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Wednesday, 06/27/2012, 01:09 am

Sonnen Happy To Hear From The Real Anderson Silva After Silva's Recent Outburst | UFC News


By Jamie McAllister

Chael Sonnen comments During a phone interview with FUEL TV's "UFC Tonight,"

Sonnen firstly spoke about Anderson Silva's outburst stating he would break Sonnen's face and teeth. 

"Well it was nice to see the real Anderson Silva come through. Ya know, the guy's a dirtbag, like I've told you for years. He made a lot of statements like, he's gonna break my teeth, he's gonna break my jaw and beak my skull. Ya know, I've fought 49 men. It's not as if I've never been to the orthodontist before, or my jaw reset or my scalp stapled shut in the ER. There's a couple things he didn't say he was gonna do, starting with beating me, starting with breaking my spirit and leaving with the victory, cuz he's not. Go ahead. Take the the teeth, take the jaw, take the staples in the head, whatever other crap he's gonna do. We're in the a fistfight in a steel cage on a Saturday night, anyway. I kind of expect it. I think he was one off from saying, 'I'm gonna give you a knuckle sandwich.' I'm kinda sitting there thinking, 'Well, duh. We're in the middle of a cage fight, dummy!'"

The question was asked if Silva had finally snapped and Sonnen had got into his head however the Middleweight number one contender believes Silva simply revealed himself for who he truly is.

"I don't care about being in his head. There was no gamesmanship here. It was very nice to finally see the real Anderson Silva come on through. He must have thought I'm Vitor Belfort. He wants to put on a mask and look down at me and have me wilt. That's not gonna happen, gentlemen. I'm a gangster from West Lynn, Oregon, and I've been picking a fight for years. He thinks I'm gonna be upset because I've found what I was looking for? There's a venue where we can figure this out on 7-7 at 7p.m., 10 in the east and only on pay-per-view, I will be in that Octagon. If he wants to meet me like a man, fine, but if he doesn't, I'm gonna spear-double, run him into the cage and put him on his ass and run my fist into his head for 25 minutes or until he gives up."

The two men will face off at UFC 148 on July 7th 2012 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. For all the latest MMA news and fight updates stay tuned to BJPENN.COM


54 Responses to “Sonnen Happy To Hear From The Real Anderson Silva After Silva's Recent Outburst | UFC News”

  1. You ran your fists into his head for 22 minutes and he did'nt give up.He made you say stop Anderson i don't want to fight anymore.

  2. Me says:

    He is totally outclassed , even after thinking a lot , and preparing some lines , he is totally OUTCLASSED , Silva is the best , even in a trash talking competition

    • jon says:

      silva barely speaks english…how can he win in trash talking?

      • Gabi says:

