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Sizing Up Jon Jones And Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS

By Evan Stoumbelis:
There has been a lot of talk about Jon Jones and Anderson Silva.  Who is the better fighter and who would win if the two men were to fight?  One thing is for sure, if this fight does happen, which given the attention it has received it just might, it could very possibly be the biggest fight in the history of Mixed Martial Arts; but guessing a winner may not be so easy.

With an 84 inch reach Jon Jones may look awkward, but he knows how to utilize his lanky build to deliver devastating strikes.  Some say Silva may technically be better, but you simply can’t account for the unpredictability of Jon Jones, who gets better and better every time he steps into the octagon and (almost) never ceases to amaze with a flashy barrage of strikes and a highly unorthodox style. Jones is one of those natural fighters that comes around once in a lifetime.  When you see Jones fight for the first time (if you don’t know anything about him), it would be natural to assume he has a kickboxing base.  However Jones is an accomplished amateur wrestler as well.  

Not to mention the fact that a lot could depend on which fighter shows up and who is on their game.  If UFC 145 Jones shows up, then he very well could be in trouble.  If the Jones we saw beat Shogun shows up, and brings the flashy striking and dominant grappling we have seen in the past, then we will have a war.  Jones has only lost once in his career and that was in 2009 against Matt Hamill. The loss came by disqualification due to illegal downward elbows.  So one could say Jones has never been defeated.  

Silva on the other hand, hasn’t lost since 2006 and is very very rarely off his game. Even when Anderson is having an off night, he’s still better than 98% of fighters out there.  As we saw in the Sonnen fight, just because Anderson is being beat, doesn’t mean he is beat.  Anderson brings to the octagon some of the most effective striking; he has never had less than 50% striking accuracy in a fight, and tops the “UFC significant striking accuracy” leader board with an outstanding 68.4% (Cain Velasquez is second with 61.3%).  Silva has one of the greatest standup games in the UFC. Do I need to mention the effortless, matrix-like performance we saw when he faced Forrest Griffin?   Anderson can fight on the ground too. He holds a Black belt in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, with 6 of his 31 wins coming by way of submission.

This is a hot topic nowadays, and lets be honest…who wouldn’t pay to see two of the best fighters collide for a once in a lifetime matchup?


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  1. MARV3L0US says:

    Keep making the articles cause they will never have a match between each other.

  2. jbeamazing says:

    since they will never fight I can careless to hear about it anymore it’s like saying who would win out of spider man and batman

  3. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I still think Silva would win but as you guys said it will never happen so its a waste time to ever talk about it. Same goes with GSP/Silva because GSP is scared to death of Silva. Everyone knows GSP could careless about fighting anymore and only cares about getting more sponsers and buying 10k suits. GSP only fights to not lose and is fast becoming the “NEW JON FITCH of MMA” yes we all know canadian fans think he is the most exciitng fighters in world. If i was a canadian fan i would drop GSP like bad habit and jump on Rory Mcdonald bandwagon. This kid comes to fight something GSP hasn’t done in years or since the Jon Fitch fight. Sooner GSP retires the better it would be for his legacy because it gets more tarnished by the day. GSP’s legacy will be he was once an exciitng fighter who came to fight then he was KO’d by a natural lightweight in Matt Serra and since that day he is afraid to scrap and only fights not to lose. No fighter has lost more fans in last 3-4 years than GSP. GSP will also be remembered as being afraid to fight anyone outside his weight class. How I guy who considers himself one of the P4P greats a nd walks around at close to 200 lbs will always be remembered as a once great fighter who refused to fight a guy at 185lbs 36 years old in a fight where he was offered teh highest pay day in MMA history and his excuse was he would need 2 years to add the necessary muscle mass. Sorry but that was 2-3 years ago and IMO will go down as one of the lamest excuses for jsut being flat scared of another man. GEE did Dan Hendersen say he needed to add 20 lbs of muscle to fight one of the greatest most feared heavyweights in MMA history on 9 weeks notice. Dan hendersen walked around most of his career at less weight than GSP does. GSP is afraid of losing plain and simple

    • what says:

      GSP is afraid of losing, that is why he greased and faked injuries.

