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Thursday, 07/19/2012, 11:21 am

Sonnen Blames Media For Distractions And Losing Silva Fight | UFC NEWS

By Evan Stoumbelis
Never at a loss for words, Chael Sonnen spoke to Fuel TV’s “UFC Tonight” about the question burning in everyone’s minds: What happened in his fight against Anderson Silva?

“Listen, you wanna really know what happened? Everything’s going fine. I’m minding my own business. I’m out there, in the middle of a fist fight. I look up–in between rounds–and this is a true story–I see Kenny Florian and he’s got like a buffet style [dinner] in front of him. He’s stuffing his face. And I get completely distracted. Next thing I know, the ref says ‘are you ready?’ And I’m thinking, ‘no I’m not’. And I’ve gotta walk out there anyway.”

Sonnen lost to Anderson Silva after a spinning backfist attempt went bad and he found himself stumbling to the ground. Silva finished the fight shortly after via TKO due to strikes.


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83 Responses to “Sonnen Blames Media For Distractions And Losing Silva Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Michael hamlin says:

    Eat shit you lost tramp

  2. JFallen says:

    Man that’s bullshit. Chael is a crybaby and when he loses he wants to make excuses and blame other people. He’s a liar he needs to go to WWE and leave MMA, expectially UFC alone.

  3. lolziez says:

    Chael is more media than fighter

  4. gh0st says:

    I seriously feel sorry for Chael. Helluva a fighter, but he’s not a man. He’s just a crying baby that can’t accept defeat.

    • DoubleOhSe7en says:

      He was trolling. He admitted defeat and called Anderson a true champion after he lost. This was a joke.

      • Mike says:

        clearly a joke. He lost, but in my opinion he can beat Anderson it just wasn’t his night. He has taken 5 out of 7 rounds from him but has yet to win. I really hope Anderson retires, Sonnen wins the middleweight strap and then Anderson comes back and they fight one last time.

        • Nuitari X says:

          You people kill me with this 5 out of 7 rounds mentality. The man lost twice. If the first fight took place in a dark alley on the street somewhere and Sonnen beat on him for 23 minutes but then got caught in a triangle choke then guess what? There would be a investigation team searching for Silva because they found some dead chump in an alleyway choked to death. Such is the art of fighting.

        • Balls McGee says:

          Ya All this on the street shit means nothing. On the street there are no rules u can’t wear a cup unless u wear one all the time like a fag and no reff and no rounds to regroup so u r a retard

        • Yeah U FN Retard says:

          In a dark alley, THERE IS NO 23 MINUTES !!! There are no rules, no referee, no nothing! You’re such a dumbass, and I hate repeating myself, but you’re such a dumbass!

        • Nuitari X says:

          That’s exactly my point you jackass!!! No ref means no one to stop you from getting choked to death you fucking idiot. SO if it were on the street, Sonnen would be dead. I hate repeating myself but obviously you are too stupid to understand this concept so I guess I must. Anyone who disputes the fact that sonnen lost twice is retarded. That sounds like you buddy.

        • Pancho says:

          You’re contradicting yourself you fucking moron. If they were on the streets Silva also wouldn’t have a ref to come pull Chael off of him every 5 minutes.

        • Yeah U FN Retard says:

          I hate repeating myself, but you really are a dumbass. When there is no 23 minutes, there is no stoppage after 5 minutes! There is no 60 second recovery! And, also, it’s not art on the streets, dumbass. It’s survival. I really do hate repeating myself, so I won’t….this time.

  5. Michael B. says:

    This has to be a joke, I need to see the clip of him saying this cuz there’s no way this can be a serious statement from anybody as a legit excuse lol.. if so, it’s definitely the most original excuse I’ve ever heard. Idiotic, but original lol.. have to see the clip tho

  6. Will says:

    Chael Sonnen is a sore loser and a shit talkin pussy. He lost because all he does is run his mouth. Ur job is to fight not talk. You say your selling fights? Leave that to Joe and Dana and do your job. You didn’t lose for any reason other than karma, you called out a whole nation and they’re baddest fighter stomped all over your shit. You deserved it.

  7. Captain Crunch says:

    Hilarious! Damn, you Kenflo!! Lol

  8. No S#$% says:

    No shit he is joking, every time in an interview when he says “this is a true story” he is joking around. Everyone needs to lighten up

  9. Mike b says:

    hope chael comes back would be interesting if he moved up to 205.he said before it might be a possibility.

  10. M says:

    Maybe the title of this article is misleading. Could have read “sonnen finds humor in crushing defeat.”

