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Friday, 03/22/2013, 11:49 am


Sonnen goes after Vince McMahon Via Twitter | UFC NEWS

The MMA world got a kick out of the recent news that UFC president Dana White confirmed that WWE head honcho Vince McMahon had challenged him to a fight some time ago.

Always ready, willing, and able to chime in on hot topic situations in the UFC, light heavyweight Chael Sonnen unleashed a barrage of tweets on the subject:

“There’s easier ways to commit suicide, Vincie-boy. Aren’t you about 45 minutes from the George Washington Bridge? @wwe”


“Reason your guys work in a ring and not an octagon is because nobody on your roster can count to 8, you DOPE”


“Itd be entertaining to see Dana sweep him under the rug. He could use the one on top of Vince’s head.”


“You’d be so punch drunk against Dana even your straight edge Champion @cmpunk will feel tipsy.”


“Ill help you out and tag along because you can’t spell box office without S-O-N-N-E-N. how bout it? Vince w/ Punk vs Dana w/ Chael P?”

McMahon has been mum on accepting the challenge or not.

Sonnen has long been a fan of professional wrestling and is also friends with CM Punk. Last year, Punk was supposed to be Sonnen’s corner man for one of his UFC bouts, but WWE prohibited it.


44 Comments to Sonnen goes after Vince McMahon Via Twitter | UFC NEWS

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I’m just tired of seeing this diagonal stock photo of Sonnen for many of these Sonnen topics. Hey Pedro, how about using that stock photo of Sonnen in full mount on Silva with Silva’s head bouncing off the canvas for Sonnen’s new topic stock photo? :-)

    • Fail Sonnen says:

      Nah i reckon there a heaps of better ones than that he could of used like the look on chaels face when he realized he is caught up in another triangle this time by silva and he has to tap again or the one where he is on his ass and has silva knee crushing his chest but the one I’d use and it’s my personal favorite the still in which sonnen is tripping over his own feet whilst trying to throw a spinning back fist. All acceptable to me. Maybe we should one from a winning moment like a photos from the “win against bisping”

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Correction, It was an illegal knee to the face of a grounded opponent.

        • Fail Sonnen says:

          Watch the fight you goose Silva’s patella was driven straight into Chaels chest. Even sonnen said it hit him in the chest and he can’t even admit when he gets tapped out. Gargoyle wrestling you represent everything wrong with the sport and martial arts people may have been trash talking for along time but the arts are older than the trash. You people are the reason trash talkers sell and get gifted title shots. You can’t honestly tell me Chael deserves a shot against Jones.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Fail Sonnen, Maybe you have some kind of idealized view of fighting. Fighting is a brutal uncivilized form of human competition. MMA is nothing more than a non-deadly form of Roman gladiatory butchery. You have seen the blood spilled in some mma fights haven’t you? So when someone trash-talks there is a couple of reasons for it. One is to sell a fight that has been going on since people started paying to see people beat on each other. The other reason is for a mental edge between opponents. Every fighter does it so why do you have a problem? I believe you are a bit confused, because you think that Sonnen simply trash-talked his way into a title fight with Jones. You couldn’t be further form the truth. It’s alot more involved and complicated than you see. You may have forgotten that both Rua and Machida TURNED DOWN a fight with Jones and Sonnen accepted. Because he tried to save the card that was cancelled. Do you have any idea how much money the UFC lost by cancelling that card??? Dana and the UFC appreciate that loyalty and want to reward Sonnen for it. Plus the UFC is in the business to NOT find the best fighters BUT to make money. These don’t always go hand in hand. They found a good vehicle for this fight by doing TUF. Which has become one of their most popular series this year. Now in the pecking order of things, Sonnen should have probably fought a couple of top guys and then fight Jones. But none of these top guys wanted to fight Jones at this time. Did you want Jones to sit around for a year or so waiting for these top guys to fight him. Once Hendo got hurt all this came into reality. Therefore, Sonnen does deserve this fight for all the reasons I stated. Don’t foul yourself, Sonnen’s trash-talking DID NOT get him this Jones fight…….Plus, it was a knee to the face of a grounded opponent.

        • Fail Sonnen says:

          Gargoyle wrestling just about all your points are invalid. Maybe you have a primitive understanding of the martial arts. Different styles and forms were around long before the roman gladiators (mind you the gladiators used weapons and pankration was Greek) pankration may have been brutal yes but again asian martial arts predate pankration by 2000 years. The martial arts which I think we will all agree is the “MA in MMA” is at its core about discipline, courage an respect. the form we see today is a sport i agree but it still has its roots in traditional martial arts. the UFC is about money but the sport is about find out who is the best. You can defend the money grabbing and Dana’s terrible decision all you like but I think majority of true mma fans would agree the UFC in a bad state of affairs. Just because it make sense to zuffa pocket doesn’t mean it is the best thing for the sport. Chaels shot at jones is driven by nothing more than money. Are you telling me jones couldn’t have defended before he fights chael after tuf finishes Hendo, Gustafson are both head and shoulders above chael interns of due considering not only was he not even ranked at LHW he lost his last fight by flying knee an humiliation. TV ratings shouldn’t matter in a case like this chael should be at the back of the line no ifs or buts. You need to pay attention chael sonnen has talked his way into everyone of his title fights (with just a bit of help from the judges). 2-0 in title fights, coming off a dominating loss and not ranked LHW all reasons why he doesn’t deserve a title shot. How is having qualify you to get a title fight in a division you have in nearly ten years. Gargoyle wresting read a book and get clue.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Fail Sonnen, you failed. your idealized view of martial arts is laughable. I actually believe you think the martial arts has some high calling. Martial arts are the art forms of KILLING people!! It is the LOWEST of any human activity. What do you think this was developed for? It was developed for KILLING. You are super confused. I actually feel sorry for you.

