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Wednesday, 08/14/2013, 12:00 pm

Sonnen: After Shogun The Plan Is To Leave Wanderlei ‘Face Down and End His Career’

“On August 17, a fight’s going to take place and everyone’s screen saver will be Wanderlei’s face. Not scowling or pouting or pounding his fist, or stumbling with English or rolling his wrist, but watching in horror as docs try to wake his little henchman Shogun who made the mistake of cutting in line on my way to his boss, and ended up knocked out and trying to explain the loss. Sitting at the press conference table with Wanderlei outside, hailing a cab for the panic-filled ride to Logan Airport, or better still to the docks, to stow away, on a boat to Brazil to get away from this gangster right here, who will eventually will leave him face down and end his career.”

During last nights edition of ‘UFC Tonight’ on FUEL TV, the Oregon Gangster, Chael Sonnen went back to targeting Wanderlei Silva, another Brazilian who has been his target for several years.

Should he get past ‘Shogun’ this weekend is Wanderlei a logical next step for Chael or should he move on?


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  1. 757 says:

    Ha Ha everyone knows Chael is just hyping the fight because he can’t hit anyone hard enough to leave them face down. Maybe hold Shogun or Wand down but never knocked out and face down. He hits as hard as egg shell jaw bisping and we all know that little bitch can’t hit either. Chael is getting worked this fight. Don’t worry about Wand you aren’t getting past Shogun…..three losses coming right up!

  2. 123 says:

    hahaha, egg shell jaw bisping? grow up mate .

  3. 757 is a moron says:

    This queer is constantly bashing other fighters but hasn’t accomplished anything in his own life except being a keyboard warrior. Just shut up already because you know both Chael and Bisping would make you their bitch idiot.

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    I will be amazed if this guy can actually WIN a fight. he can mouth off & get his chode sucked by the UFC, but that’s abt it.

    • drewmagoo says:

      Did you idiots start watching mma a year ago?

      I’m certainly not the biggest Chael fan there is…but you can NOT deny the man has had one hell of a run, which started for him shortly before the UFC absorbed the WEC

      He beat the hell out of Marquardt when Nate was easily still top 5,then Okami’d Okami – made him rethink his whole career, then gave Anderson his toughest test, submitted Stann when he was on a streak, then beat Bisping for his second shot at the title

      He’s still EASILY top 5 in the middleweight division, and could fare well against the best there including Belfort, Weidman and Silva himself

      • I Heard....... says:

        …..GRT is a douchebag racist idiot.

      • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

        Only reason Sonnen was able to lay on Silva is because he was JUICED UP out of his fricken gord. How anyone can count a fight where Sonnen had a testosterone levl of 3400 ie: 17 men is a joke in itself.
        Sonnen even admitted he cheated on UFC show with Florian. We have all seen the difference of what an only HALF JUICED 6 to 1 ratio Sonnen was able to do in the rematch with Silva. The real Sonnen without ROIDS is maybe top 20 at best as we saw in the Maia fight. Compare the ROIDED UP version of Sonnen today to the Sonnen who fought Maia and night an day. Its so obvious Sonnen is JUICING hard between fights and tapering off just like Nate “THE ROID CHEAT” Marquardt has done his entire career.

        Sonnen is a FRAUD and a scumbag FELON and ROID CHEAT. Just read what DR Johny Benjamin has to say about Sonnen. Let’s see d o I believe a doctor or Sonnen or any of you idiots.

        check out Sonnen’s massive ROID BACNE I this weigh in picture at first Silva fight

        By the way I would hardly call Sonnen’s 6-6 record in the UFC being on a terror

  5. 757 says:

    I agree with GRT and no I didn’t start watching a year ago. He was mediocre in WEC and blows in the UFC . Sonnen should go get choked out again ….Yes mate ha ha stupid ass I did say egg shell jaw mate . What else do you call him every time he fights he doesn’t stop anyone and he gets wobbled every time he gets hit …mate fuck off !!

