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Thursday, 07/19/2012, 01:11 pm

Silva’s Camp Eyeing Fight with Rockhold, not Weidman or Lombard

Following UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva’s defeat of #1 contender Chael Sonnen at UFC 148, the MMA universe has been abuzz over who the 37-year-old Brazilian will face next.

Fuel TV’s “UFC Tonight” recently reported that Silva’s camp is more inclined to a showdown with 10-1 Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold than anyone else. Rockhold is coming off a successful title defense against Tim Kennedy this past weekend.

Citing an unnamed source within Silva’s management, “UFC Tonight” reported that Silva’s camp isn’t high on a fight with either incoming UFC middleweight Hector Lombard, who faces Tim Boetsch this weekend at UFC 149, or fellow middleweight Chris Weidman, who systematically dismantled top five opponent Mark Muñoz at the recent UFC on Fuel TV event.

“One of Anderson Silva’s managers said that one of the issues with Hector Lombard is he thinks he needs at least three more impressive wins in the UFC. He said that 85 percent of UFC fans don’t even know who Hector Lombard is, who is of course making his Octagon debut on Saturday night.

“As for Chris Weidman, he said, ‘Well, there’s another great unknown fighter.’ He doesn’t see those matchups as being money making pay-per-view events.

“He did mention Luke Rockhold, who is the Strikeforce middleweight champion. Alas, Rockhold is contractually tied to Strikeforce, so that fight’s not happening. We’ll have to wait and see, but right now, the Anderson Silva camp is not too excited about the options out there.”

Who do you think should be Anderson Silva’s next opponent?

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143 Responses to “Silva’s Camp Eyeing Fight with Rockhold, not Weidman or Lombard”

  1. GET RID OF GUIDA ( forever) says:

    when and where was this picture taken?! He looks like a war refugee from Africa or something LOL

    • The Outlaw says:

      It was from a commercial they did.

    • Dias says:

      Its a photo take of Sonnens bandwagon after UFC 148.

      • Nuitari X says:

        LOL, +1000000000

      • WrestlingRules says:

        That’s cool…But Silva is a known Cheater now…ROFL…

        • danielrchargers says:

          Wrestlingrules you are such a nerd.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          That could be true, how doed it feel for me to school you on this forum and school you on the mat and school you anywhere?? How do feel getting schooled by a “nerd”?? Don’t you got anything better to argue about?? Your challenges are weak…lol..

        • BJ Fan says:

          Wrestlingrules , I don’t think anyone was challenging you. Get a life. Troll.

        • momo says:

          and now your known as a crybaby…. ROFL…

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Not cryin’ my man..just stating FACTS!!! Do you consider greasing cheating? FACT. Do you consider holding shorts to create leverage cheating? FACT. Do you consider holding the cage to prevent being taken down cheating? FACT Do you consider a knee to a downed opponent cheating? FACT. So what is your point @momo?

        • Wrestlingsuxballs says:


        • WrestlingRules says:

          I know and I’m good with it. Just stating facts that Silva is a cheater, greased, holding shorts, cage holding and illegal knee, not too mention the cheap shot shoulder sucker punch the day before. I;m cool with Sonnen losing. Are you cool with Silva being a cheater??

          And Wrestling does not sux balls. Wrestling Rules!!!!

        • 757 says:

          besides if you watch the fight he was wiped off by the ref prior to the start. I agree Chael lost!!!!! Back to the bottom like everyone else. get off his nuts cough them up and move on.

        • bunkylomax says:

          wrestling rules is a Fonzanoon! AS won the fight Fact! the knee was not called illegal therefore legal Fact! Chael admitted he grabbed AS shorts as well and it’s part of the game Fact! your effn to stupid to be a nerd

        • Simon says:

          I usually don’t agree with wrestling rules but that knee was illegal. That’s from an unbiased perspective. A large part of the leg smacked straight into his chin causing him to
          Bite his tongue and have stitches. Yes the knee hit the chest but his thigh “struck” the chin at high velocity with forethought and intent. Definitely a strike to the head of a downed opponent.

