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Wednesday, 04/04/2012, 11:00 am

Soccer Player Fires Back At Dana White | Poses Challenge To UFC President

“Why would a tough guy like you feel so threatened by soccer that you needed to go off on it unprovoked? Is it maybe because you know the one thing any three-year-old can do is fight? Hell, mine spent a whole year fighting me. But that shouldn’t threaten you. I’m pretty you could hype a fight between two three-year-olds and make it the biggest thing since the “Thrilla in Manilla.” But you wouldn’t do that, would you? Because you know that three-year-olds don’t understand the techniques, or tactics, or subtleties of your sport. Well, same goes for ours…. Here’s what I’m going to do. Because I like you, I’m going to give you the opportunity to join me and a few friends for a game of soccer. Since you believe playing soccer requires no talent, I’m sure you’ll be the star. Unless you’re scared.”

Fmr. U.S. International Jimmy Conrad challenge’s UFC President Dana White to play soccer after White told the Calgary Sun, “I can’t stand soccer” and it’s the “least talented sport on Earth.”

If soccer is so easy, then White should have no problem scoring against Jimmy. Who wants to see these two face-off on the field?

So what did Dana White say to the challenger?

“I’m in bro!”


96 Responses to “Soccer Player Fires Back At Dana White | Poses Challenge To UFC President”

  1. BJ Penn > says:

    Dana White doesn’t even fight; he was an aerobics instructor! Before he talks shit about other sports, how about he actively participates in the day to day grind that the sport he so willingly speak on behalf of requires.

  2. Ronnin says:

    Still, soccer is shit

    • Jeff says:

      You mean the shit! It’s the biggest sport in the WORLD and if Dana every played soccer, he would know that it takes alot of talent and practice to be good. Sh$t, the only aerobic workout it looks like Dana has had in the last year or two has been shoving cheeseburgers down his throat one after the other.

      • Anthony says:

        It’s the biggest sport in the world because everyone can do it and because of 3rd world countries.Soccer doesn’t take “alot of talent” as for practice yeah but not alot in many situations.The joke about Dana doesn’t make much since because hes not fat and actually looks buff.

        • To all including Dana White,
          Mr. Dana you are a complete moron from the begin with. Every sport needs skills and talent more or less. I don’t need to explain more to you or anyone here that on your boat. Get your fat ass out there and do some real activity, try a run from one end to the other of a football field and see if you chunky body can survive. Dumbass…

        • Fenic01 says:

          If football is so easy why cant you yanks win anything. Every country in the world plays football and if one of your teams played in the premier league in England they wouldnt have a chance

        • guamy says:

          womens USA teeam Killed it last year so suck on that noob

        • Xaninho says:

          We don’t take women’s football serious over here..So we don’t care.

    • Turduckenfucken says:

      soccer is boring, but it does require talent. However I dont think Dana meant that the sport doesnt require talent, he said it’s the least talented sport. From that I take that he probably means the sport with the fewest truly talented players, too which I still disagree. That would have to be baseball.

  3. drew says:

    gotta agree with bj on this one, first off im pretty sure a ton of people didnt even know that dana white was an aerobics instructor, and i doubt dana and probably most people couldn’t endure a soccer workout…side note just purchased the bj penn member special and my birrthday is tomorrow perfect timing…
    much love from philly bj, it was sweet seein u manhandle/chokeout kenny, hope ya come back

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Agree with you and BJ. I don’t think Dana could handle a workout that a professional athlete has to endure, especially considering his current physical shape. Also supporting Penn from here in Philly.


      Its pretty obvious Dana won’t beat them at soccer. But if fighting is for 3 y/o’s and Dana is willing to accept the challenge why not see how eager this soccer douche is to step in the octagon. He can fight someone like Cerrone or Rory MacDonald perhaps and see how much of a bunch of toddlers they are.

  4. guamy says:

    soccer is the biggest sport in the world PERIOD. and for you morons like DW USA is not the world IDIOTS.

  5. JOSH says:

    guamy..nope we just run the world thats all

    • Xaninho says:

      You forgot an “i” there pal, it’s “we ruin the world”.

