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Tuesday, 03/26/2013, 09:09 pm

Citing Weight and Drug Test, Diaz Camp States that GSP Must Legally Fight Rematch or Vacate Belt | UFC NEWS

Following some unusual circumstances before and after his fight against Georges St. Pierre for the UFC Welterweight Championship at UFC 158, Nick Diaz and his camp will be filing an official complaint against Quebec’s athletic commission regarding its handling of contractual obligations of weight requirements and the post-fight drug tests.


Last week, a video was released showing UFC Senior Vice President, Michael Mersh, telling the Diaz camp at the pre-fight weigh-ins that both fighters will be allowed to weigh up to .9 lbs above the contracted limit of 170 lbs.


The Canadian commission, the Régie des Alcools des Courses et Des Jeux, confirmed, “our regulation on combat sports does not take decimals into account. Their consideration is a question of interpretation likely to be debated between the two parties under contract.”


A representative from the Diaz camp, Jonathan Tweedale, released this statement: “The Quebec Commission’s statement is a disappointing admission that the March 16 event was not conducted under the rules applicable to a UFC title fight- or under the rules the fighters contractually agreed to, upon which rules Mr. Diaz was entitled to rely under his bout agreement.”
Tweedale also stated in an email with, “Section 168 of the Regulation respecting combat sports provides that the maximum weight that a fighter must achieve at the official weigh-in shall be determined in advance by contract- and if the fighter does not make the contracted weight- in theis case 170 pounds- then 20% of his purse or ‘the contestant’s remuneration’ will be deducted and paid to his opponent… The contracted weight for this fight was 170 pounds.  170.9 is not 170, anywhere in the world, for a title fight.  There is no question what ‘170 pounds’ means, in the bout agreement, as a matter of contractual interpretation… The Quebec Commission deliberately relaxed the rule in this case and, by its own admission, allowed their home-town fighter to ‘make weight’ even if he weighed more than the contracted weight.”


In a later statement, the Diaz camp discussed its complaint regarding Georges St. Pierre’s post-fight drug test.  This accusation comes on the heels of Diaz’s similar statements leading up to the fight.  The camp’s latest statement read, “Further serious irregularities including, inter alia, the Quebec Commission’s failure to supervise fighters’ provision of samples in connection with testing for Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods (under sections 71.1 to 71.6 of the Regulation), will be set out in an official complaint that will be filed imminently.”


With all of these accusations, the Diaz camp insists that Nick be allotted a rematch with GSP.  “In [light of] the circumstances, Mr. St-Pierre remains legally and ethically obligated to fight Mr. Diaz at 170 pounds or else vacate the belt in favor of those prepared to fight at welterweight.”


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  1. magoo says:

    Shut the fukc up “bitches” no one wants to see this fight again! You got owned by a sick injured fighter get over it!

    • Of course they're gonna say GSP was "sick" says:

      you dumbass. GSP’s stamina is on the decline and before you know it, he’ll be asking for a TRT exemption!!! lol.
      No huhu, Mr Magoo, I didn’t think you would show your ignorance to the politics of professional fighting.

  2. 123 says:

    yh he really got owned lol, not a scratch on his face.. look at GSPs face & he was controlling him for most of the fight.

    • YoMama says:

      I agree. GSP was slumped over sucking wind, and Diaz looked like he just got done with a 20 minute bike ride. Laughable.

      • LOL@you! says:

        I guess that’s why Diaz was hugging on GSP in the standing in the 5th, instead of fighting, right?

        He was doing what he claims everyone does to him…but without the takedown because, I gotta break it to you Diaz cock gobblers, YOUR BOY’S A LOSER! It’s okay, he doesn’t admit it either.

        I mean he didn’t deserve the fight in the first place, and now he’s trying anything he can to stay relevant. But he’s not. He should finally do something right in his career and retire like he said.

        • Diaz isn't a loser says:

          He just loses to GSP and Condit.
          He did beat BJ pretty bad. Are you saying BJ is a loser too????

    • magoo says:

      Well if controlling a guy for the whole fight isn’t owning him…. Then I don’t know what is!!!

  3. Have you noticed..... says:

    …how quiet the UFC (specifically Dana White) has been on this issue? GSP receiving preferential treatment? Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwww……..