        • Matt says:

          WrestlingRules, where’s your cunt ‘keep fitch’ to back you up? That cunt troll is usually lodged up your ass whenever you post something

        • BJ Fan says:

          Did the ref wipe anderson off w/a towel before the fight? Yes. FACT!

          did anything significant happen that could’ve changed the fight after anderson grabbed the shorts? No. FACT!

          watch the replay again, he kneed him in the chest. Thats legal, FACT!

          this is what happened. Anderson WON the fight. FACT. quit bitching.

      • B-rad says:

        Thats perfect, the look on his face matches too lol!!! but it was from that budweiser commercial

  2. PaulNewman says:

    Weidman would be a tough fight for silva it should happen. Lombard needs to earn his stripes in the UFC before he gets a shot.

    • Nick says:

      Silva only had one fight in the UFC

      • Armando says:

        that’s true! silva only had one fight when he got his title shot! i think they’re scared of the big threat that lombard represents…

        • ant says:

          He was also a pride champion back when it was better than the ufc

        • Shawn says:

          No he wasn’t. He was Shooto champ, and Cage Rage champ. But he was 3-1 in Pride. He was good back then, but nowhere near how good he is now. Having followed Lombard and Silva in their early career, I can honestly say that apart from their fighting styles, they were both cut from the same cloth. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Lombard beats Silva. I couldn’t put money on that fight though. Way too close. lol

      • Jamie Rowe says:

        yeah it’s true,but at that time there were no other threats for franklin either…no other contenders besides silva and although the fans of the ufc may have not heard of silva,he had a name in a better organization than lombard does,and trust me pride had a hell of a lot better fighters then,than bellator does now

        • Reality says:

          In addition to that he made a SERIOUS statement in that 1st fight. Lombard needs to make a statement to be considered in my opinion.

      • bunkylomax says:

        AS had one fight true but won in devistating fashion and if you knew anything about MMA other than the UFC you would know that AS resume was a lot better than that Cuban steroid machine and weidman barely out struck DM whose striking sucks and he beat Munoz who is overrated coming off an injury and looked out of shape..I hate UFC nuthuggers who don’t know shit other than what Dana white and joe Rogan say..

    • Mik says:

      I love Silva but i hate when he dodges the number one contender like he did to Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort, I think he knows Hector would probably be the toughest test of his career.

      • Alex says:

        Hector Lombard will be such an easy fight for AS. Silva is a counterstriker and he does best against aggresive styles. If you’ve seen Hector lombard fights thats exactly what he has. an aggresive style. True that hector is a very good judo practitioner but AS would most definately find thousand of openenings in lombards style and would KO him pretty fast. Ofc anythign can happen but if you know a little about mma you would know that that is most likely to happen.

    • 757 says:

      Weidman will get knocked the fuck out ……..What are you thinking?

  3. JoeDirt says:

    Why should he be able to pick and choose who he fights? He should be forced to fight the #2 guy, makes sense to me..

    • the original steve says:


    • PaulNewman says:

      I agree Chael lost to Anderson who was #2 and Mark Munoz was #3 according to basically every ranking. No one had anything bad to say about Chris Weidman before he beat Munoz and then once he did everyone tries to discredit him by saying Munoz wasn’t a good fighter anyway which is pathetic. Weidman is #2 and Anderson needs to fight him.

      • Gor says:

        Before we get too giddy over Weidmans victory over Munoz, we should keep in mind the fact that Munoz was coming off an injury. Fighting a healthier Munoz could possibly yield a different result… maybe not. My point being, lets see Weidman fight another top tier guy before getting too crazy about his chances as a top contender. Let him fight Bisping… or better yet… Belfort. A fight with Belfort would show us ALL plenty regarding who belongs where in the rankings.

        • Not You says:

          How about we all get off Weidmans duck so he can get back to fight his way to the top? He fought the worst looking fighter I’ve seen in Munoz. Weidman isnt ready for Anderson. He’s got to fight at least twice more before he should even think about fighting Anderson. This is why UFC should assimilate with Strikeforce. That way we would have people ready for a title fight. MW is cleared out, LHW is almost there, WW is getting better and lets not even get started on the LWs.

    • Reality says:

      Who said Silva’s camp was picking the fights? They stated an opinion and that’s fine. However, the UFC picks the fights for the UFC champions. Not the champions themselves.

    • Steve says:

      Yeah he is the champion it should be people calling him out because they think they are worthy of a shot. Then the UFC figures out who they think is worthy. This is just backwards how his management tries to pick and choose who Silva fights.

