sonnen is allowed to do is CHEATING and he wouldn’t be half the lay n pray pillow slapper he is or be able to take half the blows he does if he wasn’t artificially ENHANCED by massive amounts of synthetic TESTOSTERONE. any idiot taht come son here and trys to compare protein powder to synthetic testosterone is so friggen stupid they should be taken out and shot. TESTOSTERONE IS STEROIDS YOU FRIGGEN IDIOTS GET A CLUE ALREADY PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASSES. Sonnen is nothing but a SCUMBAG lying CHEATING FELON

  2. yinyang says:

    He needs a hug.

  3. true mma says:

    It’s a death certificate for pussy chael.

  4. true mma says:

    Don’t worry sonnen, soon enough you will tapping like always. Damn Sonnen at least try training bjj or at least work on your stand up. This mma not wrestling.

    • joke ass fans says:

      guess you actually forgot what mma means, means mixed martial arts, so if you want to wrestle only, you can. please read the rules, or walk away from this sport because you know nothing. please for the sake of this sport, just walk away and never watch it again

      • Xaninho says:

        wrestling isn’t a real martial art. Sonnen should try to learn a bit of the real martial arts.

        • joke ass fans says:

          it isnt a real martial arts? oh since when? since you became C.E.O of the ufc? get off your high ass horse kid.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          I think its so damn funny that Sonnen has lost to Jeremy Horn 3 times by submission. Sonnen has a horrible record and most of his losses are to “CAN” fighters noone has even heard of. Look at all the CHAMPS records, 17-4, 22-1, 18-1, 14-0 etc. can you imagine scumbag one-dimentional lay nprayer, pillow slapper like Sonnen being the champ 18-16 record or whatever is 14 losses via triangle. what a discrace it would be for such a SCUMBAG-CHEATINGF ASS -FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELON as a UFC Champ. How Dana white ever let him come back to UFC I will never understand. What kind of scumbag cheat shows up to UFC title fight with more JUICE than 17 average men 10 years younger than himself. ASk your own doctor what a 3400 testosterone level truly means. 2 words he will tell you STEROID ABUSE

        • yinyang says:

          Xaninho you hit the nail on the head. No right or wrong, only TRUTH.

      • chris says:

        Yeah, if you only want to wrestle you can. You can also get caught in triangles tiime and again as a result.

      • yinyang says:

        Wrestling is not a Martial Art. Technique, blance and control of yourself as well as your opponent is only one part of true Martial Arts. True Martial Arts are a journey to find Truth in life. In an actual combat scenario Chael Sonnen would be dead at Anderson Silva’s hands. Truth.

    • Bloodhound says:

      He knocked Silva down, his striking is fine

  5. Robby says:

    Work on his stand up. If I’m not mistaking, Chael dropped Anderson with his stand up. Come on bro, speak about something you know.

    • Xaninho says:

      ANderson willingly went to the ground so he could get Sonnen in his guard and submit him from there. You don’t actually believe Sonnen could drop him do you?

      • joke ass fans says:

        WILLINGLY?! what are you smoking crack? i have a picture of andersons EYES ROLLING INTO THE BACK OF HEAD, but yeah he was willingly falling knocked out to the ground… yeah ok kid… i guess you saw some other fight which no ones ever seen.

        • Xaninho says:

          Yes ofcourse he slapped that triangle on while he was unconscious! Makes perfect sense!

        • joke ass fans says:

          dude, how many rounds did you watch? the last one where anderson tapped him? dude i have many k/o people pictures lyoto, rashad, thiago silva.. ANDERSON SILVA, yes chael hit him with a punch which made his eyes roll into the back of his head, go ask your fucking doctor what that means when you get punched in the face, and your eyes roll into the back of your head, PLEASE FUCKING ASK HIM WHAT IT MEANS. maybe learn something you idiot

  6. mj says:

    You really think that chael is going to get just thrashed yea? Funny, Anderson said himself he has a weakness against wrestlers that he is working on. Chael brought Anderson into his world and beat his ass for 23min. Anderson is great, but subs are given not taken and Chael gave that arm, he made a simple mistake of crossing the line and paid for it. Easy fix for him, hard for Silva to stop a Sonnen take down. Silva gets taken down once, he loses.

    • Xaninho says:

      No Silva wanted to submit him and patiently waited for Sonnen to slip up. He was calm and relaxed with Sonnen on top throwing a bit of pitter patter pillow fists. Never really hurt and in the end got what he wanted, Sonnen tapping out to his BJJ, which Sonnen said wasn’t worth anything.

      • mj says:

        Waiting yes for Chael to give him a present. I live and train in brazil, your telling me that he wanted to get hit for 23min? Come to Natal and try that tough guy stuff. No such thing as pillow fist after 20 are landed.

        • Xaninho says:

          Hey I know he would rather have submitted him in the first round, but I guess that’s the credit Sonnen deserves for almost making it to the end.

