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Friday, 07/13/2012, 11:42 am

Sonnen Calls Knee to The Face Fair Play | UFC NEWS

On a recent airing of UFC Tonight, middleweight contender Chael Sonnen discussed his UFC 148 title fight, admitting the controversial Anderson Silva knee did in fact hit him in the face. However, he does not “dispute the result”.

“The knee got me in the face … and when he hit me with it I remember thinking for an instant, ‘oh, ref’s going to step in and probably take a point or do something,'” Sonnen carefully explained. “But this is not my message, I want to pick my words very carefully. This is not my message to say this. The knee landed where the knee landed. The result is the same, and I do not dispute the result.”

“I would never appeal a loss. The referee’s decision is final. Those are the rules that I agreed to prior to the event. I agreed to play by certain rules, and that’s one of them. So no, I would not (appeal) it. The knee is not illegal. The knee hit me in the face, you can’t knee a guy in the face, I understand that argument. But please understand, that is superseded by, it’s a referee’s judgment call, and when he makes the call, we don’t do instant replay. I don’t want this sport to have instant replay. And I don’t want anyone to shed a tear for me. I have done plenty of things in the ring in the heat of the moment, and if one goes against me, that’s fair play in my opinion.”

If the referee had ruled the knee as illegal, do you think we’d be talking about a different middleweight champion than “The Spider” Silva?


41 Responses to “Sonnen Calls Knee to The Face Fair Play | UFC NEWS”

  1. Eddie says:

    Shows that he really is a good person and it was obvious it hit him in the head a lil

    • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

      Obviously Chael is a gangster he is from the mean streets of Oregon. I mean he is not going to complain about Anderson cheating because Chael already told everyone that before the fight Anderson is a cheating fraud. Anderson cheating blatantly at ufc 148 should be no surprise. But even though Chael wont make excuses fans know that Chael was robbed he was cheated against at ufc 148. Anderson cheated on 3 different occasions he grabbed shorts, greased, and illegal knee.

      • Pancho says:

        +1 keep fitch

      • Reality says:

        People seem to want to beat this topic to death. The “grease” was wiped off before the fight, the knee was LEGAL, and both fighters grabbed shorts. Chael got his ass whooped fair and square. If he got hit in the face by Anderson Silva’s knee he would have been OUT COLD! Next topic

      • Clay says:

        He’s not disputing the knee because it was legal. Quit crying. We all saw the replay. Quit acting like you didn’t see it over and over again. It was close but it hit him in the body. Not the head.

        • YeahRightMan says:

          I don’t know what knee you saw but the one I saw was illegal. Not as bad as the bisping one, but a large amount of Anderson’s leg hit chael in the chin. Anderson’s legs are very bony do even if the knee hit the upper chest, it was still a “strike” to the head of a downed opponent. Deliberate too.

        • Anomie says:

          Anderson’s upper thigh did come in contact with Chael’s chin, but the original point of contact was Silva’s knee in the chest. I am happy with the call by the referee, and by the sounds of it – so is Chael.

          Fight over. Deal with it.

      • Phillipe Thiarroter says:

        Keep Fitch (Forever), with all due respect, is this comment of yours some sort of joke??? Are you for real???
        What about Chael cheating too??? What about the use of steroids by Chael??? If he indeed need steroids to survive like he said, why then doesn’t he give up competing retire and go home for treatment.
        Grabbing the shorts is too small a thing when it comes to cheating, they all do it. Besides Chael punched AS in the back of his head, which is against the rules, and nothing happened.
        Besides apparently you’re saying that Chael is a “gangster”… Do you really believe that??? Have you seen the interview with his mother her statement and his pictures when younger???
        Again, with all due respect, I can only conclude that you’re joking to see how would ppl react.

        • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

          Dude Chael is a gangster. Didnt you see the video of the terrible things he went through in his life? There was a guy who publicly littered he threw a gum wrapper on the ground and he was so traumatized. He is a gangster he grew up on a rough lifestyle.

  2. Xaninho says:

    He doesn’t dispute the win, but somehow he keeps insisting the knee was on his face while the replay clearly shows the knee going downwards ending up in the sternum…..