    • Donnybrook says:

      LOL, Obsess much… you went on quite a little GSP rant when this article wasn’t even about him.

    • Ummm, why would GSP fight the reigning champ at 185? You want him to move up a full weight class and fight the best ever? How about when GSP stood with Koscheck and destroyed his eye with striking…oooh I bet you immediately jumped on youtube and started complaining. By the way this isn’t about GSP. I guarantee you hate Jon Jones too. Guys that talk your Coors Light guzzling white trash talk always hate the champions. Go play your Nickelback album, catch a beer buzz and talk about how bad ass you are or tell those fake fight stories about what you did that one time. Guarantee I’ve got you pegged. Haters like you come a dime a dozen. Party on Garth woohooo loser.

      • Boring says:

        The reason GSP should move up a weight class is because that would be his natural weight class.I think that ALL MMA fighters should fight at their natural weight class. They should only be allowed to lose approx 5-7.5 lbs from there natural weight, this will show which true fighter has skill and promote fair & healthy competition. It is wrong for any fighter to lose up to 20 lbs in weight to fight in a lighter class, giving them an unfair advantage when it comes to strength. If you look at most UFC champs they are all fighting in lighter weight classes.MMA needs to address this.

        • It’s not an unfair advantage because every fighter in the world loses that much weight come fight night. Every wrestler does it too. Every boxer does it. Every mma fighter.Nobody is only losing 5-7 lbs so there for nobody has an advantage. You’re wrong.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          Frankie Edgar only loses a pound or two 😀

          But of course you’re right, Edgar is only the exception from the rule

    • The Truth says:

      he has been another jon fitch. hate watching gsp fight.

    • artsunna says:

      I being saying. This for a long time I only watch gsp fight if is free or a replay, Rory. Is a real monster and I bet when the time comes. Gap will have another excuse. Not to fight Rory, gap is p4p the most boring. Champ in Kmart history

    • Shawn says:

      Perhaps he does “hate” to lose. That’s why he trains so hard. That he kicks everyone’s asses. lol He’s probably THE or one of the hardest training fighters out there. He’s smart about what he trains in, and for what specific fighter. Yes, it’s not secret he’s a perfectionist. And any perfectionist knows, “losing” or “not doing your best” is a complete piss off and they hate it. So they try that much harder. And it shows in his fights. He may not have finished his last 4 fights, but he’s certainly beat the crap out of all of them. How many fighters do you know that go to decision and literally beat up their opponents baaaad! Exactly, very few. Learn to watch fights, and train, educate yourself in the fight game, then you’ll see what the true MMA/fight fans see. And stop thinking like a WWE fan as well.

  4. Michael hamlin says:

    Jones best pound for pound fighter in the world and everyone knows it even Anderson knows he can not beat jones!!!

  5. Michael hamlin says:

    Bj please come back to 155 and go for the belt !!!

    • Ninja MMA says:

      I think he will be back when UFC comes to Hawaii! Hope he comes back with the fire he once had otherwise it will be very disappointing. With his head in the game and the physical commitment he could for sure take benson no doubt!

    • nasty nate says:

      truly is a shame how BJ’s career went. when he first started and he was ripped and in top shape he was unstoppable. if that BJ came in to fight GSP i hae no doubt BJ would have won, but for the past years we got this lazy, flabby out of shape BJ.

      • No excuses. Don’t be that guy. He lost to him on more than one occasion so enough with that. He can’t beat him…He was never ripped when he fought at 170 and he fought GSP and GSP beat him when BJ was at his best. Did I mention that this is article is about Anderson Silva?

        • 2tonekid says:

          Dont be that guy either… Its well documented GSP greased… I have a hard time believing that gsp would have reversed BJs backmount otherwise

        • I guess all I have to do to be the UFC champ and beat BJ Penn SEVERAL times is make sure I’m greased. Thatks for the lame excuse. Now I know what it takes to win multiple times against him.

