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Friday, 07/19/2013, 11:32 am

Sonnen Forgives LeBron James, No Longer Looking To Beat Him Up

“LeBron is off the hook. LeBron has made it right. He’s off the hook. That’s between LeBron and I, but he did the right thing and I forgive him. I was gonna beat him up and tweet out the photos of it. It wouldn’t have been brutal, he would have gotten out of the hospital. I wouldn’t have punched him, he’s a big nerd, I would have just taken him down and embarrassed him a little bit. I wouldn’t have hurt him. We’re good.”

UFC on Fox Sports 1 headliner, Chael Sonnen, was at one point in extreme dislike for NBA star LeBron James. That feud is now over according to the Oregon native who gave The Sport Hub the scoop in a recent interview.


56 Responses to “Sonnen Forgives LeBron James, No Longer Looking To Beat Him Up”

  1. JON "BONED" JONES says:

    What Galaxy is this guy from?

  2. Chael P Sonnen says:

    U do realize though he would fuck up lebron

  3. GET RID OF Nate"THE CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    Lebron would bitch slap Sonnen so fast he would run home to his mommy and CRY just like he did in front of a 1000 people at the wrestling nationals after Munoz embarrassed him. Sonnen is a cry baby momma’s boy who has been spoiled all his life. Why do you think he has always taken shortcuts and cheated his entire life. Sonnen has is nothing but a FRAUD cheater who is a FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELON
    Yes a “CONVICT” should have been charged when he was found to have 3400 testosterone level which proved he purchased a controlled substance without a RX from another doctor other than his own. Even his regular doctor testisfied he had no idea where Sonnen received that much testosterone. Ca athletic commission should have turned Sonnen into the DEA as testosterone is a controlled substance and an obvious violation of Sonnen’s parole from his Federall fraud conviction which by the way is in same class as bank robbery

  4. suxx says:

    the last i heard this was the UFC NOT THE WWE shonnnen needs to be in bellator with all the othe UFC flakes.

  5. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I’d like to see Sonnen beat the fukc outta LeBron. Who wouldn’t???

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