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Wednesday, 02/29/2012, 01:24 pm

Sonnen | Anderson Silva Has A Padded Record Just Like Mike Tyson (Video)

While doing some promotional work for his “Trash Talking Kids” T-Shirt collection Chael Sonnen used the camera time to discuss his thoughts, once again, on UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Sounds like Stephan Bonnar is the one dishing out the questions as well.

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102 Responses to “Sonnen | Anderson Silva Has A Padded Record Just Like Mike Tyson (Video)”

  1. Mike McMack says:

    Chael Sonnen is going to get GTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Before Bisping vs Sonnen, I thought Sonnen would beat Anderson in a rematch but now I believe it will end more like Hendo vs Silva. We’ll see….

  3. Nick says:

    Well that wasn’t very funny. That was down right mean.

  4. Sweet game plan says:

    I really am starting to believe sonnen is not all there..

  5. Pijan says:

    So I guess beating Rich Franklin twice in his prime was nothing. Choking out Dan Henderson was nothing. Knocking out Vitor Belfort, sure, anyone can do that. Oh, and let’s not mention submitting Chael Sonnen, or did he already forget. Not to mention he finished two people early that Chael took to decision. Ah, yes, and he also beat Maia, in a rather humiliating fashion. I guess in Chaels head Bisping and Stann are the two best middleweights in the UFC. I’m not sure if Chael is more jealous of Silva for the fact he finishes his fights, or wins them? Who knows? I just hope to see Chael get his teeth knocked down his throat on route to passing out from a brutal head kick.

  6. Xaninho says:

    I hope Silva shatters Sonnen’s jaw so it can be wired shut and we don’t have to listen to his crazy talk anymore.

  7. GRT 3000 says:

    I think this guy wishes he was Anderson Silva…what a chump.

  8. Me says:

    Mike Tyson didn’t fight anybody ? I’d that what this sack of shit said? What a looser!!!

  9. Scotty says:

    Sonnen just hates Brazilians cause he can’t beat em and they all beat him by submission cause he has no submission defense! He is just Jealous of Anderson cause Anderson is the best fighter ever and Chael will never be that nor hold that UFC title.. So the only way to make himself feel better is saying all this nonsense.. Cause I guarantee he truly doesn’t believe it deep down..

  10. phael sonnen says:

    well…what i meant to say was…everyone but me and hendo…yeah everyone but us is a nobody…me and and dan…we’re good, but everyone else he beat…they suck.

  11. MARV3L0US says:

    this guy is so annoying that has to be the stupidest mma shirt ive ever seen whats the uncle sam for because anderson made him say uncle and tap out lol

  12. Joseph Jones says:

    Lol for a dude that is a cheat, a felon and a snitch (he turned evidence on every other person involved in that money laundering case) he sure talks a lot of shit.

  13. cole knight says:

    your right chael anderson has you on his record….

  14. Bonnar is a pussy says:

    Sad that Bonner makes himself such an idiot when interviews Chael. Chael and Bonnar have one thing in common though.. both were molested by their fathers.

  15. Jb says:

    More silva nut huggers. Sonnen is doing it like any good promoter would… Talk shit=more camera time dumbies. God you guys always buy into bs

  16. DBKlein69 says:

    the truth hurts, silva fanboys. there’s a reason andyboy cuts so much weight…to fight easier guys. how come he had no problem going up to 205 for james irvin and forrest griffin but doesn’t seem so willing to go up now? could it be because of guys like jon jones and rashad evans? hmmm. i wonder.
    in the meantime, lets see how long andy keeps milking this phantom injury in an attempt to avoid the most anticipated rematch in the history of the sport.

    • GJJFan says:

      Is GSP “milking a phantom injury” as well? Seriously, just because he didn’t have surgery, (not like every injury HAS to have surgery to repair itself) doesn’t mean it isn’t real. DO you think Dana WHite would let him sit on his ass if he WASN’T really hurt?? The UFC has their own doctors as well. I am tired of people bashing injured fighters, especially ones that’ve done so much as they have. And, I would LOVE to see Jones vs Silva at 205! I think, if he could beat Jones, that he’d run the 185 and 205 at the same time, no problem. We shall see if Sonnen can pull it out this time. I honestly thought he was gonna win the last time, until Anderson made him tape with that triangle out of nowhere! Now, he’s just making himself look bad. Saying Tyson was a JOKE?!?! Would he say that to Tyson’s FACE?!? Seriously, just have a little respect for champions is all I’m saying. If Chael wins, you can bet I’ll be posting “congratulations” to Sonnen as well.