      • Chris says:

        European colonialism screwed the world long before the United States came to be a superpower.

      • Anthony says:

        JOSH +1. Xaninho you are dumb.

        • guamy says:

          @anthony YOUR AN IDIOT. all you can do is +1 to other peoples comments cause your to braindead to think for your self and lack the ability to compose a blog post using your own words. @ AARON im american you moron thats why i call it soccer. and AGAIN if you think USA is the world then you sir are uneducated to say the least. how bout N. KOREA we didnt kick thier asses and they def. dont trade with us sooo again your an IDIOT. go get an education past 5th grade lvl moron.

        • Anthony says:

          @guamy and its supposed to be @Anthony not @anthony. Actually i can, and i did a few times that day and i didn’t feel like explaining to another imbecile that wont understand how there an imbecile (such as yourself) that they are ignorant.How do you know that he didn’t say everything i was thinking and I just “+1″d him you don’t. You know how you can’t because your not a mind reader, you can never truly understand another, and all you know about me is my short comment with few words so you don’t know if i’m “AN IDIOT”.You are just an angry slut monkey that is raging and spewing random words out of your extremely wide asshole .Also just to let you know i’m a genius.

        • Xaninho says:

          Wow you sure told me anthony….

          I don’t really care when clueless retards call me dumb dude.

        • Anthony says:

          What did I say to make you think i’m a clueless retard? I wasn’t trying to tell you off i was just stating my opinion.Also I don’t care when raging special ed. students call me a clueless retard.

        • Xaninho says:

          Based on your opinion it’s safe to assume you’re a clueless retard..:)

        • Anthony says:

          Based on three words its safe to assume i’m a “clueless retard”.It’s safe to assume you are very horrible at assuming because i’m actually a genius. Its safe to assume you are a idiot then seeing as i have seen more prof of my accusations and you apparently need none.

        • Xaninho says:

          Seems like you forgot a few vowels and consonants ‘genius’…..

        • Anthony says:

          It probably is, many genius’s are bad at English and that’s partly because I am in English one and I have only had one good English teacher over the course of my school carer . Also i don’t care much about my bad writing on here.Your writing on here is no masterpiece either.

  6. Dano the clown says:

    I participated in an aerobics class that was conducted by Dana White and all he could say was how much better soccer was then any other sport. Now he’s saying all this crap about soccer, WAIT! Dana just changed his mind and is now going against what he said before, SUPRISE, SUPRISE!!

  7. TEVARUA says:


  8. McLovin says:

    I do agree that soccer takes talent. It also takes dedication. However i do think that all these dives and bad acting that go on in soccer is bs. It’s also boring as f**k to watch on tv.

    That being said Dana is still wrong. I hope he accepts buddy’s challenge. Don’t be scared homie!

  9. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I don’t like soccer either but it does require skill and lots and lots of endurance. Dana should take him up on his offer since this guy was so professional about it.

  10. repairman jack says:

    soccer is one of the most physically demanding sports there is just ask kenny florian he played growing up the cardio levels required are of the highest level ,dana just thrasing another sport that he mistakes for competition to the ufc ,soccer is a global sport UFC is just a brand in a growing sport

  11. Xaninho says:

    I’ll take Football (cause that’s how it’s called, only americans say soccer cause they invented a sport where they handle a ball with their HANDS and in their endless wisdom decided to call it “American Football”) over American football, Baseball and Basketball any day.

    American football is a gay padded version of rugby, be a fucking man and play without all the protective gear ffs!

    Baseball is a few fat fuckers standing around waiting till another fat fuck throws a ball at yet another fat fuck with a bat.

    Basketball has high scores, but you need 2- and 3 pointers for that. Can’t even give a little push, cause apparently it’s a non touch game like chess.

    DW should shut the fuck up about shit he doesn’t know anything about!

    • Hater Blocker says:

      Go fuck yourself

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 300lb rugby player run into another player at full force. Someone would die if they played American Football without pads.

    • Gautebigboy says:

      haha 1+

    • word says:

      i couldnt agree more with everything you said, well said . . . except for the basketball part, kobe is the shit!