        • Guamy says:

          @James Migliorato it isa a fact that GSP greased in the 2nd bj fight and it is a fact that it was some terrible judging in the first fight. bj went home unscaved as GSP was sittin in the hospital, so in most peoples book he won that fight. which is why they gave him the rematch, GSP was so scared he had his Shit camp grease him up the whole time. dana knows it , NSAC knows it ect ect.. James Migliorato dont be that guy you MORON.

        • Guamy the idiot: GSP completely dominated him when they fought again. Grease doesn’t dominate a fight and if he was so greased he wouldn’t of been able to control him the way he did. He would of slipped right off. Stop the excuses. BJ lost twice to Edgar also. Let me guess, was Edgar cheating or greasing. Guamy is that excuse making guy. Yep thats you. GSP beat him hahahahahaha.

  6. Axeholes says:

    That’s one way of looking at it. Another is that most people compare these two for their ability to put most elite MMA fighters away with relative ease.

    HERE’S ANOTHER FOR THE CHAEL LOVER’S OUT THERE…Y’all ever wonder why fans and critics alike always say “Silva” and “Jones” in the same sentence, and never “Chael” and “Jones”?
    Quite simply, it’s because they’re at least fairly sure that Chael will lose the rematch against Silva, and moreover he has no place in even fighting Jones. Everyone is just that sure.

    • fuckyomudda says:

      im not comparing Chael and these two at all. Im simply saying there is more shit to talk about then both of these guys. Im not hating, Im just simply stating other things can be talked about besides if these to are the G.O.A.T. which u could be right of Silva, but not Jones. Jones has had a few matches and acts like he is the 2nd coming of Christ, why didnt anyone compare other guys when they were age 24 with no losses? A lot of good fighters had a record of 6-0 when they were younger, nobody said shit about them. Im gonna laugh when Jones gets his first lil talley mark, he and all his hardcore fans are gonna act like someone killed their fucking puppy.

      • Yet you can’t think of one solid incident when Jones acted like he thought he was Christ. Evans bashed him online and in interviews daily yet Jones held back and refrained like a real man. Yet people said that Evans was the humble one. lol what an oxi moron comment. Jones always speaks positively. I guess he should say “I might lose” and have zero confidence otherwise he’s considered cocky. I’m white but I notice that the only people that say this cocky mess about fighters are other white folks. I don’t understand why my ethnicity has to make excuses about every fighting sport all the time. We get so jealous over fighters that reach the top regaurdless of what color the fighter is. Grow up.

    • huh?? says:

      Wtf are your talking about?? The reason that this is a discussion is bc they are both in top 3 for pfp fighters in the world and are in different divisions… This is a fantasy matchup and not one that is ACTUALLY happening. And for you to be bringing up “Chael lovers” in a superfight discussion thread for Silva v Jones then we know where you stand on this matchup…

  7. Brend0magic says:

    Jones would get wrecked IMO, and I think he knows that. I either read or saw that they trained together, and Jones was looking to him as a role model or something along those lines and said he wouldn’t fight Silva. But he said that about Rashad too, I bet if people keep feeding his ego and the pay is right, he’d do it.

  8. Paul Harris says:

    Jones wouldn’t stand with Silva. He’d take him down and use his reach like he did with Shogun. That guy Didn’t even want to stand will Vera. He’s like GSP, he plays it safe. His defeat of Shogun really happened on the ground and he stopped machida by taking him down. Safe fighter

    • yep says:

      Jackson camp training at its finest…. Don’t put on exciting great fights, just make sure you win as safely and efficiently as possible. Jones holds back until he gets “comfortable”, or aka points safe. He could be WAY more explosive but would risk him getting caught or loosing, and that’s a BIG Jackson NO NO.. I say if you have confidence in your skills then just go at it like Rory. All us MMA fans can hope for is more straight up killers like Rory Macdonald, who come to fight and leave it all in the cage. And not like the new GSP type of champs who just are big names with better undercard fights that actually “leave everything in the cage” and are actually hungry for that belt.