          And Silva didn’t have a mark on him, it’s not a coincidence Sonnen never KO’d anyone.

        • Jason says:

          ur such a bad nuthugger its not even funny LOL…let sonnen take him down?! AHAHAHHAHA, waited for the sub? fucking please thats delusional…look silva got tooled for 4.5 rounds and pulled the win out of no where, props to him…but to say crazy shit like ur saying…ur a fuckin nuthugger….
          Sonnen will take silva down ALOT, but IMO silva will come out alot stronger, this fight will be alot more close than ANY ppl think, but sonnen will win the title and the decision…oh and btw sonnen HAS KO’d someone before, with a flying knee…do your research son….;)

        • Xaninho says:

          Hahah calling me a nuthugger and the next thing you say is Sonnen will win the fight! hahahahahahaha wow! You are the definition of a nuthugger bandwagon fanboy.

      • joke ass fans says:

        oh patiently waited, like hes never done before, but yeah i guess anderson is just going to start fighting and waiting, like say he fight dan henderson next, is he just going to wait to get hit by a huge over hand right? so hendo can fall into his trap? YOUR FUCKING STUPID. no he did not wait, anderson was gettin beat. and he knew it. CHAEL WILL NOT GET TAPPED THIS TIME. i CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE DAY CHAEL BEATS ANDERSON, YOU WILL NEVER TALK ANY CRAP ABOUT CHAEL AGAIN, you will be put in your place.

        • C says:

          Watch the Hendo Silva fight again and just count how many H-Bombs Silva took and still stood. If arguably the hardest hitter in MMA couldn’t knock him out what makes you think Chael got any closer and as far as eyes rolling into the back of his head please post a link to your bullshit comments. You dumbass.

        • C says:

          As far as the last fight goes. Yeah Chael was winning until Silva got lucky. But he was point fighting. I could outwrestle a lot of people and win by points. But to when by ko or submission is way more impressive. The next fight should be a good one though.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          JOKE ASS perfect name for how much of an idiot you TRULY ARE. Sonnen is the biggest scumbag CHEATER to ever set foot in MMA an dyou talk about him like he’s agod. shows alot about your charactor. i would bewilling to bet you have spent alot of time in prison. who else would root for a CHEATING ASS SCUMBAG FELON

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Anderson’s face was fucked up too. Man! When is this fight? I am ready for all the speculation and spite to go away between these two camps. Fans included.

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          Actually Silva barely had a mark on him where Sonnen was beat to ratt piss and looked real bad

    • MMAJUNKY says:

      Well I think Silva will win..kinda agree with you just a little. He can beat Silva and wont be easy for him if Cheal take him down

    • joke ass fans says:

      THANKS SOMEONE WITH BRAINS, who actually was raised by a right mother, who actually knows something about this sport. your awesome this Xaninho guy is a straight joke. he doesnt know anything about this sport.

      • mj says:

        Youre welcome… No Im American, but Ive been living and traing in brazil for two years. Andersons jJ is nothing to talk about Roger Gracie and Damian have the best mma JJ. Vitor is a much higher level then anderson…. You can tell by how Silva´s guard is closed, not active. He isnt dangerous, but he was smart enough to get a triangle, something a white belt can pull off.

  7. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    When is the Brazil card? Maybe that’s why you haven’t gotten the paperwork agreeing to the fight. I get that you are promoting the fight but what’s the beef here? Get your ass in the gym and quit complaining.

    • joke ass fans says:

      i didnt hear one complaint, hes talking truth. anderson is a pawn in this sport, he may be the best BUT HE HAS NO SAY WHATSOEVER about who he is fighting. so if anyone is crying its anderson… you fucking idiot. anderson has said for months THAT CHAEL DOESNT DESERVE A SHOT, thats complaining you idiot.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:


        “Listen, here’s the deal with Anderson. My beef isn’t so much with him, it’s with everybody else. I get real sick and tired of seeing guys in the back asking him for his autograph with him, and then when they get on camera themselves, they portray themselves like they’re tough guys. If you put a microphone in somebody’s face, and he calls out anybody other than the champion, he might as well just turn in his pink slip. If you’re not here to be the best, get to the end of the line. You don’t belong.”

        Learn to read instead of skimming the article JACK ASS FAN.

        • joke ass fans says:

          oh so he was an asshole, thats not complain dude… learn what complaining means please.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I think you need to learn. It’s obvious that expressing yourself negatively is complaining.