      • Shawn says:

        Also, he’s the MW champ. And competing in 2 divisions is freakin HARD. That’s why very few fighters bounce back and fourth. Only guys in the UFC that have moved up and down, then up and down again was Penn and Silva. Look what it did to Penn, wore him out. Silva didnt push it knowing it will affect him. But the fact that he’s already proven he can compete in the LHW div, is more than anyone else can claim they’ve done. Here’s a question for Sonnen fan boys, if u believe that Sonnen believes he’s better than Silva, why doesn’t he test the waters in the LHW div. Hmmmm. Exactly. Lol

        • GJJFan says:

          LOL Exacty!!! I do not believe many people understand how much cutting weight can take an overall toll on an athelete’s body. Looks how many fighters have had terrible performances because of those heavy weight cuts. It wears a body out trying to compete in those multiple weight classes. I think he’s proven plenty! Considering the fact that one of those fights was against Griffin, who himself was a former champion. I wonder if these haters think he should move up to heavyweight, win the title, take the title from Jones, THEN GSP and then go down to LW to take on Benson Henderson??? LMAO Good post, man. :-)

        • Bloodhound says:

          Totally forgetting Couture…

        • GJJFan says:

          “Forgetting Couture” Ehhh? What are you talking about?? Couture is retired from fighting, and he never fought Chael. Also, we were making the point about Sonnen moving UP to LHW AGAIN, to try and take out the top guys there, if he is such a badass.

        • GJJFan says:

          Unless you are referring to Couture cutting down? Remember, he did that over a course of several years. He didn’t switch back and forth between divisions in a relatively short time, like Silva and Penn did. That is what we are talking about. Shocking your system by not taking your time to switch weight by either gaining, or loosing mass. We’re not saying it is impossible, as Couture and BJ both proved, if given the time, you CAN win a title in more than one division. Hell, I see Bones Jones making it to heavyweight in a few years. He’s even said that himself. He will get tired of cutting weight, and his body won’t cut it as easily, as he gets older. Guys like Couture and Dan Henderson, are complete freaks of nature for being able to fight at the pace, level of competition, and the different weight classes that they’ve done. Even Dan Henderson says he is too old to keep cutting down to 185 for anything other than a title shot.

        • Bloodhound says:

          And check his record Chael started at LHW

        • DBKlein69 says:

          shawn, take anderson’s nuts out of ur mouth, read that comment u just wrote, and then u will realize what a retarded tool u sound like.
          (u must remove anderson’s nuts COMPLETELY, not just halfway)

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          at least anderson has gone up unlike gsp and bones jones.

      • bertrohansucks says:

        I bet he would say it to Tyson’s face. Due to the fact he is an MMA fighter and Tyson is not. If Tyson tried to fight him, Chael take him down and wreck him. Come on now man, common sense.

    • Shawn says:

      Lol! If u don’t know the answer to your own question, ur obviously cluless. Go back to watching WWE. Educate yourself, and you won’t sound like your talking to yourself. Lol

    • cody says:

      yeah coming from the four eyed douche bag with jj as his avatar easily the most over sized guy in any div

      • GRT 3000 says:

        don’t bother with this guy boys I’m tellin yah. @DB is Grade A 100% pure cock-eyed chump. Watch, I’ll have a thousand comments on this Site after this. @DoucheBag is famous for going clepto.

  17. GJJFan says:

    Ill gotten and tainted??? Is he talking about himself getting caught for real estate FRAUD?! LOL “Anderson Silva is not a thought in your mind.” Really? You know more about Anderson Silva, then Ariel Helwani, Sherdog, and Fightline.Com COMBINED!!! LMAO Talk about a stalker. Chael, bro, you’re gonna do GREAT in WWE!!! Did you get to talk to Vince about a job in the near future at RAW?? LOL

  18. cool story bro says:

    what the fuck, seriously man chael is so full of shit i can smell it from the otherside of the world i think anderson is more under his skin then the steroids will ever be, and thats fuckin DEEP how can he sit there and say tyson had a padded career? tyson back in his prime would litterly fucking kill you inside or outside the ring.

  19. Dustin says:

    Lol is that Wes Sims on the other side of the camera!!!! He should be chasing down criminals at a local 7-11

  20. Zack says:

    He should really take Anderson’s advice and shut his fat mouth and train. He spends too much time thinking of jokes that aren’t even funny. If I were him I would be in the gym at least 15 hours a day training my ass off. I think he wants to get embarrassed in front of the whole world again.