  4. YoMama says:

    Its obvious to anyone with half a brain. The first thing to go out is the knees when your tendons get real tight. I love Diaz. I think GSP is weak sauce, but I also dont want another Diaz vs GSP fight. Diaz and anyone who will stand is all I want. I could care less if its a title shot. 1 Diaz fight is worth 100 GSP fights.

    • 123 says:

      i agree.. they need to bring Paul Daley back to have another fight with Nick Diaz, loved the 1st fight.

      • magoo says:

        Paul Daley pffff, if the whiny little bitch from Stockton wasn’t on a two fight losing streak I’d love to see Rory retire him for good!

        • Trevor says:

          Did Diaz sleep with your mother or something? Because you sure do have a lot of hate for a guy who’s done nothing to you. I’ll agree that some things he does are annoying, but he is an awesome fighter. It’s just ignorant not to admit that.

        • No sense in talking to Magoo says:

          the guy is mad and stressed for some reason…poor guy…

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          He’s Canadian….nuff saud

  5. A. Chung says:

    The Canadian Athletic commission to GSP is like the US Postal office to Lance Armstrong. The simple solution is that GSP (and any other Canadian fighter)should not be allow to fight in a Canadian UFC event ever again. This way, the Canadian Athletic commission will not be able to help their homeboy cheat or cheat for their homeboy.

    • LOL@you! says:

      I guess they’ll stop letting Americans fight in the U.S. as well.

      I find it funny how all your stoners and wanna be gangsters buy into all this Diaz crap. Diaz is not as good as he tells everyone, get over it.

      • Trevor says:

        Nothing he said implied he smokes. I don’t smoke and I certainly am no “gangster”, but I think Diaz is awesome. Not because of his personal life, but because of the way he fights.

  6. Dafak says:

    Have you guys gone mental ?!
    Diaz was not supposed to have this match in the first place ! Diaz is the one that ends up failing drug tests. Diaz is the one that goes on about how pot does not give you an edge. But here is the thing – pot is against the rules and it’s failing a drug test. So when he has to follow the rules, the rules are just “dumb”, but when others have to follow the rules and by some chance they don’t, he’s been cheated.
    And most of his loyal fans are just as retarded – if this was Nick not making the cut, you all would have been like “what’s .9 pounds gonna do ? I say let the man fight. WAR DIAZ ! GSP is a pussy !”.
    Diaz got his ass beat on the ground people – he was supposed to be a jiu-jitsu MASTER. What happened ? He got the f*ch outplayed by (and I do mean that, no sarcasm) a boring dryhumping GSP.

    • Bruce says:

      GSP was gassing out after the third round. Things were changing. His style of not fighting and just trying to win by points was slowing for him.

      If nick was suspended a year and fined for being a few nanograms over on pot metabolites….did you stop in to defend diaz at that time??? Diaz did his time and he also beat carlos, when carlos ran from him.

      If gsp cheated or if diaz cheated they should be penalized. A boxer just paid 900k due to pot metabolites!!! having NOT to cut 0.9 lbs is a bigger advantage than smoking a joint 4 weeks before you fight!

      • Dafak says:

        It’s not about the pot man … it’s more about the fact that if in this situation GSP and Diaz’s places were switched and Diaz was the one with the weight cut, then everybody would be like “It’s 0.9 pounds man, WTF ? You are really harsh on Diaz man … Diaz is a true warrior, 0.9 does not make a fighter fight better. WAR DIAZ !” but since we are talking about a fall on GSP’s side, now people are like “NO ! GSP CHEATED ! DIAZ WON THAT FIGHT ! Give him a rematch !”
        Why should he get a rematch ?! He lost this fight EVERYWHERE ! He lost it without even trying.
        Give the next title shot to Hendricks and let Nick earn another crack at the title. You can’t constantly be in title matches loss after loss.

        • BigJ says:

          Dafak have you cut weight for wrestling or for any reason? 1 pound can make a HUGE difference based on their walking weight. Not saying Diaz deserves a rematch but there should be not be special treatment for any fighter.

  7. yodaddy says:

    Im with yomama,my sentiments exactly!!!!!

  8. Sean says:

    I really think Diaz(like Bj and some others) couldn’t do much on the ground against george because he was slippery as hell like usual

    • LOL@you! says:

      No. He had spies in his camp…or I believe it were the cameramen getting action shots. That’s how GSP knew about his sick, magically knee bars. Get with the official excuses bro!