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        I can’t believe they even let Sonnen travel out of the U.S. Most FELONS can’t get passports

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Why should Sonnen get another shot after getting BUSTED for CHEATING with enough STEROIDS in his system in the foirst fight to jump over the moon. IF Sonnen doesn’t show up with same amount of steroids in him he won’t last one round unless Silva just wants to lay down a beating on him to emabarress him. anyone who cheats like Sonnen did in atitle fight sure in hell doesn’t deseve another shot based on that alone. Sonnen CHEATED and still lost

    • mj says:

      The fight date is set, location picked, SP…it will be the largest ever. Anderson doesnt want to fight Chael again. He is on TV down here for FIAT, burgerking… if he loses his name brand then no more deals. Thats brazil bro, come here and then you can understand that he is scared, not of Chael but of losing and he knows that with Chael its possible to lose by UD or SD.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        He should be, no more big paydays if he loses. I read an article the other day and Anderson was #17 richest athlete in Forbes magazine. I would think GSP would be higher on the list.

        • CrushedByUrMom says:

          Anderson silva isnt even in the top 50 you fucking retard. No mma pro gets paid more than basketball/golf/football players.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Either it was wishful thinking on my part or I misread a bleacher report article.

        • Bloodhound says:

          Maybe 17th in MMA? That doesn’t sound right, maybe current day combat sports? Who knows, Silva is scared of losing, not Sonnen – After the Kos fight GSP was #1 P4P Silva lost a lot after the first Sonnen fight, most fans hated him for his often forgotten performance against Thales Leites and then his Demian Maia fight, with the Triangle and Vitor kick he got his place back with fans – he’s not ready to lose it again, even by decision.

  8. true mma says:

    The only joke as fans are the dudes with sonnes nuts in there mouth. If they actually think Sonnen has stand up god Damn there fucking stupid you know what they are they like bitch ass, fake champ, so called undefeated, 11 loss, WWE wanna be Sonnen.

  9. true mma says:

    You Sonnen nut supports forgot that Sonnen shouldn’t even fighting, bisbing won and he’s lucky he didn’t fight munoz because he would have kicked sonnens ass too. So take sonnens nuts out of your mouth and take a deep breath and watch Silva school his ass.

  10. joshuah says:

    “This joke ass fans” is a troll.

    1 chael didn’t punch Anderson in the face & drop him, the 2 times Silva got knocked down they were punches to the side of the head/ear area.

    2 chael wasn’t on roids, but was suspended for illegal usage/levels of testosterone

    3 chael needs 25 minutes to win this fight, Silva can stop it @ any point.

    4 chael was a “”no body”” be4 this fight who no1 even paid attention to Silva had gotten stagnant & lazy started to believe his shit didn’t sting & he was the GOAT, Silva was overlooking a very capable competitor.

    I want chael to win, I’ve never liked Silva, chael and Silva will both be different fighters but your letting your love of chael, hatred of Silva, or hatred of “dumb” fans skew your opinion and the truth.

    Chael could win this fight cuz he ALWAYS MOVES FORWARD ALWAYS (like Diego sanchez) & this causes problems for Anderson he waits until just stop & wait to see what Anderson is going to do.

    I saw a 1 sided fight the first fight but NOONE got their ass kicked. After 23 minutes of “whipping Anderson’s ass” chael was the only one to look like he was in a fight.

    Chael had trouble from rnd 3 on taking Anderson down Anderson can EASILY win this fight and chael can definitely win, but to pretend chael is just outright > Anderson is ignorant

  11. UFC VIDEOS says:

    it’s 100% going down, just got a bad feeling about sonnen being in brazil after all that talk

  12. GRT 3000 says:

    yawn…this guy was MADE by Anderson. now he gets to play mr. camera happy look at me again while he waits to get destroyed by the best thing that ever happened to him. (The GOAT – Anderson Silva)

    I guess cheating and losing does pay off kids – great message. you get to face the champ even after losing to Bisping. good stuff.

  13. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying GRT 3000.

  14. Pijan says:

    Does Chael not know how a triangle choke works?

  15. Mike says:

    Some of the fans on both sides of this argument are some of the most deluded people I’ve ever seen. “Anderson willingly went to the ground.” “Chael never tapped.” All of you need to shut to hell up unless you want to talk about legitimate facts. But I shouldn’t expect that from these forms, since it’s attracts to lowest forms of fans.

    Yes, I’m calling you idiots :) have a good day.

  16. kaydan says:

    its funny you guyz that hate chael you just have no sence of humor funniest sob ever! LOVE IT!

  17. baldy says:

    phael’s full of shit…the whole “hey everybody! look at me!” bullshit is way past getting old.
    he just needs to shut the fuck up, go to the gym, get in shape (naturally this time), practice defending the triangle choke, hit the heavy bag a few hundred thousand times (so he can actually do damage instead of just scoring points), and put on another killer fight like he did last time. (again…naturally this time)

  18. charlie bronson says:

    love that photo…he’s smiling like a donut! add the caption….insert cock here with an arrow pointing at his mouth. lmao!

  19. Zack says:

    He’s just making early excuses for when he gets KTFO he can say ” oh I didn’t even train for this fight cuz I didn’t know about it blah blah blah”

  20. Xaninho says:

    Sonnen isn’t scared to lose, because he has nothing to lose with a shit mediocre record like he has!

    He will never ever be the P4P GOAT like Silva is.

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