  21. slacker says:

    He looks so small now off the testosterone. Compare this photo to the presser staredown one for their last fight. Silva is gonna destroy him.

  22. Dbolts says:

    Chael lost to Maia, griffin and Anderson that’s fact not aligations

  23. Shawn says:

    Sonnen is an idiot. Lol. Whether he’s doin this for show or not. He can’t make that claim. If anyone has a ‘padded’ record, its Sonnen. Who has this nimrod fought that he’s beaten, that Silva hasn’t? Exactly. 31-4 vs 27-11. Lol! STFU already. Ur getting old now.

  24. Anthony says:

    He’s the one with the padded record. Many of people didn’t see him fight or know who he was befor he fought Anderson

  25. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Sonnen’s a joke Silva gonna embarass this clown dare he to try and diss Iron Mike

  26. Ryan says:

    He’s fought the same guys that Chael has. Oh and last time I checked Mr. Sonnen, you’re on that ‘PADDED’ record.

  27. James Kim says:

    F*ck this piece of sh*t, talking about Mike Tyson. Chael is going to have the worst beating of his life.

  28. OMG says:

    Is it true Chael is about to come out and tell the world hes gay? apparently. its on a recording Sonnen say “Me like being in Anderson silvas triangle so me can get a good woof of silvas nutts”. then he says and Im batty boy now. lmao.

  29. OMG says:

    Is it true Chael is about to come out and tell the world hes gay? apparently. its on a recording Sonnen saying “Me like being in Anderson silvas triangle so me can get a good woof of silvas nutts and Im batty boy now”. lmao.

  30. justAfan says:

    nah, admit it chaels blah blah makes this rematch even more interesting than any other fights. for me,

  31. Akamai says:

    Want to hear a bad joke? Sonnen. He has become a cartoon. He needs to show action in the ring and less with his mouth.

  32. Donnybrook says:

    He’s just promoting himself again, WWE style.

  33. DBKlein69 says:

    gay roy tranny 3000!!!

  34. Santos says:

    cocain is a hell of a drug

  35. MattD. says:

    He fought you, right?

  36. VegasBeast says:

    Uhhhhhhhh…… “didn’t fight anybody” ??? Didn’t he submit you… Oh ya, you DID NOT want to stand with him and wrestled Silva to the ground… Well, I guess you’re right, Silva hasn’t really fought anybody worthy!!!!

  37. Jason N says:

    C’mon Stepan Bonnar your from the region. Please don’t get involved with this fool. Ive seen you around and you were always so cool. Sonnan is a loud mouth jerk. He makes Koscheck look like a good guy. WTF


      I agree Bonnar is a very cool guy in person out of all the fighters ive met and talked to which is over 50 of them. He was by far the coolest one ive met.

  38. Bert Rohan says:

    Dude for real??? After getting your ass kicked, you still want to talk crap, you are not even to Anderson’s category first go and get some fight, like challenge Vitor Velfort, win the fight, then get some other preparation fights, cause you talk to much and what is your record??? who have you beat? YOU ARE THE REAL FUNNY AND FAKE, THIS IS NOT WRESTLING OR WWE, THIS IS THE REAL DEAL, LIKE ANDERSON SILVA THE REAL DEAL. So stop talking, and please UFC Dana White STOP already wasting time and space with this loser!!!

  39. Chartmonster says:

    Cant wait for the rematch! No comment about all the retards on here. May the best monster win..and we all know who the monster is!

  40. Bert Rohan says:

    Chartmonster what is the F%$#@ problem with you? everybody has the right to write what ever the hell they want! You are the real RETARD saying “may the best monster win’ what the hell kind of comment is that? I SHOULD GO MONSTER ON YOU AND PUNCH YOUR FACE. You ass wipe!!!! Of course no comments cause you are an ignorant fool!!! Monster of stupid!

  41. Hi'imanu says:

    You’s a HO@Chael Sonnen

  42. GG Client says:

    Shouldn’t he just train instead of doing that interview?

  43. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I think it would be hilarious if Sonnen and Silva were best friends in reality. And after the fight a photo surfaces of them at a bar-b-que drinking a beer and laughing while Silva’s wife is in the background cooking them steaks.

  44. I think somebody needs to break it to Chael that Mike Tyson is remembered as “the baddest man on the planet”.And one of the most dangerous boxers ever.Silva has’nt faught anybody huh?Chael just disrespected his own trt brother Dan Henderson.How many people have finished Vitor Belfort?2.One being the legend Randy Couture the other being the legendary Spider.