        English isn’t the only language that one can talk trash in. That’s why there are translators. And yea what he finally said is way better then Sonnon’s same lame, I’m a gangaster from Oregon (thats just a joke, I know there’s a grip of skin heads there so idk why he would of ever had a problem) and champ (in his head) bs he had said for the past what 2-3 years. Even when he talked shit that’s personal he sucked at it (nothing original and was even found to have been stolen/w minor changes from something that an old school wrestler used to say to hype things up ,and still failed, like people forget. Nothing is original and it’s all garbage) Also what he said about Anderson’s wife and then about Brazil (which just made him sound dumb in thinking or just saying that about Brazil). Come on if you think that was good trash talking then you think saying, “I know you are but what am I” and “your momma” back are great comebacks/trash talking. What a joke get real and get off his nuts. You know your supporting a criminal (being convicted), racist/biggot (what he’s said), cheater (no one needs that much trt at all period oh and he still gets to use for this fight again, (remember doctors can be bought to say you need whatever if the price is right, like overeem tried as an excuse for his last failed test), and most of all he’s not even man enough to fight naturally like most (needs a lift to just be a normal man, that’s pussy shit right there and pure weakness). It’s all known and out there in the open for anyone to see. Oh yea he isn’t even original at all. He just needs to go to WWE where at least he won’t have to make shit up. It’ll already be written for him. Oh yea I almost forgot he has a shitty record w not many finishes and way overhyped. If he didn’t have people on his nuts like you he would of already been cut due to moral acts, boring fights and just being a dumbass. Think about it your on a failures nuts who still fails while cheating. Lol that’s an even bigger joke/fail. Lol Support real fighters not posers and losers. I understand a fight or 2 but not as many as his especially w the people he’s fought. I can see losing to Anderson and a few others (while on trt, who knows how long it’s been under the radar, but still losing on roids umm I thought the helped not hinder you, again failure), but the other loses he’s had idk about all that if he’s so good and such a “gangster”. G’s finish fights not dry hump someone for the time of the event. Lol. Dudes just a joke and failure. Why is that so hard to see. If you had a buddy like him you would have already socked him in the face and not been friends w them anymore due to them being so dumb and such a failure in general.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You talk like you know sonnen personally. Just because you are not a fan of chael, don’t be saying he’s not a real fighter. Fuck you dude, chael has been fighting for a long time. I’m not even a sonnen fan, but I’ll give respect when respect is due. He’s a true cage fighter reguardless of all the bs. He was in the game b4 u were even a fan. So sit back, shut the fuck up and watch 2 real fighters fight.

        • WrestlingRules says:


  3. Bjj BB says:

    No its the same silva that made you tap like a lil bitch the 1st time, but now the same silva is gonna punch a fucking hole in you’er face you low life, dry humping, cheat, embarrassment to the sport piece of shit!! I cant believe people respect this guy or is even a fan of him, and if you do and you are then its a mir reflection of how you carry yourself or would like to. FUCK CHAEL!!

  4. Me says:

    Sonnen is totally outclassed , even after thinking a lot & preparing some lines he memorized , he is totally OUTCLASSED , Anderson is the best even in a trash talking match. Chael is still dazed & can't find a good answer to those hell quotes. Good job Spider

  5. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Sonnen is going to the hospital and spending probably at least a week there.  I predict one of the worst beatings in UFC history.  ROIDED OUT and all Sonnen is getting hurt real bad come july 7th.

  6. CanILive says:

    Haha i hope sonnen wins, tht way we might have a chance of seeing Anderson fight more often. Or even a better chance of him hurrying to challenge Jones

  7. Xaninho says:

    Hahaha this sack of shit took two days to come up with this? When Anderson was saying this Sonnen didn't get disconnected, he hung up! He had to collect himself before reacting because he's scared of what's coming to him now.
    I wouldn't at all be surprised if Sonnen pulled out with a so-called injury. Or if he gets caught again with insane testosterone levels. He knows he can't win this with normal strength.

    • Shawn says:

      Well, thanks to NSAC, Sonnen is now allowed to take TRT. As long as his levels are within acceptable levels. So basically, the commission is allowing him to “cheat”, so that his testosterone levels are good enough to allow him to take a beating from Silva. The best part of this, is that even with TRT, all trash talking since their last fight, and hyping himself up, he’s going to look like a complete ass when he’s flat on his back, toes curled, arms stretched, and has that empty look in his eyes when the doctor tries to revive him. lol

  8. ThaGreenBandit says:

    I just smacked myself for getiing suckered in to reading some more dumb ass phael sonnen quotes.

  9. chris says:

    Lol can’t deny Sonnen is rift about the real Andy coming out. Enough with the fake humble respectful shit. Jones puts on a better front then Anderson. Maybe Anderson will actually train hard for once too.

    • Roy G Biv says:

      lol what are you smokin… anderson is humble and respectful but if you start talking all this shit about his country, wife, friends and himself what do you expect him to do?

  10. Adam says:

    It comes down to who wants it more and chael does, chael would give anything to have the belt. Silva should fight gsp or jones next. 

