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Monday, 10/17/2011, 09:45 am

Sonnen Camp: It doesn’t matter what Ed Soares thinks, Dana White and Joe Silva make the matches

“I think there’s no question Chael’s deserving of a rematch with Anderson. I mean he pushed him as far as anybody ever pushed him, it was one of the best fights of the year, but the biggest thing is this is the fight the fans want. Dana and everyone are all about giving the fans what they want, and there his no question that this is the fight the fans want to see… The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what I think and it doesn’t matter what Ed thinks. It matters what Dana (White) thinks. Ed’s not the matchmaker, I’m not the matchmaker, you’re not the matchmaker. Joe Silva and Dana White make the matches.”

Manager to Chael Sonnen, Mr. Mike Roberts, talked to recently about the reaction from the Anderson Silva camp in regards to the rematch between the two fighters.

While the fight is not booked, Ed Soares recently went on HDNet’s Inside MMA and expressed his discontent with the proposed challenger and possibility of a rematch and stated that “Chael needs to get back at the end of the line.”

At the end of the day, Roberts reminds us all, including the Silva camp, that the brass at the UFC make the matches, not the fighters or their managers.


33 Responses to “Sonnen Camp: It doesn’t matter what Ed Soares thinks, Dana White and Joe Silva make the matches”

  1. Terrance says:

    Silva’s camp running Scarred lol .. New Champ being crowned ..

    • MichaeL says:

      You clearly are well informed…

    • leo says:

      idk about running scared cause im pretty sure chael did all that and he still lost! he still tapped if silva wudda held it any longer sonnen would of either had his arm broken or have been choked out? would people still be complaining about a rematch ? no………..enuff with the chael is champ b.s he gAVe it his all and he still lost…….he needs 1 more win before i see him fighting for champ…on the other hand henderson has racked up HUGE wins he deserves it more in my pov not that racist pig who mother fucked him as a child , thats y hes so fucked up in the head no one gave him a tit to suck on

      • brandon says:

        leo, it sounds to me like your the one fucked in the head with all that crazy shit your talkin about mothers fuckin kids and sucking tits, sounds like theres a lot of weird shit going on inside your head

        • Jason says:

          How the heck is Dan Henderson even being considered for a fight with Silva? Last I heard Hendo was fighting in the LHW division, not middleweight. Hendo also has not worked his way up through the middleweight division, hes not even at the top of the LHW division for that matter. All this Hendo talk is B.S smoke being blown by Silva fans that are afraid their hero will lose his belt when he gets a rematch with Sonnen. If it was a onesided butt kicking by Silva I could see Sonnen not getting a rematch, but Sonnen controled 23 minutes of a 24 minute fight. Anybody that says that alone is not a big enough reason to give Sonnen a rematch is either not a true MMA fan or has their head shoved up Silvas butt. Rematches happen all the time, sometimes immediately, deal with it Silva fans. If your hero is truly so great he should have no problem at all beating Sonnen, as long as he doesnt come in with a fake broken rib!

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah get back to the line even though he just beat Stanns ass who was one of the fighters in the very front of the line .Who exactly deserves a title shot then if not Sonnen? If anything since Bisping thinks he deserves it I say take the winner of Mayhem and him fight Sonnen for #1# contender.Excuses excuses and empty thoughts is all I hear from Silvas camp.

    • JUST FIGHT ALREADY !!! says:

      Fight already, so that either way, we’ll get Chael to change his tune. If Silva doesn’t want to fight, strip ’em of the belt. It’s done in boxing all the time. The UFC doesn’t live or die by what Anderson does–no one fighter is bigger than the UFC. The money will always be there for the house, not the player.

  3. abyxjohnson says:

    silva is a bitch, scared of getting his ass handed to him.

  4. acarver31 says:

    I love reading people hate on Anderson silva. Like they could do good against him. It doesn’t matter how far sonnen pushed silva, did he finish him? No I didn’t think so. Silva won the fight. Sonnen is tryna make it seem like silva is scared by coming out publicly more and more. Silva is hands down the best fighter to ever step into the octagon. Prove me wrong…

  5. Johnny says:

    lol. The only reason that this fight is marked as one of the best fights of the year is because Anderson submitted him. If Anderson would have lost that fight it would have been a 5 round hump fest.

    • Matt says:

      Did u actually see that fight?!?! Chael pounded the fuck out of him for four and a half rounds. It was an awesome fight. I wished there were ten rounds tbh. Im a massive fan of anderson and of chael but even if he had of beaten anderson it wud of still bin in most folks top five fights of the year.