    • krt says:

      Well said!!! People that talk shit on futbol can’t play it!!! Takes plenty of talent, endurance and dedication. It’s not boring to watch if you know the game and can see what they’re trying to set up. Everyone has an opinion so whatevs, they’ll never have a love for the sport here in the states, unfortunately. I love UFC and I love futbol!! Dana’s opinion doesn’t mean shit to me until he has actually tried to play….by try, he probably won’t be able to get through the basic workout .

    • Stan says:

      You may be wrong so don’t get so full of yourself. “Football” in ancient times, may refer to sports played on foot as opposed to on horseback.

      Second of all, Americas 4th string athletes play soccer, which is why I don’t really get into soccer as an American. The world’s best athletes play soccer because it’s all they have. Stick NFL players who are just as fast, agile, and BIGGER than Europeans, on Rugby and Soccer teams and they WILL dominate.

      I would LOVE to see ONE generation of Americas best athletes focus on soccer or rugby just to shut all you other people up.

      • Xaninho says:

        That’s where you’re wrong. Bigger isn’t always better. Especially not with football, cause FC Barcelona the best team in the world has some of the shortest, smallest players.

        It’s about finesse, speed, agility and intelligence. Not who has the bigger meatheads on their team.

  12. All i know is soccer players can’t fight.

  13. RollerBallRocco says:

    I’m with Dana on this one…SOCCER SUCKS!! It’s damn boring unless it’s the world cup tournament.

  14. NorCalTransplant says:

    Dana puts his foot in his mouth so often they now need to re-coin the phase, “putting a foot” in your mouth to “Pulling a Dana” I mean what the fuck is this guy smoking? I love what he has done with the UFC but he needs to STFU about shit he doesn’t know about.

    This is just like saying “all MMA fights are just two guys humping each other on the ground, it fucking sucks…”

    Just as ignorant… Dana is always yelling at people, STFU about MMA if they no nothing about it…. HELLO!?

    I would love to see Dana get his ass cross’d up on his ass mid field… Again, I respect him for building the UFC but on this he’s being a total dip shit. Something he hates himself… hypocrisy is one of the worst qualities in a human being…

  15. jay says:

    Its not soccer, its football.

  16. josh edwards says:

    he doesn’t like soccer who cares

  17. BiggoTrav says:

    Top ten reasons soccer is the worst sport ever invented:

    10) Soccer sucks so much more than any other sport EVER!
    9) *Read number 10 9 more times.

  18. BWes says:

    Not a fan of soccer here but you’d be an idiot to say it didn’t take talent. Then again, we are talking about Dana White here, so moot point I suppose.

  19. Michael Mantion says:

    LOL. Just let it be.. First off its football for 95% of the world population. Second who cares what Dana says about the sport. I wrestled and played football and ran track.. Yes soccer takes more talent then the other. but I know this because I played it. I am guessing many MMA fighters played football. I am grateful that Dana White raised MMA to the level that he has, but I don’t think his opinions matter to anyone.

  20. Mikatron says:

    Fuck soccer. All you soccer fags do is try and build it up and argue how it is global then call american football gay. Newsflash: nobody in the USA gives a fuck and never will. Sure, it is physically demanding and requires talent but it is indeed boring as fuck and they dive around and fake injuries like little pussies. With my hatred towards soccer aside, no way could Dana ever compete with those guys on the field. But still, fuck soccer.

    • NorCalTransplant says:

      Nobody gives a fuck? I mean how ignorant are you? For example the Portland OR MLS team sells out every night, its well over 10,000 people. Portland is nuts for the Timbers. Pull your head from your ass and realize that the small bubble you live in is not the rest of the world. Which is the whole goddamn point. You may think something sucks, but someone else doesn’t. So STFU. thanks.

  21. alex says:

    what a fucking idiot danna white is saying that. Have you ever seen a bloke who doesnt play soccer play soccer against people who can play. what an idiot. If he could do 10 kickups i would be gob smacked

    • alex says:

      Its exactly that kind of un educated opinion that lead to mma being banned and scrutinised for years on the basis it was imorale . Dana of all people should no better.