  11. Mick says:

    ….imagine silva straight juices for the fight…comes in more ripped than overeem… lol ohhhh the irony

  12. MEDIUM RARE BITCH! says:

    This must be the AS Fanboy fag section of this site.. Silva has no whit… He'll never out talk Sonnen Or out fight him, He got his hand raised and his ass beat up in the first fight and I expect the same thing in this fight, Only this time, Chael Beats the shit out of him AND takes the title…. Face it bitches, Sonnen Exposed your Bitch ass fighter, He's not Afraid to bulldoze his way through punches and kicks to get his Take down and do Work, he only got caught because of fatigue… I think he's gonna finish Silva, and then you faggot fanboys can start making excuses…

    • Doos says:

      Pillow hands cannot stop a fight. If sonnen wins its by decision, i highly doubt he could sub silva. As sonnen prefers that to happen to him.

      Sonnen will lose via submission ….. AGAIN. That’s just how he rolls. Records speak for themselves

    • Shawn says:

      LOL!! Not sure what fight you saw back then. But as I recall, Sonnen’s face looked like it went through the meat grinder compared to Silva. He may have taken it to Silva for 4.5 rounds, but that’s only because he was sauced and Silva wasn’t 100%. But to have all the advantage in the world, and still get finished, and look like he got his faced mashed up, is pretty embarrassing. This fight will be no different. Except this time, Silva is 100% and is pissed. You obviously must be new to MMA, or just obsessed with Sonnen. I’m guessing you have his face plastered all over your walls in your parents house, have a dozen Sonnen tshirts, maybe even have some custom Sonnen PJs and underwear. I bet you even bought his book, and got his hair style. lol “Fanboys”. What a moron…I mean maroon.

  13. Xaninho says:

    Anderson Silva wasn't trying to be funny, he had enough of Sonnen's moronic endless rants and insults. He's just letting Sonnen know he's going to get hurt.

    What kinda whit does Sonnen have? You're not thinking that blatantly denying having tapped like a bitch is being whitty are you? Or being an obnoxious,  loudmouth biggot…do you think that is whitty? Insulting another fighter, his family and the entire country he was born? Is that whit?
    GTFO you feebleminded, bitchass moron!

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Don’t people ever pick fights in Holland???? You are a sensitive little baby. My God your mind is ALL fucked up. I think you are an elitist.

      • Xaninho says:

        No I just have a healthy distaste for morons. Why are you always trying to put people in boxes?

        • WrestlingRules says:

          No people put themselves in boxes, I’m calling you oput about your box you have out yourself in. I’m trying to help you FREE yourself from your self prison.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          That’s a straight Scott Stapp lyric there.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I love Creed….and I love Freedom…HooRah

        • Xaninho says:

          Nice line, but I told you before I can’t be put into boxes. I’m a free man living my life by my own rules and morals.

  14. MEDIUM RARE BITCH! says:

    ^ Butthurt Much? LMAO! Nobody can deny that Sonnen is a very whitty fighter who can talk shit better than anybody, It pisses people off because he can back it up! Stop jerkin off to Silva's  UFC poster long enough to realize that Sonnen is just selling the fight, Doing a damn good job of it to.

  15. Xaninho says:

    That's not shit talking, it's just shit! He can't back anything up because he is NOT the champ, he didn't win, he tapped before the nap. Only thing he does is spit out nonsense whenever there's a camera close-by, that's not being whitty, that's being a loudmouth tapping bitchass.
    You don't know what whit is if it hit you in the face. Look at you, standing behind your man Sonnen, the professional tapper. Any white belt Jiu Jitsu novice can make that bitch tap.

  16. Drew says:

    Might be the first time I buy a ppv

  17. MEDIUM RARE BITCH! says:

    Xaninho ,. Give me your address so I’ll know where to send the Preperation H after Silva loses .

  18. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Everyone in the world knows Sonnen is half the fighter without his ROIDS so he will always be a disgrace and never be respected by anyone but Felons and ROIDERS/CHEATS with same charactor

  19. Osu says:

    Time to rock Chael – he’s yours. I just hope your back into top form though. You looked winded last fight in what I think should have been an easy winner. It’s time to end the reign of Silva – you heard it here.