    • T.Daddy says:

      I don’t know what fight you watched but He destroyed shogun on the feet and on the ground.. Bones has ran through mutiple champs and made it look easy.. and he choked machida out standing up… Ur just a big HATER!

      • So does Rashad Evans which he even admitted during the press conference. Wait, this just in…so does every fighter in MMA. What was your excuse when Tyson dominated in boxing even though he was way shorter and towered over by every every YES EVERY opponent he ever faced? I bet you said something like “damn Iron Mike is a cheater. He uses his shortness as a way to get inside on all these way taller opponents with his shorter arms. He needs to fight someone like a real lion in the jungle one on one then I’ll be impressed”… Am I right? Did it go something like that? Move along. You’re that guy

    • Jones has outwrestled every fighter too you idiot. Safe? Jones gets his opponent in the clinch and murders with his knees all the time. Not one single person will take your playing it safe comment seriously unless they’re fat drunks. When he outwrestled Bader was he playing it safe. Jones also destroyed Shogun with striking idiot. He wins all his fights by KO or TKO so how is he playing it safe LOL? Get real man. Watch a fight for real and be a real fan before you open your beer hole.

      • The Truth says:

        he played it safe with rashad. shut yo mouth boy. and i ain’t fat or a drinker.

        • Yes you are. He axed Rashad with kicks and threw elbows like they were fists yet he played it safe according to you..You are fat and you are a drinker so don’t lie. He never stood on the outside. He was always within Rashad’s reach yet he dominated. How does that make you feel to know that you absolutely cannot win this argument because you can’t come up with one single fact or anything solid to lie your drunken opinion on? Nuff said.

      • KIDD433 says:

        Il be impressed by Jon Jones when he wins guys that are actually his size.Sure he can bully around these much smaller men at 205 with his freek reach advantage.But lets see him do that at HEAVYWEIGHT.Where he wont have such size advantage.He walks around at 235.
        Dos Santos,Ovareem,And Cain would love to welcome him to HEAVYWEIGHT.If he beats at least one of them.maybe then il be impressed.till then mismatched fights and seeing respectable 205 fighters get bullied by someone that doesnt belong at 205 doesnt entertain me.

  9. Robert says:

    wowwwwww UFC 145 jones was the best jon jones to ever show up to a fight. that jon jones would have finished anyone else. do people not understand that Rashad evans is on the same caliber of wreslting as jones which forced jones into a pure stand up battle? that jon jones would have taken down shogun and rampage and everyone else he has taken down. to say that is to really over look how good rashad is. Rashad outwrestled Phil davis the nation divison 1 champion. he made phil davis look like a HS junior varsity wrestler. Phil davis was the best in the nation when he graduated. Bones has lenghthy arms and is not good at combinations. Rashad is good at getting inside and closing distance and he is also hard to hit. Jones was amazing in that fight because i expected rashad to win and yeah jones got rocked twice but still he was very effective. that would hav ebeen anyone elses ass. I mean he beat a guy who’s only ever lost once by decision. I mean come on… rashad has only had one loss in his entire career prior to jones and jones managed to win. thats a big deal. UFC 145 jones is the best jones i’ve seen so far but i guess the writer in the article only bases how good you are off of the end result of the fight. We could have silva fight guys like Leben and forrest and franklin all day. yeah sure have him fight brawlers who play into his technical striking. but you can only see how good a guy is when he is faced with adversity. Like in the chael sonnen fight. in this case when jones fougth a wreslter who was as good as him. and jones passed with shining colors. And don’t get me wrong i can’t fucking stand jon jones he’s a cocky prick. but UFC 145 jon jones was on fire.

  10. T.Daddy says:

    Silva is a Beast but Bones will beat him

  11. James says:

    Ninjas vs Pirates

  12. Pancho says:

    Silva is scared of Jones. He know he’d get his ass kicked.

