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Sunday, 04/29/2012, 07:09 pm

Slugfest Alert: Stann vs Lombard Confirmed For UFC on Fox 4 | UFC NEWS

It was recently announced today that Brian Stann will get the duty of welcoming Hector Lombard into the octagon. The fight is slated to take place at the UFC on Fox 4 event in Los Angeles, California on August 4th.

Hector Lombard, who signed with the UFC earlier this week, is currently riding a 25 fight unbeaten streak (24-0-1). He is known best for being the long time Middleweight Champion of Bellator. He possesses brutal knockout power and a lot of confidence, which he demonstrated earlier this week by calling out current UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva.

Stann is coming off a very impressive performance at UFC on Fuel TV: Gustafsson vs. Silva, where he made quick work of his opponent Alessio Sakara winning via 1st round knockout. Brian Stann (12-4 MMA, 6-3 UFC), will be a big step up in competition for Lombard, whose last opponent in Bellator was MMA veteran Trevor Prangley.

A lot of people have been questioning how credible Lombard’s current win streak is, considering his lack of top tier opponents. Those questions will be answered soon enough and the US Marine (Stann) will have the ability to dictate the results!

Dana White gave the fans what they wanted! Now all that is left is to see who will come out victorious!
Who do you have winning this one Penn Nation?


64 Responses to “Slugfest Alert: Stann vs Lombard Confirmed For UFC on Fox 4 | UFC NEWS”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I wanted to Lombard smash Bisping

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Any bets the winner of this fight won’t fight bisping but the UFC hype machine will continue to call bisping the top contender. At some point the fans are going to say enough is enough when is Bisping going to be put in cage with Vitor, Lombard, Stann, Munoz.

    • jbeamazing says:

      how about a dan henderson lol

    • Adam Varley says:

      yeah I think the middle weight matchups in general are kinda slack, top ten never fight each other. With the exception of Sonnen and Silva none of the other top ten hold a win over a top ten opponent. (Not really counting Maia as top ten). I wanna see them all fight each other.

    • Semtex says:

      In all fairness, Bisping was given Boetsch, who is not top ten by any means, but worse – not a great fighter, not a popular fighter, but a very dangerous fighter! Bisping will dance for 3 rounds and win, but we gotta be fair here – they are taking some chances. Not every Bisping match-up is a conspiracy guys.

  3. Q says:

    Pretty sure Bisping put on a hell of a performance and arguably beat chael sonnen the clear number 2 middleweight yet trolls still call bisping not a top middleweight

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Whens last time you saw the UFC put Bisping int o the cage with a striker since Hendo KO’d him? Sonnen has pillow hands just like Bisping and they knew Sonnen would just take him down. Vitor begged for a year for a fight with Bisping but as usual UFC protected Bisping from another striker. Compare all Bispings opponents to the other top contenders opponents and you will clearly see bisping has fought mostly lower caliber fighters. UFC won’t even let Belcher, palharis, munoz in cage with Bisping. clearly being protected. BTW Sonnen beat Bispings hands down. All bisping accomplished for offense the entire fight was some wall and stall. look up stats wasn’t even close. I can’t even imagine the beating Vitor would put on Bisping. It wouldn’t go 2 rounds even with Bisping running away like he did in Hamill fight

      • crazyhorse420 says:

        I remember Sonnen dropping Silva, which is something Henderson did not do. I’m not saying Bisping isn’t ‘protected’ but to say Sonnen throws pillows is silly

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Sonnen wa so friggen ROIDED up in that fight is why he was able to even hit harder than he ever did before. Did you see Sonnens face after that fight he took a beating which massive ROIDS helps you take. Sonnen fought so far over his head that nite. Ask any doctor if they have EVER heard of someone having a 3400 testosterone level. Without a doubt that was the most ROIDED up anyone has ever set foot in the cage in UFC since they started testing for ROIDS

        • Adam says:

          Theres a difference between ROIDS and having an elevated testosterone level…..

        • Thomas says:

          Totally agree!

          It was a super human performance. I know that Chael think he’s super macho and all that crap. But reality is that fought better, stronger and more aggressive than ever.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          You have no friggen clue what testosterone is do you? Hell its steroids. it just amazes me how stupid you people are. Massive amounts of testosterone make you 10 times stronger, faster, and makes you perform at a level so far beyond what you are capable of naturally. Sonnen was so full of JUICE most doctors have never heard of someone with that much testosterone-STEROIDS in one man system. ask any doctor. Sonnen should have been arrested by the DEA and ordered to show where he obtained un heard of amounts of testosterone to make his levels that high. Please learn something about steroids before you comment because you aound like 10 year old Sonnen -WWE fanboys

        • Get rid of YOU from this website!!! says:

          You´re just a COMPLETE idiot aren´t you?? You come in here an talk shit about fighters and their fights. Bisping has been asking for a rematch with Hendo, he want´s to fight the top fighters, how can you say that the UFC is protecting him? If there is a fight that the fans want to see don´t you think that they will try do make it happen?? Don´t you think that it is in their favor to keep the fans happy? And why on earth did you post the first comment : “I wanted to Lombard smash Bisping”?? Bisping already has a fight scheduled, why on earth were you then hoping for Bisping vs. Lombard? you´re just a f*****g moron. I´ve just got a strong feeling that you´re a like a 24 year old, obese guy living in your mothers basement, drinking diet coke with cheetos all over your face. You are the worst “critic” that I´ve ever seen. How about you just read the comments and don´t post and let the grown ups post the comments you f*****g IDIOT!!