  6. JDMartialArts says:

    Chael is the only fighter since Ace Franklin to remain relevant in the UFC after losing a title fight to Anderson. Are Cote, Lutter, or Maia still considered top of the food-chain in the middleweight division? No. Chael on the other hand deserves another shot. If his BJJ defense was just a little bit better, then Chael would have been crowned the champ anyway! Admittedly, he wouldn’t still be the champ because the UFC would have stripped him of the title when he was suspened. But I digress…in short, Chael deserves another shot.

    • Creature says:

      Hendo remained relevent, was on the verge of anther title shot when he left, and is in the same position now. But i think Hendo needs to stay at 205, better fights for him there and he just looks better at 205

  7. rayed says:

    Its going to happen no matter what! Silva’s camp needs to stop bitching! There’s nobody else that’s up to Silva’s level but chael.

    What do they want Silva to beat theshit out of more people he shouldn’t be fighting?

  8. El Charlie says:

    Oh Chael, Chael, Chael. Tisk, tisk. Now you have your camp getting into it. Please, you tapped. I think you should fight Maia again before you even think of fighting Anderson. All that rambling has no doubt made you the center of attention and we all want to see the second encounter, but shut it already. We get the point. With that being said, I’m not a Silva nuthugger but that Chael Sonnen, I dislike with as much of a passion as Mirko Cro Cop had when he expressed his feelings toward that roided politician from West Linn Oregon. Nevertheless I don’t take anything away from his fighting credentials, he’s one tough guy but he’s as annoying as hearing GSP trying to sound philosophical when he speaks about fighting. Just my personal opinion, and now let the endless, uneducated, unworthy of reading insults begin.

  9. Bruise Buffer says:

    I don’t understand why Andersons camp taking the stance of “he doesn’t deserve the fight” is anything new. They said it about Belfort and Maia and Anderson fought them anyways. Its not a question of IF this fight is gonna happen next, its WHEN.

  10. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Ok, so why did Sonnen hop out there and make it sound like he’s the one to determine who Silva fights next, and the stipulations of that fight?

  11. James says:

    I think Andersons camp is scared. But I kind of agree with Ed; one fight then a title shot seems a bit quick even if Sonnen dominated the whole fight apart from getting caught in a triangle. I think Sonnen should have one more fight then get a title shot imo. But Sonnens camp is right it is the fight the fans want to see.

  12. Ethan says:

    If Sonnen wins, then the belt will be cursed to never be held by the same person for more than MAYBE 1-2 consecutive defenses.. I still think Silva will take him in their rematch ( a rematch is inevitable), but even if Sonnen wins.. Maia will beat him or any other fighter with a good aggressive guard.. he’ll be stripped of the title due to an unfair amount of testosterone, or jail time for another money-laundering scheme..

    I think Sonnen is very entertaining though very disrespectful, but he sure is easy to promote…

  13. Ninjaman says:

    Ask Forrest if Anderson is afraid of Sonnen? Ask Vitor if Anderson is Afraid of Sonnen and ask Rich if Anderson is afraid of Sonnen?

  14. fight chael anderson says:

    soares is just scared because he knows that this time silva will end up losing his belt!!!!!

  15. aaxantonio says:

    chael’s next fight should be me ive called him out and now he is ducking me, chael is a bitch,if he were a man he would accept my challenge. chael should not get his shot till he answers my challenge. BALLS IN YOUR COURT CHAEL, FIGHT ME COWARD

  16. 8boll says:

    So now they say that DW & JS make the match ups?! I thought Silva was ducking him? If so, how could he do this if he doesn’t pick his fights?! Seems to me that all the roids are messing with their heads. In all honesty, who here really knew about Sonnen or ranked him highly before he fought Silva? He was mid-tier at best, now he’s the best MW and no.1 contender after 1 win against a guy who’s most notable achievement in the UFC was beating Leben just baffles all logic. When Sonnen can beat say er Maia or Belfort he shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  17. Creature says:

    Fights gonna happen regardless of what both camps think, its too much of a cash cow fight to let go, DW knows it, Chael knows it, everyone knows it. And the fact that there really isnt that many guys in the MW division right now that are honestly truly deserving, give it to the biggest money maker in Sonnen

  18. King Gareth says:

    1. vs > >
    vs >

    2. vs > >

  19. McCombski says:

    and in the this corner….. Anderson ” The Floyd Mayweather of MMA” Silva………..

  20. 16v149 says:

    If Anderson was a whitey he would be a billlonaire. But if he was white he would be another boring lazy puke.

  21. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Finally, you confess! LMFAO!

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