    • Nuitari X says:

      Yeah buddy he looked winded in his last fight because he actually had the testosterone levels of a normal man and not 16 men. And by the way, your boy sonnen lost to bisping and anyone who knows anything knows it. He even said it himself. He sells fights I’ll give him that but I’ll be glad to see him sent on his way after he gets knocked or choked the fuck out come july 7. Good bye chael, your just another fly caught in a web you could never weave.

  20. Tom says:

    The first fight sonnen was on steroids and Anderson had broking ribs and silva still came out with the win. if Silva is 100% healthy its going to be a short fight for sonnen.

    • Your Mother wasn't that great says:

      Please enlighten me to the proof that Silva’s ribs were injured. There was never any doctor to refute it or xray or mri scan proving the ribs were broken. It was just Silva excuse the hes old and is leaching the money in till he can retire on top. Silva doesn’t have it in his heart to fight anymore. Thats why he only fights once maybe twice a year.

    • Payton says:

      He may not be 100% remember early this month they had that report he went to the dcotors because of his knee.

      Also I heard from a grapevine that Tim Tebow has fully endorsed Chael Sonnen to win, and he said Jesus does also.

  21. Mason says:

    “a gangster from West-Lynn Oregon” Hahahahahahahahaa Thats a good one dumbass hahahahahahahahaha

  22. Robert E. says:

    chael is gooing to dominate the spider like he did last fight. the only difference will be he leaves the octagon with the belt this time. The spiders time is up and there will be a new lead dog in the middleweight pack!

  23. WrestlingRules says:

    Ok, NOW I’m here. ALL you Silva Zombies beware. We are ready to put you out of your misery. This topic is the CHAEL BEAT THAT BITCH-ASS SILVA. The ‘Let’s clean out the Silva Zombie’ ranks are growing and we will not allow the Zombie sickness to spread anymore….HooRah…..

    I actually believe that if Silva loses there will be many of his zombies on here taking massive doses of anti-depressants for months and if Chael loses his supporters will kick back, smile and have a cold beer as if nothing much happenned…just ready for the next guy to beat-up Silva.

    Truthfully, I could care less if Silva wins or loses, I just want to see Sonnen take him down and bounce his ahead off the canvas for 22.5 minutes. That will be fun again.

  24. maurice says:

    wrestlingrules stop posting from a bunch of random names. fuckin lame.

  25. jeff says:

    whatever happened to honor in martial arts? i get it, it’s entertainment… but i always hear guys like sonnen with shit like, “i’ll spear him and pound his face for twenty minutes, blah blhablhba.” and then i hear silva with things like, “you can’t pre determine the fight. I’ll do my best. i fight for Brazil..” clearly there’s a defining difference between these two men; athleticism aside. i understand they’re trying to sell the fight and build the thing up, but when does that bullshit truly become who you are?

    • WrestlingRules says:

      @Jeff . If you will allow, I would like to comment on your points here. With Silva’s recent rant it just shows that Silva has different sides to his personality. Love or hate Sonnen, he has always been consistent in his approach to a fight. He obviously knows Silva MUCH better than anybody on this site. (I have spoken to people that have been around Silva and they all say he is arrogant and condescending to people and his fans). Sonnen has always said Silva is fake, NOT in his fighting abilities, but in his character. He is just not honest. Truth should always be respected and truth and character are a requisite for integrity. Sonnen asserts that Silva has no integrity because he puts up a fake front. I would say he knows Silva better than anybody here.

      Lastly and I could be wrong here, but I think that you may think that fighting is a high ideal full of honor and respect! Now if I am wrong then what I say won’t be appropriate. But I have to tell you is that fighting is one of the lowest forms of human expression!! It’s about 2 guys beating the shit outta of each other. It’s low and dirty. There can be much physical skill involved and requires great discipline to be good, BUT it is NOT a high endeavor. It is low. And when something is low, certain things go along with it. Like picking a fight where you think another is weak mentally. It’s not about performing a symphony. Therefore, low characters abound in the fight game.

