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Tuesday, 09/10/2013, 09:45 am

Sonnen: It’s OK To Lose, But Underperforming Will Haunt You

“It’s a two-man sport and you don’t know who is going to win. We can’t control who is going to win. You can only control how you compete.

“As an athlete, you’ll never feel bad about losing, but what you will feel bad about is underperforming. That’s a real thing and it happens a lot when we don’t live up to our potential. And that keeps you up at night and can give you years and years of regret.

“It could be a relationship, it could be a homework assignment, or it could be an athletic competition. If you don’t go out and perform to the best of your ability, it will really bother you.

“But the wins and losses, one guy is going to get his hand raised. That’s fine. But a lot of times we’ll worry about the outcome and spend so much time thinking, ‘I have to win, I have to win,’ that we don’t perform.”

UFC superstar, Chael P. Sonnen, recently discussed the side effects of not performing on fight night with

The FOX Sports Commentator and three-time UFC title challenger last saw action against Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua on Fox sports 1 where he ended the fight via first-round submission.

Sonnen now faces Rashad Evans in the UFC 167 co-main event later this year.


One Response to “Sonnen: It’s OK To Lose, But Underperforming Will Haunt You”

  1. Where's my TRT? says:

    You have to give it to the guy he is right. I love this side of Chael. You know what he is talking about as an athlete. I would rather lose than underperform in any of the sports i compete in.

  2. True Dat says:

    That is why Chael continues to be in the UFC. Bring the fight and not worrying about who wins is what fighters should do.

  3. K2 says:

    Like an off-balance-fall-on-your-arse-spinning-back-fist will haunt you?

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