  6. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Whoa tap the brakes there just a bit 757..Sonnen mediocre in the WEC and blows in the UFC? He beat up every person he faced in the WEC and that included the champion 2X. I know that Fihlo arm-barred him the first time, but up until that point, he made Fihlo look like a kid. Then he gets to the UFC and was beating up Maia too until he got arm-barred. Then he beat everybody until Silva and fukced him up for 4.5 rounds and then lost to Silva again after Silva cheated multiple ways in that fight and he was winning that fight to until then. The only real beat down he got was from Jones. So he only loses to champions other than Maia in 7 years and you say he is mediocre???!!! Well I guess than anybody that isn’t champion is mediocre too.

    • VALE TUDO101 says:

      Here comes Gaygoyle to choke on Chaels’ nuts. Sonnen sucks, queer bait. Get over it,”Pillow Fist” hasn’t beat anyone in a long time and won’t Saturday either.

    • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

      That shows how little you know GAYGOYLE. Maia triangle his overrated ass. Look at a picture of Sonnen during Maia fight and look at him now. He is JUICED to gills now and that was only reason he was able to lay n pray Silva for 4 rounds. Sonnen had 17 times the amount of testosterone of Silva or any other NORMAL NON-JUICED man would have. Look at the picture of Sonnen at the weigh ins to Silva fight he has the worst case of ROID BACNE since ROIDY Macdonalds back at Nate Diaz fight.

      Look at it for yourself their dipshit. Sonnen was so fricken JUICED up anyone else would have been banned from MMA for life for showing up to a title fight that JUICED UP

      Has Sonnen ever won a fight by anything other than humping a leg Fitch style

      Sonnen will forever be known and remembered for being a Federally convicted FELON of money laundering, FRAUD just like his whole life is nothing but aFRAUD of doing steroids in College and cheated at everything he ever did. They he disgraced every LEGIT real estate agent in the entire U.S.A. I am a real estate broker and have worked with thousands of agents over the years and I have been to countless conferences around the U.S and NOONE has ever digraced the real estate field worse than Sonnen and he will forever be known as scumbag to EVERYONE. His name and what he did is used as being the worst possible thing an agent could possibly ever do. Anyone who could be a fan of a fraudster pile of shit like Sonnen needs to take a hard look in mirror. Someone covered up for him big time because he should have been arrested for obtaining massive qualities of RX testosterone from somewhere other than his SCRIPT doctor in Oregon. Dana had to made a deal with Feds not to arrest him for that. My doctor said he should have been arrested and should hav e lost his TRT exemption for life. Someone pulled some big strings. One thing for sure Sonnen can never fight anywhere ecept the U.S because he will never in amillion years be able to obtain a (LEGAL) passport

    • 757 says:

      Woah tap the Gargoyle….He never beat anyone to be champ. Your statement is a bit misleading. He may have beaten him at a different time but never was he the champ. Second He has sucked in the UFC . He beat the so called #1 contender egg shell boy in a questionable decision. He did get beat by AS 2x getting choked so the 4.5 rounds mean nothing the old saying goes …scoreboard. He got busted up by JBJ. He got choked out by Mia who isn’t the champ and btw went the distance with AS …lost badly but went the distance….what really has he done? ON TOP OF THAT I CAN’T STAND THE MATE BULLSHIT, AND THE FAGS SIGNING IN UNDER FAKE NAMES. Last Bisping is a glass jaw bigmouth who has probably lost more #1 contender fights and championship fights than Chael. To be honest if Chael loses to Shogun isn’t it time for him to go? He has punked the org for enough money and paydays hasn’t he?

  7. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Hahah who does he think he’s kidding? Any 80 year old can take his hardest punch and stay upright. Sonnen isn’t going to fight Wanderlei because he’s scared shitless.

  8. 123 says:

    you constantly point out the negatives, it’s very childish.

  9. 757 says:

    Sorry everyone for being such a crybaby I bash fighters because I’ve never accomplished anything in life and still upset my hero Anderson got knocked out

    • 757 says:

      Ok let me try this again^^^^ for the guy who likes signing in under other people signs you are a fag, pussy cock sucker with no balls. Nobody takes you serious and you should be ashamed. At least I say what I say and sign my name you pussy mother fucker.

    • 757 says:

      BTW stupid AS is not my hero. I was the first to come down on him for acting like he did and getting knocked out. Get a life you are not funny and stupid… bad combo asshole

  10. Shonuff says:

    Anyone that thinks Chael is an elite fighter is just ridiculous.

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