      • GET RID OF BAD GRAMMAR (forever) says:

        Really bro?

      • gazza says:

        I’m pretty sure bisping fought Wanderlei Silva and should of won! If you look at the facts Wanderlei is a better striker than hendo. You bisping haters need to pull your heads out of you arses and realise bisping wants to fight the top contenders and not the shit ones. Bisping would kill Lombard simply because bisping would utilze his jabs and kicks take him down and pound him out

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Typical loser Bisping fanboy no matter how bad of a beating he takes if he survives in your and his mind that means he won. Bisping is so friggen overrated its hilarious. All of his fights since Hendo are perfectly planned out matchups which protect him from all big strikers. Bisping will be exposed when he FINALLY fights someone in top 10 who’s not a lay n prayer. Munoz, Palhairs, Vitor, Franklin, Lombard would all take Bisping out no problem

    • MAN says:

      after sonnen fight , i’m believing in Bisping , Spider s opponents for two next defences: Lombard (if he wins) , winner of Bisping/Boetch(which is Bisping i think) & Munoz/Wiedman

  4. Dick Diaz says:

    UFC on FOX 4: The Cuban Missile Crisis lol

  5. RFK says:

    Hector is gonna take this one stann is a beast and this loss won’t hurt his stock too bad hector is a top fighter he gets to test his skills at the top now he will be a top fighter in the UFC in the next year

  6. Mat says:

    Dunno who wins this, but it is sure to be exciting! I really like Stann, even more now after the respect he showed Sakara, so I’m hoping he wins. I’ve heard Lombard regularly KO’s training partners in sparring, seems like a dick move to me, so WAR STANN!

    Oh and IMO Bisping is a top 185lb fighter. Not saying he’s better than Vitor, who I consider the #3 at MW, but I think he’s much improved since that Hendo fight. I think the best fight for him is Vitor, with the winner getting the title shot, but I guess Dana wants to conserve guys who have a good argument for fighting for the title.

    None of it matters anyway, that belt is gonna be staying in WL for a long time! (for those that didn’t grow up there, WL = West Linn)


    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      If you are from west linn OR then you know damn well Sonnen has been JUICING since high school. If you deny it shows you are a liar cause i heard it from a coach there that Sonnen has never much kept it a secret that he has been ROIDING for over 15 years.

      • Michael says:

        So you personally know coaches from Oregon that know for a fact chael was on roids? I’m gonna assume that these coaches kids got their asses kicked by chael. You are the biggest idiot on the website you need to get off your computer and do something with you life. I’m sure your the kid that never won state but always had some bullshit excuse like your ribs were hurting. You can blame high testosterone all you want on the ass whooping chael gave silva but if you have ever wrestlered a day in your life you would know that wrestling (chael putting silva on his back) is way more technique than mussel!

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Sonnen is half the fighter without steroids. he has half the gas tank, half the power, we saw how a semi-roided up Sonnen performed against Bisping who is one-tenth the fighter Silva is . No Sonnen’s whole life is nothing but a fraud and once they start implementing random steroid tests or do a surprise test on Sonnen like they did Overeem he will be busted again and exposed for the TRUE cheater he is. Besides the fact I think the UFC’smain sponser (budweiser) will put enough pressure on them to get rid of the scumbag felons-steroid cheats like Sonnen they will drop him like a hot rock. Sonnen has to be the absoute worst person to have as an employee representing your company. Sonnen will faid away if his TRT-JUICE CHEATER card is ever revoked

        • Advent says:

          “Faid” away? LOL, man, your post is too stupid to even respond to. Clown.

          By the way, its “fade” you fucking moron.

      • Mat says:

        Well I guess my old wrestling coaches know you better than me. There is no reason to ever expect that they would tell a kid in high school that one of the guys who periodically steps in to coach is juicing though, what kind of example would that set? Look, I’m not saying he wasn’t. All I’m saying is it don’t matter because he’s got his exemption, they’re letting him fight, and he’s taking that damn belt.

        BTW man, have you ever written anything on here that isn’t a direct attack on someone? I didn’t say jack shit about you, or about Chael juicing, and you straight out call me a liar. And this is not just my post, every time I see your stupid name it’s attacking someone. Fuck off man, I don’t give two shits about your supposed conversation with a WLHS wrestling coach, and I fucking hate Fitch too.

        Why am I even replying to this fucking troll?

    • Xaninho says:

      The belt hasn’t been there, and won’t be there either. Sonnen will be going home with a busted up face and a torn up ego.

  7. jbeamazing says:

    The only tool Stan has is stand up so this could be good but if hector puts the judo to use B ”stand” will be in trouble

  8. hayden says:

    i hope stann knocks his teeth out

  9. Nick says:

    This is going to be a great fight.