  11. Chael "Is Corrupt" SONen says:

    Just shut up already Chael please! Noone wanted to hear your mouth before the first Silva fight. Just be glad you even got the second chance you did since the UFC handed you the win over Bisping(who i can’t stand) cus the rematch vs. Silva would sell like crazy. Idk which is worse the fact that Sonnen has won 6 consecutive rounds over Anderson minus the 30secs of the triangle or the fact that a guy that clearly lost to Bisping has given Silva more than a run for his money. You can blame noone but yourself for even throwing that dumbass backfist against one of the most elusive strikers in the UFC like you have any stand up at all. You claim to be an intelligent guy but go and do stupid shit like that. Instead of taking him down after your actually caught him pretty good with a straight. Give up all hopes of having UFC gold man cus your obviously cursed to choke everytime! Bisping will probably earn the next shot and will get KO’d. Then Silva should retire cus after what I’ve seen what Chael was able to do to him If Jones moves up to fight him SILVA WILL LOSE. Go out while your still on top Silva cus i hate to say it but I honestly don’t know if you would of got by Chael if not for his 2 mistakes!

    • Omaeka says:

      You are truly retarded.

      • SproutABrain says:

        How am i retarded??? I guess Chael lost all the rounds of the first fight. Then lost the first round and of the second fight and didnt get beat off of throwing a dumb technique? Which of those statements were wrong? I guess your gonna say Chael beat Bisping too? After seeing what Chael did to Silva how can you not say Jones doesnt have a good chance of beating Silva? When Jones is far more well rounded than Chael. Getting a clue you fucking moron. Have you even watched these fights? I would bet not. Then again what would I expect some homo with an RPG character as his avatar to know about fighting? Come back and reply when you have the slightest clue what your talking about cus until then anything you say is absolutely useless

        • the original steve says:

          the fact you believe what chael says. that makes you dumb. you think he’s serious? fucking idiot.

        • jon says:

          Agreed. I dont understand how ppl can be this dumb..

        • SproutABrain says:

          In any post did I say I believe anything Chael says?? NO!! I said noone wanted hear his shit since the first Silva fight. It’s called “reading comprehension” and you should really brush up on it…and you SIMPLE FUCKS are calling me retarded?? HaHaHa learn how to read<<

        • yousirareamoron2 says:

          grow a brain sounds butt hurt better leave him alone before he goes ape shit and kills himself…wouldn’t want that on your conscience would you?

        • the original steve says:

          ” You can blame noone but yourself for even throwing that dumbass backfist” although this quote is very correct it shows you believed him. nice try though

        • SproutABrain says:

          How does that show i believed that kenny florian eating a buffet cost him the fight?? Man you motherfuckers are stupid. Just leave the forum and never come back cus you idiots make MMA look bad! Some of you people have no clue what in the fuck you are talking about.

        • the original steve says:

          are you serious? you claimed he blamed someone else for his loss but really it was his fault. which means u believe he was serious about blaming kenflo’s meal. there is no shame to admit that you’re wrong everyone has to do it sometime in life and this is one of those times for you pal.

        • Mike b says:

          All u guys need to get a fucking life.Lol…

    • WTF says:

      Okay, I’ll point out another reason you are retarded. You said ” If Jones moves up to fight him SILVA WILL LOSE.” Jones would have to move down to fight Silva Fucktard.

      • SproutABrain says:

        Sorry i made a mistake in the moment of arguing with these dumbasses ok your highness? I swear all you fags have nothing better to do but try to pick an argument over anything. Get a life or a hobby plus i know it might be impossible for some of you but get a girlfriend. Considering you idiots are arguing about UFC when i bet you half of you have never even been to an event before or probably never even trained a day in your life.

      • Pancho says:

        Actually not really, Silva has moved up to LHW twice and won in convincing fashion. He should be fine but he knows he’d lose that’s why he’s dodging it

  12. Tim says:

    Of course we know hes joking. I am starting to get sick of his jokes. Hes getting to the point of being really annoying now. Certain things you just dont joke about. I lost the little respect I had for him and I use to be a fan.

    • sonnen should retire says:

      I agree, sonnen jokes are retarded. I really don’t undertsand why ppl say he is so funny. Ppl need to get a life I mean his jokes are dumb and not even funny. If you laugh you must be a retarded redneck

  13. Harris170 says:

    Silva should retire while hes still on top. As much as i hate Chael he’s made it by him by the skin of his teeth only due to Chaels own mistakes. Chael basically has won every round he has had with Silva other than those 2 mishaps. Hate to say it but Silva’s days are numbered and Jones should bump up and wipe him out<<

  14. chris says:

    Hahaha are you fucking idiots honestly taking it serious? Come on you guys can’t be that fucking retarded

  15. shaun says:

    damnit kenny i knew this was ur fault go in the corner and no dinner

  16. True MMA says:

    Chael is a media whore. The shit he says isn’t funny it’s just plain stupid. Silvia fucked up chaels whole life. If sonnen would have won he would have been talking so much shit right now but he lost badly and lost his only thing in life “shit talking”. Now he’s trying to be funny. Your supposed to be a fighter chael not a comedian that’s why you got your asked kicked to a real fighter who lets his taking be done in the cage with his skills.

