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Wednesday, 01/22/2014, 09:51 am

Soares: ‘I Wouldn’t Say Weidman Beat Silva, But He Won The Fight’

“Regardless, he won the fight. I wouldn’t say he beat him, but he won the fight. He won the competition and you have to congratulate him — what he’s done nobody’s ever been able to do, one of them is knock out Anderson Silva and the other thing is beat Anderson Silva twice. Nobody’s ever done that, so congratulations to him. Regardless if it’s [way he won] controversial people are going to say things and yeah there’s something [the injury] but at the end of the day he went out there and won the fight. He should be respected — he was counted out both times. Chris Weidman should be respected.”

In a recent interview with The Hollywood MMA, Anderson Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, discussed his star athletes bitter loss at the hands of Chris Weidman at UFC 168.

The loss marked Anderson Silva’s second straight defeat at the hands of the newly crowned middleweight champ.


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  1. magoo says:

    Bout time you came back down to earth Ed! Denial will eat u alive….hespect!

  2. allmightysandman says:

    If a fighters body ‘breaks’ ….they lose. that is one of the ways that a fight is legitimately ended…a elbow opens a cut, a kick breaks a jaw, a check breaks a leg…it’s a win. It’s not controversial, it’s not “BS”, IMO when a fighter cannot continue then his body broke and the other guys didn’t….WIN.

    • questionEverything says:

      A fingers opens an eye and a knee destroys a crotch… the same should go for accidental eye pokes and hits to the groin then shouldn’t it? No, because those would count as a No Contest as the fighter is deemed unable to fight

      • yeah right says:

        That’s because those can be done and made to look accidental and therefor should be DQed however when someone’s leg breaks because of a check you cant fault Chris for blocking so they should go to score cards or like they did end the fight he was “WINNING” anyway.You need to learn the rules and get off Anderson’s n nuts you apparently aren’t questioning everything enough.SMH to compare groin kicks and eye gouges to a checked kick

      • allmightysandman says:

        your argument really doesn’t make any sense. All I am saying is that if a guy or woman cannot continue because their body has been broken, by something that is completely legal like checking a kick, they lose. there was no foul, no questionable conduct by Chris at all. Silva’s body broke and he lost. DONE.

  3. garciagym says:

    1st fight, SIlva underestimated and paid. 2nd fight, 2nd round, Silva was getting loose and then his leg snapped – hardly a legitimate defeat. Something tells me fight 3 will eventually happen.

  4. Ryan says:

    These guys are too much…did anyone watch the first round? There really hasn’t been a minute in either fight where you can say Anderson was taking control. The excuses are embarrassing, and take away how special Anderson is/was to the UFC and mma. He got beat by a younger newer generation of fighter. It happens to everyone…look at Ali. Give Weidman his due, and be honest with yourself.

  5. Phlthy Rich says:

    The only man to win against silva in the ufc- weidman.
    The only man to beat silva in the ufc and maybe ever- sonnen.
    Weidmans fights wernt impressive but he won. Sonne 1 was amazing dominating silva violently the entire fight and lost. Weidman hasnt done shit except coast on 2 silva fuck ups

    • Matt VanPelt says:

      Sonnen beat Sylva? Absolutely not. Sonnen was abusing his TRT, remember? And got submitted, remember? Not to mention he did ZERO damage.

      • Phlthy Rich says:

        Yes. Did you see the fight? Dammage or not he landed just about everything he threw. For most of the fight. Thats the most of a beating silva has ever taken. And silva still stayed cool and wonweidman caught himbut had done less than chael did dominance. Wise. And then the leg snap.

  6. Michael McFarland says:

    A win is a win. Done once, could be luck involved. 2X. Silva has met his match. It took a while. The fact that his leg split in two says volumes. End of story. What else is Weidman to do?? Ask Silva to bend over and lick his ass?

  7. TheLegAssasin2 says:

    What happens to Anderson is like what happened to Muhammad Ali, they lie to themselves, they think that still have It, and is difficult, being the greatest fighters in the history of their sports, being so many years the best and never loss and then come one guy more younger, evolved and hungry to end their reign, is difficult to accept that for them, but one thing that I could NOT say to them is that he can return like nothing has happened, do another run for the belt, that everything that has happen was a fluke, blah blah.. NO! is simply that you are not the same, you has done everything for the sport, you are the greatest and now your family need you, is simply the sad reality.

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