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Friday, 01/17/2014, 08:48 am

So you want a job? Check out the listing for Keith Kizer’s Replacement

Have you ever dreamed of fixing the mess that is the Nevada State Athletic Commission? Well, here is your chance! Keith Kizer’s position as executive director of the NSAC is up for grabs after he suddenly quit. The job offers an annual salary of $97,901 plus benefits, not a bad gig if you ask me. Especially if all you’ve ever wanted was to be the go to guy in professional MMA and boxing.

Check it: (click to enlarge)

Props to Zues and the guys at for the find!

Good luck to anybody out there that attempts to pursue this venture. All I ask is that you don’t forget about us little guys, namely me, when you reach the top. And if you feel obligated to thank me, you can always do so with free cage side tickets… forever…


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