    He’s losing a bit of his classy postfight attitude…

    • T.DADDY says:

      It hit him in the face… I don’t care how many different angles you post it hit him in the face… And if it was the other way around and sonnen kneed silva you wud be talkin shit so stfu… Any other fighter it wud be illegal but with silva its great technique… Lmao. Get the F outta here wit that BS

      • Xaninho says:

        So I’ll see this as a confession. You officially confessed here that you’re a delusional fanboy. You openly deny evidence on film with a knee in the sternum and you claim it hit the face?


      • Timbo says:

        Knee hit sternum, that was obvious from every replay that began immediately after the fight. Silva’s thigh did make glancing contact with Sonnen’s face after the knee struck the body, but there’s no rules against “thigh’ing” somebody. Give’er another look. Stop whining. Even crybaby-blow-it-every-time Chael Sonnen knows he can’t claim it was illegal…and that’s why he publicly admits it. There’s no debate here….Just some spider hate. Git over it

  3. Krabby says:

    Chael is an idiot. If Silva’s KNEE, not thigh, hit him in the face, it would have knocked him out cold, ask Carlos Newton. However, every replay I’ve seen doesn’t really show the thigh touching his head. The knee almost hits Chael in the stomach, it was going downward. Anderson is a sniper of MMA. You can question his take-down defense, but not his striking. The guy is a legend.

  4. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Sonnens trippin now seriously do you think that if a knee like that hit him in the face he’d be WAYY more damaged a busted lip, eye,nose or something he had none… him and his fans are fags and haters.

  5. True mms says:

    Come on sonnen quit your shit already. That knee was to your stupid ass face. Silva made you his bitch and so would jones so just take your stupid trash taliking, no skills, no stand up, homo ass to the WWE.

    • What? says:

      He said it hit him in the face but he doesn’t care. Things happen and it’s the referees’ call?

      Why are you acting like he personally insulted you, you nutcase?

  6. Mach00man says:

    Sonnen said at the pre-fight press conference, that the knee hit him in the chest, Now he changes his mind? Get it together Chael!

  7. Keep It Real says:

    If you watch it in slow motion then you can see very clearly that the knee is thrown at a downward angle. The knee does hit him in the face and continues downward. The knee strike ends up hitting Chael in the chest. However I think that you’re missing the point of what Chael said if you’re focusing on where the knee landed. His point was that in the face or not in the face; it doesn’t matter. He lost & he is accepting it. So should we!!

  8. KIDD433 says:

    Hopefully now all his dumb fans can stop making excuses for him now.HA just wishfull thinking

  9. Dante Niro says:

    if you think the knee hit his face …. face it.. your a butthurt troll
    if you ever thought chael sonnen could compete with anderson silva in an mma contest…your a troll
    if you actually think for one second that a 16:1 trt ratio Didnt make the first fight competitive….yup, your a damn troll
    listening or arguing with sonnen fanboys is like askin the blind for directions.. fuckin pointless
    your boys a bitch and he lost……twice. what mores there to say

  10. Phillipe Thiarroter says:

    Guys!!! All one has to do is watch the fight and the slow motion replays!!! JUST WATCH!!!
    The knee was absolutely and undoubtedly to the solar plexus/sternum!!!
    Don’t mistake thigh for knee, btw!!!

    After the knee, Chael’s face hit AS’s thigh. That alone is enough to legitimate the knee, still to those that don’t deal in fighiting themselves, know this: been hit by someone’s thigh has no real KO power (or hitting it after being thrown back by a knee to the chest, as seems to be the case; at least that’s what I believe can still be the explanation to those that understand that there was a knee to the face)!!!

    In short, the knee was legit., Chael lost, that’s it!!!

    I like that Chael states that a knee to the face doen’t matter in terms of legitimacy, he has displayed some respect and dignity after this loss, after all he said about his opponent.

    If Chael wants an excuse he should claim that AS held his shorts (but then again they all do it once in a while, just as all of them hold the fence once a while).
    But then again, during the entire first round Chael was on top of AS without doing any real damage. He was trying to connect a good hit to AS without success the entire round… So, why didn’t the ref stop them and ordered to start again from standing???

    But, why does Chael says that the knee did hit him in the face when he knows it didn’t???

    I don’t really know… IMHO, maybe his carrier as a fighter is coming to an end, and he wants to retire showing something good about it… I don’t really know…
    But Chael knows that that knee was within the rules!!!

  11. warrior808 says:

    i dont agree that AS knee hit sonnen in the face but IF it did, its probably just grazed his face but the damage done was to his chest. the question that should be asked to chael is which part of your body hurt from that knee?