  17. HIIIPower716 says:

    What happened with no excuses….Fucking joke this guy is

  18. Me says:

    Wow a lot of ignorant fans here… Clearly he was joking and 90% of the guys in here take everything he says to heart. He said in his interview after the fight that Silva is a great champion and he was the better fighter that night… And people still create drama what Chael says? I mean common Chael will always be Chael.

  19. Jimmy says:

    HAHAHA wow you really can’t tell the man is joking? It’s a joke people.

  20. Greg says:

    This headline is inaccurate. Sonnen was joking here. And the closing of the piece is wrong as well. Sonnen lost by illegal knee to the head. But yeah, the spinning backfist was a terrible idea.

  21. Ruhl says:

    Hahahaha that was funny! Chael is the master of trolling.

  22. Nuts says:

    My God, half of you are complete fucking idiots. He’s clearly joking, and is trying to add some humor to a shitty loss.

  23. stan871 says:

    clearly thats an answer from somebody who keeps on asking the SAME FUCKING QUESTIONS about!! i fucking hate the media, thats what they do, and Chael gave an answer jokingly, AND THIS HEADLINE IS FUCKING INACURRATE, EVAN STOUMBULIS. The person who headlined this article sounds like hes just trying to stir up shit, Chael already said Anderson won fair and square so stop bitching, jesus christ u guys are worse than my son and maybe more sensitive.

  24. some dude says:

    Thats funny shit sonnen is the man!

  25. Adam says:


  26. L says:

    Please just quit as you promise in your last fight that you lost.

  27. tony cabron says:

    Man people are stupid and have no sense of humor…..

  28. KIDD433 says:

    Geeze…Sonnen makes gay bullshit excuses,flat out.And the his nut suckin dumb fans still defend his bullshit and say he was joking.Hilarious!!!Before I wasn’t sure,Now I’m positive. Sonnen’s fans are more heard headed ignorant fucks than he is

  29. stephen riddle says:

    I was rotfl when i saw this mess!

  30. Andersunsaliva says:

    The headlines for these articles are very misleading. Im about to stop going to this site. He’s obviously kidding around. I love Bj Penn but this site is becoming a joke.

  31. Nick says:

    HAHAHAHA that’s fucking funny. Amazing how many people actually take him so serious. If that was the real case it would still be pretty fucking funny.

  32. Xaninho says:

    Hahaha! OK now THAT was funny! I just pictured him looking at Florian stuffing his face hahahah!

  33. greggylasek says:

    Wow if I hear one more person defending chael about this 5 of 7 rounds bs I’m gonna scream he lost and silva won. Stop making excuses and take this for what it is. A joke. Silvas the best and JJ and him are boys and wouldn’t fight Anderson anyway. Every name people mention ends up getting destroyed and hall jump to the next bandwagon of who can beat him lol

  34. Trollauthor wins.

    And fuck you for letting me post one comment every 15 minutes.

  35. maree says:

    wtf///ur so gay!!!what a shitty excuse .. loserrrrrr

  36. Brian says:

    LOL Chael fuckin trolled the shit out of everyone again.
    The guy is on a roll.

    He could say he blames Martians for his loss and kids would still reply with the same old “OMFG WTF U CHEATER U LOST ACCEPT IT LOSER!”

    Chael is laughing all the way to the bank

  37. Seedy says:

    This CUNT s fucked in the head… Cancer

  38. AJ says:

    I was wondering how long it would take Phael to start throwing around the excuses. I will give him some credit, I thought he would make this crap up sooner. So what now, is he going to hype up the another rematch for two years, and lose AGAIN?

  39. GnusmaS says:

    It is the moron writers that title these articles to mislead people purposely. It is obvious that the BJ Penn writers (if you can even call them that) dislike Sonnen so they try to sway the people to their liking. “Journalism”; however, is NOT bias. It is an objective review of events, people, situations. These wanna be garbage writers have no idea how to do real journalism.

    As for the article; Sonnen is obviously joking. Stop getting worked up. Dumbasses.

  40. Pancho says:

    If you took this serious, you’re a fucking idiot. Go watch the damn show and see for yourself

  41. zorra says:

    Everyone who comments based on this sarcasm, other than stating that’s it is witty and down right funny should have their head checked. And to each guy on here that is saying that Sonnen is a better fighter because he was won 5 out of 7 rounds is also a slow thinker. Come one guys you are better then that. The simple fact that most fights are won or lost based on the opponents mistakes is very real. Sonnen makes more mistakes then the Champion Silva. And that is why Silva is 2 – 0 and Sonnen, and undefeated in the UFC. He does not make fight ending mistakes ever. He is the better fighter for that reason alone. So stop dreaming of Sonnens cock in your mouth, he is married and not gay.

  42. B-rad says:

    He smelled that steak yo

  43. K2 says:


  44. punchkick says:

    classic chael!

  45. Oyston says:

    I think sonnen is a disrespectful piece of shit but he had me on this one funny comment

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