  10. Shawn says:

    Love Stann, but Sakara is no Lombard. And if Sonnen can make him tap, its going to be a short fight. But it will be a fight none the less. Stann will going down swinging.

  11. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Lombard has KO power and Judo. Think Mike Tyson of MMA. Sorry Stann fans but he’s getting TKO’ed.

  12. momo says:

    If hector loses this then bellator will loss a ton of stock i mean for the longest time it was him and eddie keeping the whole show relevant.

  13. GET RID OF TRT says:

    I think Stann’s stand up is a little bit overrated.

    He knocked out a SICK Chris Leben then KO’ed a GLASS JAW Santiago. No shit

  14. Monkey juice says:

    Cares. Lombard will lock up. UFC jitters. Stann by decision.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Interesting point.

    • gzawilliam says:

      UFC jitters? are you kidding? Lombard doesnt have enough time in his game plan to show jitters. He just runs toward you swinging haymakers. its either he gets clipped flush on the chin by stann. Or stann will get savagely beaten. Im going Lombard by tko ground and pound 1st round.

  15. Dude says:

    You can’t get UFC jitters if you’ve already fought for a big promotion like bellator or strike force, he wants to prove he belongs in the upper tier of mma and if you have seen him fight at all… Then you know what he can do

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Happened to Mayhem.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Mayem just sucks thats all and will be released by end year or before

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          That’s sucks I like Mayhem. If Mayhem sucks then so does Jake Sheilds.

        • andy says:

          I think Mayhem IS a top 10 MW but I will say his performance against Bisping awful. I think he got so caught up with the idea of knocking him out he completely ignored what makes him a beast and that is his ground game.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Both sheilds and Miller arn’t anywhere near top 10 IMO and both have showed they arn’t UFC caliber. I think Jake Sheilds has lost every fight so far in UFC. Closest fight was GSP

  16. Fett says:

    Lombard has great skills and may make it past Stann but he has no chance against Anderson Silva. Silva would destroy Lombard.

  17. Gokz says:

    Lombard is a beast.. But please don’t compare him to the pound 4 pound king Anderson silva .. Different level, has proven himself against the best for the past 5-6 years.. And people who rate sonnen go kill yourself anyone that eats roids will perform like a horse.. EAD

  18. Spades says:

    Love Brian Stann however I see the winner of this fight being me. Cause this is going to be an amazing fight.

  19. Damnu says:

    Shields beat kampmann, not a fan tho just saying! Chael fought an beat Stann before bitchping an looked pretty damn good doing it an no positive tests there..although I do agree he didn’t look great against bitchping he still won. So if he’s still doing them or not these guys that have been caught no they’re up against a fight because the testing isn’t going away. Nobody likes bisping because of his attitude an the shit he talked against hendo an ends up getting the greatest getting ko’d ever

  20. Joe says:

    I don’t remember Bisping ever shit talking Hendo. He said he was confident in the fight.
    As for Lombard vs Stann- We saw how easy Sonnen submitted Stann, Lombard will destroy him on the feet and if it goes to the ground Stann is going to tap.
    Lombard has superior BJJ

    • Mat says:

      Bisping talked SO much shit. It was mostly in the TUF house before the fight, and it was mostly about how upcoming British MMA fighters are way more skilled than Americans (lol) and gonna rule the UFC. Why do you think Hendo hated him so much? Hendo is a good guy there had to be a reason.

  21. Silvas scared says:

    Lombard is a roid freak!!

  22. effyocouch says:

    @Get Rid of Fitch (forever) dude you’re way off. Steroids are synthetic testosterone, but testosterone is not a steroid. Testosterone is natural, and steroids are not. This is just common sense, and you’re calling all of us the stupid ones.

    • Silvas scared says:

      Almost correct. There is synthetic Testosterone that is a steroid because of anabolic properties. Test Cypionate ( which most TRT patients receive ) test Proprianate, Test Deconate there are a few more that I can’t remember. Labratory made Testosterone is not a natural substance. I do agree with you however that Get Rid of Fitch is a bumbling retard!

      • Silvas scared says:

        Also there are lots of steroids out there that are not testosterone based Anadrol, Dbol, Winstrol, Deca these are all Anabolic Steroids that will give you the desired effects but have to be tested for individually that’s why Cyborg tested positive for Winstrol and back in the day Nate Marquart for Deca. There are different classes of gear testosterone derivitives and non testosterone derivatives.

  23. Logan says:

    Stann Wins. Semper Fi!

  24. Brendan says:

    I though that sonnens testosterone level where 6:1?? That doesn’t seem that juiced up compare to overeems 14:1

  25. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    I like Stann of course very classy guy, but I’m afraid that Lombard will destroy him rather easily. Lombard should get to a title shot fairly easily because this division kind of sucks. Lombard vs Munoz would though be a very interesting fight and the winner of that fight could then face Anderson. Now I’m assuming that Anderson will beat Sonnen and not retire after that, and that Munoz and Lombard will win their fights against Weidmann and Stann, respectively.

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