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Monday, 01/13/2014, 05:17 pm

Soares Calls Weidman’s Wins Controversial, Says Anderson Will Return

“I believe he’ll make a 100-percent recovery and I believe he’ll be back, but right now the main thing is just making sure he’s OK. I do believe he’ll be back. We’ll just have to see when and how the recovery is coming along.”

Ed Soares, in a recent interview with, shared his thoughts on the drastic fall of Anderson Silva.

Adding insult to injury for team Weidman, Soares, also subscribes to the same theory as his fighter, and that theory is that Weidman got lucky in both Silva fights.


10 Responses to “Soares Calls Weidman’s Wins Controversial, Says Anderson Will Return”

  1. magoo says:

    I’d love for sore ass’s number1 GI to come back and get some more Weidman. Tired of all this luck talk, third time will be a charm for Chris and he will finish Silva once and for all!! Then sore ass can stop flipping his gums.

    • jonalan1980 says:

      “decisive” wins or not, if Silva comes back, he should go into contention with everyone else. he already lost to Weidman twice. i feel, if he wants a title shot, he needs to start winning against the other top 10 guys first.

      Weidman will just knock Silva out a 3rd time [all the Silva fan boys, check Fight 2, 2, Round 1 again; Silva was out,] if Silva makes back up to a 3rd shot.

  2. Bob'O says:

    Of course Soares is going to say this, all he cares about is $ when it comes to Anderson Silva. If you want the truth, Just ask Anderson’s son. 😉 ~Bob’O

  3. jerseyshore says:

    Silva will smash Weidman but it will be a non-title fight because Wiedman will lose the belt before Silva’s back.

  4. havok123 says:

    he was nearly finished in the first round for fuck sakes anderson needs to earn another shot he can fight vitor after he loses lol

  5. SYNERTIA says:

    When you drill a specific checking technique for months and the first thing one of your coaches tells you after the first fight that he didnt like the leg kicks he was landing, you can’t call this luck. Silva threw a hard leg kick, but his somewhat over-confidence in his abilities made the leg kick sloppy technique-wise, like Bas Rutten explained… I admire Silva alot, but its getting crazy. Sending your fist at the other fighter’s face purposely is far from being lucky, and that leg check even less lucky…

  6. jerry says:

    Anyone who says Weidmans wins were all luck is either a biased Anderson
    Silva fan or a fool and don’t really know anything about MMA, Anderson
    had his chances to beat Weidman and He has yet to hurt him or even win a
    single round.Weidman is 2-0 in wins and 4 rounds to 0. Silva was lucky
    the referee didn’t stop the fight the first round when Weidman knocked
    him down and( it appeared out) and his eyes rolled back in his head.
    Anderson then took uncontested shots to the head and we have all seen
    fights stopped for less. Weidman said he knew Anderson was out a couple
    of times. It was obvious from his corner that Anderson wasn’t right
    after taking the beating and the leg break saved him from getting
    knocked out again. Silva fans need to stop worshiping their idol and
    call it like it is. He got beat twice and has never even come close to
    beating Weidman except in Silva’s fans dreams.

  7. darin says:

    Sean this ones simple,your wrong.And all I need to say is “we’ll see”

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