      But really, it might just be that Diaz sucks. And he didn’t really work when he needed to. He lost EVERY aspect of the fight. He’s not on the same level, get over it.

  9. confucius says:

    nobody cares or wants to see a fight again that never lived up to the hype. lets move on and forget this waste of $55 ever happened

  10. Joye says:

    Let the rematch happen and make it fair no one should get special treatment. Also make it happen in Vegas lets see GSP finally fight somewhere else.

    • Dafak says:

      And when dryhump specialist GSP beats Diaz again ? I’m 100% sure that the guys in Diaz’s camp are going to come up with new excuses and several more reasons for a new rematch. Then we are going to have an infinite loop of the dryhumper vs Diaz.
      No, no rematches – Nick got owned at things he is supposed to be really good at. The fight was all GSP, and no, GSP did not dominate Nick by no means but he still beat him heavily on points.
      End of story.

    • LOL@you! says:

      Diaz is just looking for any way to get another paycheck…on GSP’s back. He can have a rematch when he earns one! What a crazy idea, right?

      He had nothing for GSP.

      As for the special treatment, it is something that didnt just start this UFC over there. It’s not a magical, new rule they came up with. Why didn’t anyone else complain like this? Oh ya, because they’re grown ups and they can take a loss like a man….homie.

  11. Sasquatch says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing what a HEALTHY and UNINJURED GSP would do to Diaz, then just maybe he and his minion of b!tches would stfu!… but I doubt it.

  12. Kender says:

    They should do the rematch on free live TV. Everyone already paid to see the fight so if someone cheated and they have to do a rematch it should be a free fight.

  13. Ya herd says:

    If sonnen got to fight jones why should Diaz not get to fight gsp again. The ufc do what they want not what really matters

    • Nick says:

      That’s true. Now I don’t see why you’re still complaining if you understand that fact. That’s like touching a hot frying pan knowing it’s hot.

  14. Kong says:

    Lets face it. Gsp probably is a dirty cheat. We have heard from bj penn, Matt Hughes, and now nick Diaz that some shady shit is going on here. We had the Vaseline deal with bj and then Matt Hughes comes out and says yes gsp felt slippery and now we have this bending the rules shit. I mean what if the fucking guy comes out and says hey man I know the fight is in five minutes and all but just an off the record type of thing your allowed to use a sawed off shotgun but u know its just off the record we just wanted to let u know so both fights know. Everyone should have to abide by the same set of rules no matter how big or small they may seem. When I hear guys that have faced gsp say shit is fishy I have to believe them because they know him better than all of us.

  15. Kong says:

    And if that camera wouldn’t have caught this then a lot people would be saying Diaz made this up.

  16. bob says:

    Do I care aboit 1lb? No! Do I cafe about diaz and weed? Eff no! Do I care aboit diazs jet lag and gsps flu? Not allot. I care a little aboit gsp having to do press but not diaz not fair. I dont care about nicks taxes. Priotitize. Diaz got w.orked and he is taking desparate measures for Nother big paydays. Greasegate was somethimg to be concerned about. I saw it happen live.

  17. ColtScotty5 says:

    They should accept this crazy rematch, however, make it a legal thing where he can’t say one god damn word about anything after the rematch, or he looses his purse. Simple, dude had his chance and fucked it up.

  18. mark says:

    lol what a pathetic, desperate attempt by diaz & camp

  19. jack d says:

    Diaz is the most overrated fighter out ther. Gsp beat him with ease don’t wanna c that fight again. Cake walk 4 gsp in all fairness

  20. LOOKATTHIS says:

    No offence guy’s, but if you had a chance to get an immediate title shot after you got your a. ss kicked and wanted to prove you could still beat him you’s would all take it. This isn’t about .9 pounds making a difference or the fact the rules bent mattered, it’s just that he want’s another f-in shot after being made looked like a fool, just as you’s would. So stop the bickering back and forth, you’s would all do it too.

  21. car dee oh says:

    this is a pretty popular topic! i’d personally like to see them go at it again because diaz sells his fights better than most, but i can’t help but think it might be null and void soon because GSP is not taking Hendricks down.

  22. gvd says:

    Making the fucking weight is part of the contract. This is not a petty complaint. You can’t let shit like this slide at the highest level of MMA competition.