  13. A.James says:

    Anderson would have to move up in weight do it would have to be on him for this to ever happen. If these guys don’t make it happen after their next fights it’ll never happen.

  14. Pijan says:

    Why is everyone comparing Anderson to Jones, they should be comparing Jones to Anderson. I’m very well aware of what Jones has accomplished, but I’ve only seen two of his fights. I’m also, unlike everyone else, well aware of what Silva has accomplished, and unlike Jones, I’ve seen every single one of his fights. It amazes me ya’ll still underestimate Silva. People seem to be forgetting, Anderson Silva was dismantling the MW division two years before Jon Jones even had his first fight. Anderson is no Shogun, nor is he a Rampage Jackson. But this fight, as with the GSP/Silva fight, will never happen. The UFC couldn’t afford to pit their two poster boys against each other, it’s a fight, someone has to lose. I don’t think the UFC wants either one of them losing until someone else comes along. Anyone else remember when Silva KO’ing people with flying knees and spinning elbows?

    • a 170er moving up to fight the best 185 er EVER who has also won to fights easily by KO at 205 is just a retarded idea as well. I hate when people say GSP should move up to fight him. If you’re gonna beat the best ever you need to be a ragular at at leat that weight class. If he flat out said “I would never do that” I still wouldn’t think he was a bitch. Why should he. This isn’t at you. It’s for all the idiots that always bash him for not fighting Silva.

  15. Train the trainer says:

    Jones performed well against Rashad considering it was his toughest challenge and Im not speaking physically but rather mentally and emotionally. Rashad did nothing that fight to press or wrestle Jones. Jones looked a little timmed but also bored. Jones in many ways if you watch his previous fights is a set up fighter that relys on counter attacks to fuel himself.

  16. Guamy says:


    • GUAMY why don’t you go spam your crap on his page.. This is about Anderson Silva yet yoy are on here crying WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Finished him on more than one occasion so move along little baby. He’s cleared out the entire division yet he’s scared. I bet you don’t say anything about Koscheck slimming down to 170. Look at any 170 pounder. They’re all losing mass weight to fight. This just in….every mma fighter is losing over 20 lbs. to fight. According to you he should gain 10 lbs. every fight though give me a break. You are the worst debater I’ve ever come across. Moving on now. Go complain on his page and stay off Silva”s. GYAMY IS A CRY BABY!!!!

  17. Guamy says:


    • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

      Bigger than JDS? We should not get ahead of ourselves 😀
      Jones is not even close to JDS’s muscle mass, but I think I now what you mean and he should of course move up to HW. If he would be able to get the HW title he would definitely go done as one of the best ever.

    • GUAMY, Looks bigger than JDS????? Dude you are the biggest hater ever. Do you go around hating on all MMA fighters? Dude get off this site. He doesn’t even look close to being as bulky as JDS. All you do is lie and make excuses up about every popular mma fighter and champ. You are a joke.

  18. Shawn says:

    Jones is getting better and better at what he does. But what he’s been doing hasn’t been anything new. For the most part, he’s a very linear attacker. He moves around and is agile, but when he strikes, it’s very linear. Silva has the best striking of anyone in MMA. He strikes from all different angles, and strikes effectively. IMO, he’s also faster than Jones. Much, much more elusive than Evans, and we all saw how little Jones had an effect on him (compared to his other fights). Machida tagged Jones pretty good a few times in their fight. Machida’s problem was he eventually squared up against Jones. Silva wouldn’t make that mistake. He’d be peppering Jones, than moving out, then coming in at a different angle and landing a kick or punch. He would literally just pick him apart standing up. On the ground it could be a different story. Silva would have to watch out for those elbows. We saw how Silva had issues with Sonnen of his back, and Sonnen isn’t as devastating as Jones is on the GnP. But Silva’s got those long legs to wrap around your head, and with a well deserved black belt in BJJ, he’s no dummy of his back. This would be a great match up, which I could see happening later than sooner. But I give the more than slight edge to Silva.

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