    • Kingsforge says:

      There isn’t a current number 2 guy, that’s the whole point. Chael was the only one making any kind of name for himself in a big way, everyone else now needs to generate some hype.

      He’s obviously interested in the strikeforce champion because there’s already hype which equals money, but he can’t have that fight.

  4. You know what it is says:

    Once again “the champ” is calling out challengers…this guy should shut up and fight. Btw, did Anderson forget that he himself got a shot at the title with only 1 fight in the UFC when he was “virtually unknown”? Why wont he afford challengers the same shot he had? Sonnen was right about this guy…

    • Omaeka says:

      Anderson ducks threats 24/7, he knows Lombard has his number, any fearless grappler with striking ability will beat him unless they make a mistake.

      Chael got caught in a sub and then slipped and got TKO’d in the second fight, where did Silva dominate to get those victories? He was winning only about 30 seconds of the 35 minutes he fought Chael.

      • Drew Davis says:

        The 35 seconds that he beat Chael Sonnen in led to 2 victories. “He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious. – Sun Tzu”

      • Look facts on why silva is not ducking anyone:
        Forrest was suppose to be a big challenge : silva ended it quick
        Maia gets it to the ground silva loses – silva taunted maia the whole fight
        Sonnen toughest fite gets submitted and tkod
        Vitor is best striker against silva – gets k.o with a kick.
        Okami wresling and power will do the damage – gets k.o in the second round.

        weidman good wrestler with okay striking – what does silva have to fear? not a big name and only 9 wins?

        Bisping has lost to chael ,henderson and silva beat both

        lombard is making his ufc debut? – not really a threat yet – we ll see this weekend.

        so who has he ducked everytime he has a challenger he destroys them

      • brandon wheaton says:

        ^^^^ This.

        Lombard’s Judo will put him on the ground from the clinch, and his striking is feared by Silva.

    • KM says:

      Well Said!
      Yeah, Lombard should have 3 more impressive victories first. How convenient for AS. Just in time for him to retire so he doesnt have to face Lombard.
      Luke Rockhold? What?

    • Alex says:

      Your an idiot, Silva went into the toughest fighting organization and destroyed what they called a “tough” fighter in less then a minute. making it look absolutely so easy, im pretty sure he was well known after that also Lombard really needs to prove himself in good fashion we shouldnt say he should get a title shot if he wins against boetsch, what if it goes to decision and is very unimpressive should he still get one? No. Also quit talking about sonnen, hes old news who makes excuses for his loss because all he can do is talk, Clearly you and the other sonnen fans are still whining.

      • ReviewMMA says:

        Forget excuses about Sonnen there isnt a excuse but there is cheating on andersons part rubbing vasaline on his body and arms before the second fight and whats with the grabbing shorts? haha it is Anderson who needs the excuses not Chael so infact Alex you are the Idiot.

        • blahblahblah says:

          So did you forget the part where the ref wiped it off and Chael still got the takedown in under 4 seconds? Or the part where Chael was grabbing his shorts too? Leeeet me guess. Your next complaint is about the mysterious illegal knee.

  5. some dude says:

    Silva vs weidman make it happen you could do that fight now or you would have to wait for someone to get some wins cause no one in that devision has that many impresive victories in the ufc right now.

  6. Diaz209 says:

    and who the hell is this Rockhold chump?? Some nobody that had a title defense against keith jardine & some other kennedy guy. Jardine lost to Houston Alexander who in turn lost to Kimbo… Shows how much talent he has in the cage huh??

  7. Dana says:

    Wait a second….He would rather fight an unproven middleweight of STRIKEFORCE over top talent from the UFC?…Sounds like a champion mentallity to me. *Note the sarcasm*

    • Austin says:

      Has he not beat every single contender in the UFC? Some more than once. It seems to me that he has to look outside the UFC to find someone worth his time at the moment, because apparently the number 2 contenders in the UFC aren’t up to the challenge. Also it is just an opinion of who he would like to fight. In my opinion I would love to fight Anderson myself, but I would be destroyed and the fight will never happen. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to fight him.