      My 2 cents…

  26. Joe says:

    Integrity? Chael was convicted for fraud dumbass.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Dumbass…would you google it…..What he plead to was nothing more than a rule issue. Dude he is a Constitutional Conservative Republican in fuckin Marxist Liberal Oregon. More Homosexuals per capita than in the whole nation. Those bitches in Portland fly a rainbow flag… This was a misunderstanding of legalities in conducting a real estate transaction. Because he was running for office and LEADING his political opponent politicized this issue. It’s like getting a speeding ticket. You were going 50 in a 40 but weren’t a hazard but you broke the law and got caught have to pay. Then you forget about the ticket and they issue a warrant for your arrest and then before you get a lawyer, you get picked up and handcuffed and held in the can until your mommy comes to pay your fine to get you out. That’s what Sonnen did. He broke a law like you do all those times you get tickets and all the times you speed and take drugs. So THAT MAKES YOU A CRIMINAL TOO. So now we know you are a criminal, STFU criminal…

      • Xaninho says:

        Hahaha just stop dude…..He’s a fraud, he conducted a real estate scam and it backfired on him.

        Personally I think this is one of his lesser missteps. Taking money from governments or banks is not such a bad thing in my book. If he would have given the loot to the needy he would have been a modern day Robin Hood…

  27. jeff says:

    First off, i’m a silva fan, joe. second, @wrestling guy, you’re not wrong, man. I guess I just miss good sportsmanship (what i called integrity).I do see it sometimes. George st. Pierre has always been a pretty great role model. I remember when Brian Stan got his ass kicked by the polish experiment and immediately took his opponent by the arm and raised it, celebrating him for the win. What i can’t stand anymore are the fighters that yell “fuck you!” to the opponent’s team or give the audience the finger. Remember when Ken Shamrock(love him or hate him at that time he was a legend) lost to Tito? and Tito gave him the finger when shamrock went in for a handshake? I get it.It’s entertainment. It’s America..and a lot of us love quarrel and shit talk. and I as a spectator even thought it was hilarious when Jens Pulver yelled “fuck you” over his knocked-out opponent who had previously called Jens a wash-up.. but i guess i wish it were more apparent in the “character” of fighters to be more sportsman like..I can remember growing up through years of martial arts and how it was always important to respect the opponent. I still carry that with me. Even when i’m choked out and bitter as shit. If you’re not a good sportsman, you’re a bad sportsman and your ego will more than likely bottleneck your progress as an athlete…all seriousness, this fight is going to be awesome, they’re both great fighter’s with amazing skill and i hope that’s all that matters when they close the cage door. enjoy the fight everyone!



    • WrestlingRules says:

      I completely respect your opinion and your right Stann is a unique personality in the fight game. He is all about honor and respect but he is an outlier in the bell curve. But fighting itself, especially UFC and mma is NOTHING like you TaeKwonDo class you took as a kid. That martial art was about honor and respect and dedication and discipline. It is more of a dance than fighting, Whereas real fighting is COMPLETELY different than that. Its tough, hard, ugly and brutal. You need to see that they are 2 completely different animals. I would say when do your katas and movements is like a physical symphony, very beautiful. Bur when you inflict pain and suffering on a another human being, you are in a low low place. It’s not beautiful it is brutality. …Peace and Sonnen wins.

      • Xaninho says:

        More of a dance? This martial art is derived from the ancient Korean martial arts Taekkeon and Subak, developed for the Korean army around 1950…I doubt they dance much there.

  28. Chael yapped a great deal and got his ass kicked, he also said that he was gonna retire from the UFC if Silva beat him, now he is bitching about Jon Jones not accepting to fight him on short notice, what a hypocrite and a punk, oh by the way Vitor Belfort is way a better fighter than Chael will ever be on all his steroids.

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