  12. GRT 3000 says:

    More bullshit from Captain goofball.

  13. says:

    The video very clearly shows that Sonnen took a knee to his chest, NOT to his face!

  14. Eric Oka says:

    if the knee connected, he woulda been dead up against the fence.

  15. Commonsense says:

    Guys, I read everyday, it’s the first thing I look at on my way to work. I love reading the articles and getting updates. But sometimes the comments and posts that people put up make me embarrassed to claim MMA. We are all entitled to our opinions, but the way some people express themselves is down right shameful. It’s okay to have different opinions about the same subject. There’s no need to say call someone who disagrees with you a homo or a troll or whatever. Resorting to name calling doesn’t actually make your argument more convincing, it just means you’ve run out of anything that could inform the conversation. I know that if I get any comments on my post, a lot of them will call me a fag or sissy girl or whatever. Sure, call me whatever you want, but before you do, think about the fact that it’s really easy to sound tough on a website because you don’t have to look anyone in the eye when you call them gay. Real tough talking smack to someone you’ll never see right?

    Recognize the fact that we’re all fans of the sport and appreciate the fact that guys like Sonnen, Silva and Bj have blown the sport up enough to the point where we can have forums, mainstream commercials and even a page on ESPN for our sport. We do nothing for the sport we all profess to love by acting like the ignorant people that we’re not.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Nice lecture….Is Commonsense the name you always sign in under?? Or do you use other names as well to make a point?? If you do only use this name, then great I respect your opinion, But if you use multiple names to make a point then I would say quit being cowardly and let people know it is you over time. At least don’t hide. There are many people who are passionate about what they believe right or wrong and many don’t agree with me(even though I am right and they are wrong) or really don’t appreciate my genius but at least they challenge me without using different names (I have some of the others too, they just don’t have any cajones). At times there is filth spewed, but it is not so bad it just means they hit their limits of maturity and perhaps next time will do better. Could the profanity be toned down, sure, but honestly is much more important that niceties. Right or wrong just my take on it.

      There is a Bob’O that wants to clean it up and I see him using poor words at times and he is trying to be a leader. Walk the talk. His desire are pure but he makes mistakes too. He has recently been threatening censure like a bully to get people to change. He completely lowered his position by doing that. There was massive ego move involved and little desire to be helpful. But he made a mistake is all. A little bit of thicker skin maybe needed and a little bit of not focusing on the profanity but the point being made would be better.

      • Nuitari X says:

        Sorry but anyone who says things like “(even though I am right and they are wrong) or really don’t appreciate my genius” is a total narcissist and is not to be taken seriously. All it takes is a little common sense to realize this. See what I did there? LOL

    • Xaninho says:

      You’re a fag or sissy girl or whatever.

  16. Brend0magic says:

    Nice to see Chael humble in defeat.

  17. Bjj BB says:

    I cant stand sonnen but even without the trt he did a great job on getting silva down in the 1st round, but at the end of the day im glad silva won do to the fact that he’s a c

  18. Bjj BB says:

    COmplete fighter, sonnen did cross the line and say shit he should of not said, silva as a champion should not have did the shoulder check cause he is champ and should of just did his talking in da cage, and silva did grab his shorts but sonnen also hit silva in da back of his head acouple of times, but reguardless!! It was a great story and a great fight for all of us fans to witness and be apart of, sonnen lost and he is excepting it and so should his fans, we should all be happy and respect both fighters, i know i said some disrespectfull things about sonnen but its all in sport just to respond to the sonnen fans on here, im glad i get to tell this story to my grand kids when there watching there favorite mma fighters 40 years from now about how the greatest mma fighter of my time was fighting the only man to ever get close to beating him again but came out and won again!! Lets just drop the shit talk and be glad were apart of this, even thow sonnen lost his name will always be rememberd cause of this fight, i respect them both for this weather ima fan of one man or not.

    • undisputed says:

      Very true, Sonnen hit Silva numerous times on the back of the head with elbows, Silva even complained about it in the first round so I dont know what Fail and his butthurt fans are crying about!? Only one cheat in the cage during UFC 148 main event and his name is Fail Sonnen! Silva just played by the same rules Sonnen lives by and I dont blame him…

  19. undisputed says:

    The Butthurt Fail Sonnen show goes on… You lost, fair and square. No TRT abuse = no takedown = ass whooping! LOL

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