    • Pochizzle says:

      I think someone needs to break it to you, take a breath before shouting everything out.
      If you don’t get it by now you probably never will. Don’t take chael serious.

  45. Bert Rohan says:

    techno striker hit the nail in the head!!! bro thanks finally someone with some sense!!!

  46. DLo says:

    Why do people listen to this guy? He’s just in the way of Jones or GSP. Silva is an out of shape 37 year old. How long do people think he will lost in this business? I just want him to fight a mega fight and retire before he end up looking like Henderson, Couture, or a lot of these other guys that try to fight past their prime. All this guy is doing is road blocking. Get this guy out of here.

  47. Thom says:

    Chael talking shiit about legends like Iron Mike and Anderson just shows u how lame he is.. Chael, you’re not even a champion! You got whooped by BISPING.. Chael Sonnen you absolutely suck.

  48. yinyang says:

    Padded, kinda like Sonnen’s strikes.

  49. jbeamazing says:

    he doesn’t believe what he is saying retards he is just trying to entertain you and it works i think he is the fucking most entertaining guy in the ufc when interviewed we all know silva will win but at least he has the balls to call out the best in the world and last time i checked he did good last time

  50. jbeamazing says:

    anderson might not be overrated but he is right about mike name anyone good mike beat lol you can’t he lost all the fights with the 3 good fighters he tried to oppose

  51. jonsey says:

    haha dan henderson rich franklin 2 times//belfort..forrest griffin..okami..all top tear…the only shit name he fought was sonnen who git the fights by talking pure shit

  52. chaelsatappingbitch says:

    god i hate this stupid arrogant child! what did you do mr sonnen? who did you beat? you are a joke…you’re not even an mma fighter for god sake you are just a wrestler who does’nt know anything but wrestle…bissping kicked your ass! bissping!!! how can you say something about silva…you are a clown.

  53. what? says:

    trash talking kids is owned and operated by Stephan Bonnar, not Sonnen. and yes, you can hear Stephan Bonnar while he attempts to hold the video camera steady & fails.

    i am not a sonnen fan. i live near oakland, ca. i would have gone to see the first sonnen vs. silva fight, but i couldn’t stand anderson silva at the time due to his cage antics.

    many of the victories that anderson has are not with big contenders. but that can be said about several mma fighters.

    bottom line = a healthy silva will beat a normal sonnen w/o TRT – but i don’t care who wins, it will be a fun fight to watch.

    i admit it, i laugh at the stuff sonnen says, but i don’t think a true champion would talk trash.

    i also don’t think a true champ would act the fool in the cage and dance after a victory, like silva has done.

    both of these guys may potentially tarnish their legacy causing them to disappear in near future leaving little for history to retell.

    • mmahawk says:

      You mean like Chuck does running like a moron with his arms wide out….? I don’t care if they dance, sing, do a flip off the side of the cage, jump on top of it….who cares. I want to see a good fight. I don’t even care anymore about Sonnen and his antics. Hell, he’s just trying to get paid….

      I do want to see Silva smash him though. Throughly.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      wrong. Silva has an unbelievable legacy and is widely considered to be the greatest MMA fighter of all time. Sonnen on the other hand hasn’t done shit and if you look at his record it clearly shows. He’s just lucky that he a had a good roid night with Silva, otherwise he’d still be floundering in obscurity. Silva MADE this fruitcake and now he’s running his mouth for all he’s good for – chasing money.


      atleast someone besides me know that it was bonnar interviewing and that he owns trash talking kids. He even gave me a few free shirts in Toronto.

  54. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I just bought this shirt :-)

    I’m a huge Sonnen fan but I’m very concerned for this fight, because Sonnen can’t KO/TKO Silva and he definitely can’t submit Silva. It’s going to be very difficult to grind out a win in a 25 min fight, because I believe Silva will be in the best shape we’ve seen him for a long time. Silva has the killer’s instinct. But I definitely hope that Sonnen will crush the Spider.


    Does anyone else besides me realize that Stephan Bonnar is the one interviewing Sonnen?? I met Bonnar several times i know that voice anywhere but i must say hes a very nice guy. Even at the one fan expo if anyone ever went there its all standing with like no seats. Bonnar was nice enough to let my g/f sit in his chair until she caught a break considering the UFC doesnt help out with 6month pregnant women at Fan Expos.

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