  23. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Well he does have a point. I remember Nate Diaz being 0.5 overweight prior to the bout against Henderson and the commission made a big deal about it and made him sweat the last 0.5 out.

    In this case Nick Diaz had his weight pinpointed on 170 and now all of a sudden he’s told that any weight under 171 is enough. Most likely because the hometown fighter has trouble getting it down to 170.

    So yeah he has a point it’s either exact weight or not, can’t have it both ways.

  24. Bruce Larson says:

    Diaz is a douche.He got his ass owned.Not sure why he’d want to put himself through that again.I guess to get paid

  25. K3vbot says:

    The fact of the matter is, if it says in the contract you must weigh 170, it doesn’t matter what any AC says, he signed that contract with that organization. The UFC would be operating under the AC’s umbrella, so if the rules were more stringent they’d follow the AC’s rules, but if they’re less stringent they still have to follow the contract. If you don’t like it, move out to the woods in Siberia where you don’t have to follow any laws and agreements. GSP won, but the UFC is at fault for not operating like an organization of professionals

  26. BT says:

    what Nick wants is another ppv main event pay day

  27. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Let’s just agree Canada sucks and they are a bunch of cheats that don’t deserve another UFC event. GSP and the UFC should be embarrassed. Nick would’ve kicked his ass if GSP didn’t get all these hometown advantages.

  28. GRT 3000 says:

    This will give Nick and his bevvy of mma drama queens something to cry abt. they need it, it’s part of their scoop.

  29. Dee says:

    At first I disagreed with Nick, but then I realized that he’s making it easy for the next fighter. A lot of guys have been screwed over the GSP preferential treatment, but now it’s going to become harder because he’s being exposed. 1. He should not be getting unassisted drug test (if that is really true), and no he shouldn’t be allowed to weigh in past 170 (if that is true) and someone does need to check his gloves before he fight (if that is true also). I don’t know what to believe and kind of wish NICK moves on, but I remember a few years ago when the same thing happened to BJ and everything was brushed under the rug. This guy needs to be treated like everyone else, and I think Nick is setting precedence and will make it really easy for Hendricks.

  30. Rino says:

    One things this fight did prove is that in the mind of some, Diaz cannot possibly lose a fight. Oh sure he can lose 5 out of 5 rounds, he can get favorable treatment by not having points deducted for flagrant violations in losing those 5 rounds by fewer points than he should have, and somehow the true believers feel he won. I think the answer is kick Diaz out of the league he’s almost as insufferable as his fans, let fighters fight, and let little bitches and their swallowers join All Star Wrestling or the like.

  31. Dan Jenkins says:

    Give him the rematch don’t give him the rematch as much as i like nick as a fighter I absolutely refuse to buy another GSP PPV. **** GSP he’s a boring cheating leg Humper. Until grease boy sacks up and fights Silva I’m done with boring hump fests. I’ve said it for a while GSP image as a “good” guy was more fake than jbj GSP is just a better actor. .9 or one pound IS a big deal to cut especially if your sick and been cutting weight all week. GSP shouldn’t be champ champions make weight

  32. BringBackFitch says:

    GSP vs Maia on national tv would end MMA. Hughes was way more dominant as a wrestler and should have stuck with it instead of trying to stand up against GSP. Hughes the wrestler, or even Sonnen at welter weight would rid mma of it’s most boring fighter.

  33. Nick needs Money says:

    Nick just needs another big fight but he doesn’t deserve it with that match he fought..He was not that affective with his stand up as everyone thought he would be..He also stop punching for a bit..Hendricks should get next shot..Rory vs Nick would be intresting…

  34. Tracktwister says:

    For a guy who supposedly wanted to fight for the belt he sure didn’t show it! But if there was a belt for bullshit excuses of how he wasn’t ready and every other excuse under the sun….. Diaz deserves a belt for that! The Chumpion of excuses!

  35. Travis says:

    He’s using every way to stay in with big boys. Nick had no business in there he’s done. Just looking for fee pay day in high purses.

  36. Christopher says:

    If Diaz is such a stickler to the rules then he should fire himself from the UFC for trying to attack his opponent after the bell on more then one occasion during his fight with GSP, it happened to Daley so while not him and if he does get a rematch and has his ass handed to him again by a true MMA fighter we’ll just have to go through this all over again when he cries about how GSPs fingernails were longer then his and how his gloves made his butt look fat. Diaz lost get over it

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