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Thursday, 04/26/2012, 12:30 pm

Dana White Confirms Intense Security Needed For Sonnen In Brazil – Sonnen Got Pen Shocked | UFC NEWS

Dana White in an interview with OCregister.

White comments on the security measures that had to be taken to get himself and Chael Sonnen in and out of Brazil safely.

“We had proper security with us” White said “We had like seven guys with us these are guys that mapped out the whole route. We literally landed at the airport in Rio a shuttle took us through customs, jumped on helicopters and helicopters took us right to hotel. I came in through front door we put him (Sonnen) through a side door. We had him in a holding room. We went down to press conference and he had a scrum. The reporters were getting really aggressive with him at the scrum. Somebody got him with a shock pin and all kinds of stuff like that. He went out the side door, I went out the front door. Helicopters took us back we got on a plane and got him out of there. I wanted to make sure we got him in and out safe”

“I am still getting texts, ’Did you and Sonnen get out of Brazil alive last night ? I have not heard from you. Give me an update’ I made him (Sonnen) ride in a different car than me”


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