  22. lawnferryhater says:

    I cannot stand lawn ferries BUT i like them more than dumb ass big mouth Dana white.

  23. Vince Vuong says:



  24. STEPHEN HORGAN says:

    xaninho ha ha agreed with every word in your post…fukn mind reader ha ha

  25. Stan says:

    If the United States of America gave a shit about soccer and rugby, we’d dominate the shit out of that too. Then the rest of you can go play cricket.

  26. James Troy says:

    this guy is a butthurt bitch. trying to get media coverage by blasting the uFC and Dana white. “HEY GUYS PAY ATTENTION TO SoCCER!” no thanks. its boring. thats why soccer has never caught on here. its been around forever. if it was going to be accepted it would have already been. youre just jealous the UFC is a new sport and is already more popular than soccer. and if youre gona issue a challenge, issue it to the athletes not the organizations president. you dont see dana white in the octagon fighting do you?

    no, so why would he be on a soccer field. get jose aldo on the field. kenny florian. you know, guys that used to play soccer. chances are they will still lose, but it wil be a better match up lol.

    either way, stfu soccer sucks stop trying to get a free ride off the UFC who worked hard to get where it is.

  27. To all including Dana White,
    Mr. Dana you are a complete moron from the begin with. Every sport needs skills and talent more or less. I don’t need to explain more to you or anyone here that on your boat. Get your fat ass out there and do some real activity, try a run from one end to the other of a football field and see if you chunky body can survive. Dumbass…

  28. T.J. says:

    Soccer is for poofs.

  29. T.J. says:

    Youtube Rugby League lads, it’s what we play in east/north east Australia.

  30. Grant says:

    They actually did somewhat of a scientific study on how much talent and natural ability it took to play sports. The conclusion was that the “easiest” sport to play was basketball.

  31. Mark says:

    soccer = sucker

    its football

  32. Cannagettawitness says:

    All these haters on futbol need to get off their high horses. Futbol is no more boring than baseball or golf, but requires much more stamina and endurance.

    As for rugby vs football, c’mon, really?! Similar, yes, but still two different sports with equally tough athletes. Although, anyone who tries to say that football is tougher and harder than rugby, has obviously never seen a hardcore rugby match.

    Dana can be an ass and has clearly put his foot in his mouth again, because every sport has boring match ups and whiny babies.

  33. Unbelievable tekkers says:

  34. A.James says:

    I don’t like soccer but I respect it.

  35. guamy says:

    if you took an american football team and made them play rugby with your guys from EU. America would stomp your ass. american football players are huge compared to these tiny little rugby players. not dissing them but im just saying, american football players are BEASTS.

    • Xaninho says:

      Thats just the shoulder pads making them look huge. Take those off and they’re the same size overall.

      • jbeamazing says:

        that’s stupid lol take the pads off of a 300 pound man and then he is 200 pounds lol

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          Google Sebastian Chabel and Manu Tuilagi and tell me they are not monsters

        • lol .. no says:

          those guys are big.. maybe they could be a running back .. or tight end.. but they are no where near as big as NFL linemen.. seriously.. get a fucking clue.. you rugby morons have no idea

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          I only said they are monsters, I never said they are bigger then NFL linemen. I would be very interested to see how linemen in the NFL would be in rugby, would they have the conditioning that’s required in rugby? I highly doubt it. They would gas out fast and the rugby team would win. But we will never find out so these are just pure speculations.

          Thanks for calling me a moron, you obviously bring a lot to table. Keep up the good work.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          It was suppose to be a reply to Guamy :)

        • lol .. no says:

          youre a moron if you think these guys are weighed WITH PADS ON.. NFL guys would crush any rugby team.. AT RUGBY.. without pads.. the biggest guys weigh around 350..

        • Xaninho says:

          And they’re gassed after running 10 yards.

        • Xaninho says:

          And I was talking about size not weight. You should learn to read before calling other people morons you know?

  36. Unbelievable tekkers says:

    Some tekkers are gooood, some tekkers are baaaad, but some tekkers….

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