        • Fail Sonnen says:

          You have have an educated opinion martial arts. Rather than making points backed up facts with you make assumptions without knowing ANYTHING. The martial arts were formed to make your mind and body as strong as possible. Self defense was another main factor in the creation of the martial arts not pure aggression as you claim. There is a reason it’s called the Martial ARTS because not only is it a science it’s is an art form. But like everything in today’s world it has been exploited for money and twisted. Just because it has been used to glorify violence doesn’t mean that is what it was created for.

        • Fail Sonnen says:


        • Fail Sonnen says:

          Just because you fight doesn’t make you a martial artist. Fighting without fighting has been a key tactic of just about every great warrior. Body count and bloodshed aren’t the only things that matter.

  2. Dan Jenkins says:

    Ive said this before but I don’t know about the rest of the mma “fans” but Chael is a great talker he really does have the gift of the gab. But the reason I watch mma and not professional wrestling is because I grew out of the fake fighting when I was 16 the reason I watch mma is because it mixes most martial arts into one system and to me has become as much a sweet science as boxing and KB like a technical chess game at times and then we still get some brutal knockouts as well as technical grappling and submissions the best of both worlds when it comes to martial arts, but its real if I wanted to hear a funny poem or some good trash talk I’d watch a comedian. To me that is why Anderson Silva is the best while chael was talking trash and hyping a fight I was going to watch anyway (because any chance I get to see one of the greatest martial artists in the world I do) Anderson was training through a broken rib he told nogueira he was going to submit chael in the first fight even against nogueiras wishes, what was chael doing roiding trying to take a shortcut and when the second fight came around chael was off the roids, rib had healed and apart from a take down in the first because Anderson came out for blood swinging wildly Sonnen got his arse solidly handed to him. I think this trash talking is CORRUPTING the sport of mma it has no place mma is where real men FIGHT for real if you like trash talking go watch WWE

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Whoa…deja vu all over again…..Cut-n-paste nerd. You are old aren’t you?

      • Dan Jenkins says:

        Yeah old enough to realise when someone has a valid point and when someone is talking out their arse to be honest Sonnens WWE hype shit isn’t worth a fresh comment. Your a goose gargoyle wrestling just about everything you say is false and you can’t back it up. Wrestling is shit it’s just a way to dictate where a fight goes even ground and pound is not true wrestling without jiu jistsu and gnp you have no way to FINISH a fight, you carry on about GSP take him for what he is a great wrestler/athlete even this high road shit he does is fake or he would’ve cut the weight against Diaz and not take a shortcut cause he’s “sick”. But it’s alright you keep telling yourself bullshit and believing what you hear whatever helps you sleep at night

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          To correct myself wrestling isn’t shit but I do think its the weakest of the disciplines that make up mma because how limited it is in finishing fights. But when mixed with punches knees elbows and submissions its very effective by itself it’s not that entertaining but it’s called mma for a reason

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Ok Danny, I’ll dispense with the ad hominens for now and just eviscerate your points. First, wrestling is the MOST important aspect of a fight. It completely dictates the action. Call it the foundation, cool. Would you say the foundation is the most important piece of any structure??? Ok, now that we agree with that, I’ll move on. Let’s breakdown your point about trash-talking and it CORRUPTING mma. Are you kidding me??? Are you a fukcin nerdy professor or something? Trash-talking is as old as sports are dude. Did you ever play any kind of athletics?? So get off you fukcin high horse here. Now I will tell you what really is CORRUPTING mma. It’s poor judging, cheating fighters, corrupt commissions, and bad management and promoters. So go swing at your fukcin trash-talking windmills and come back when you actually understand something. Oh and cut-n-paste is a sign of a lazy ass.

        • Dan Jenkins says:

          Wrestling may be your “base” but its not everyones foundation all fights start on the feet my foundation is striking so what happens when a wrestler can’t keep down a striker the wrestler gets lit up and put to sleep it depends on the person Demian Maia “foundation” is bjj so your wrong again. The only thing your correct on is your list of things corrupting mma all of which Sonnen is guilty. There was a reason wrestling been cut from the Olympics cos its weak and boring

  3. Joye says:

    Sonnen trying to get some attention again can’t wait to see him get destroyed in a fight he shouldn’t have been in.

  4. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I’ve never been a great Sonnen fan. I watch TUF and I have to say he’s starting to grow on me. He seems to genuinely care about his guys and he motivates them in a positive way. I believe he’s a much nicer person than Jones is, who still comes off cocky and says unsportsmanlike stuff to motivate his guys. Jones doesn’t behave himself with the respect a martial artist should have.

    I never expected that Sonnen would be the one who does.

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