      • Nuitari X says:

        Hell yeah!! I’d fight silva too as long as there was a referee!!! I’d probably no doubt get my ass whooped but it would be an honor and at least he couldn’t kill me with a triangle choke like he could have did to SONNEN if it were on the street. Sonnen wouldn’t have had a second chance. Understand people?

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You dumb shit, on the street he would have been shot in the head with a .45. You Understand?? Fantasy Boy, non of this shit happens in the street!! This is a professional fighting league with rules!! I told you to quit preaching hypocrite or I’ll come find you.

        • AKA says:

          Wrestling does not rule. Unless you wanna lay and prey. Yes, I would like you to seek me out. 1791 Hillsdale Ave.
          San Jose, CA 95124
          You sound like a key board cowboy.
          F-ing wrestlers to stupid to quit while their not ahead.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Give me a name?? Just ask for NuitariX and I’ll find you. Son-in-law of the year!! Wrestling Does Rule!!!

        • B-rad says:

          Yeah guns are the unfortunite outcome of some street fights.. But your completly oblivious if you think that all you need is a 45.Both my dad and my brother carry guns everywhere they go, but they arent always beside them if they needed them.. Thats why i train in Krav Maga too, learnin gun and knife disarms, and how to effectivly use a knife and the mentalitly of survival at any cost.. Im not surprised at all on your view of real life altercations, because wrestling can get you killed in the streets.. if the guys got a buddy, or for me, you put me on my back my fingers are goin stright thru your someones eyes….

        • idiot says:

          you don’t die from a triangle choke. you pass the f out. so I think I might take you up on that offer. I’ll find some free time from training here in GA and lets put some cash on it so I can take your wife out to dinner afterward and get my winners bj.

        • correction says:

          you CAN die from one, but rarely. It has killed before but if done correctly and without using absolute malice and continuous hold for a very extensive period of time you will just pass the f out.

      • Dana says:

        Supposedly* arent up to the challenge. Anderson would like to fight Rockhold because its an assured victory. Its obvious Silva doesnt like fighting with his back on the mat, I can see why, and Weidman just happens to be a wrestler. Let Dana and Lorenzo decide whats best for the UFC and what match ups will work best in the cage. Do Not let your team hand pick the easiest win for you.

  8. That Guy. says:

    How convenient for Silva to challenge a guy he more then likely knows he can’t fight. While trying to discredit the next closes competitors.

  9. maurice says:

    like he says, there just not a lot of options. at this very moment there isnt. rockhold stuck in sf. weidman looks great, but rather see how he does against bisping or vitor b4 he gets a shot. chaels done. lombard in my eyes is kind of unknown. vitor is hurt. scratch all these matchups and make bisping vs weidman ufc 152.

  10. CoCiO says:

    yeah it definitely seems he’s just choosing who he “doesn’t” want to fight. Calls out a guy who is tied to another organization. Fight man, Lombard, Boetsch, Weidman or whoever actually deserves it, popularity aside. Let the promoters worry about the money because at this point I’m sure you’ve made enough. Keep proving yourself as the greatest..

    • Scotty says:

      He’s at the end of his career and no longer needs to prove anything in this sport unless he has a super fight! He will go down as the best MW ever in MMA and also best fighter ever in MMA unless someone accomplishes more.. So why not try to get as much money as possible in your next couple fights then retire? Makes since to me, even though i would like to see him in one superfight before he retires! I saw BJ in a superfight, now would like to see Silva do it..

  11. Michael hamlin says:

    Who cares

  12. quit bitching says:

    Hey morons guess what? This isn’t Anderson talking it’s his management….so stop talking about him fucking fights or trying to pick his challengers

  13. v says:

    super fight champion vs champion……. jones vs silva….. bones vs the spider

  14. Scott says:

    Who is Anderson Silva again? isn’t he that guy who – 1:Hasn’t lost in the UFC in 6 years, 2:Has 10 title defenses, 3: has what is it 14-15 fight win streak. YEP that sounds like a guy “Running and Ducking” other fighters to me LOL LOL this isnt directed at anyone specific but if you don’t like him for whatever reason I get it, Here are the actual facts NO ONE has those kind of Actual numbers of Dominance Period.

  15. BigJ says:

    lets look at it like this. the 3 guys that took Silva down and held him there for a minute or 2, all of them got submitted in the ufc. Travis Lutter, remember him? had Andy mounted…what happened? TAPED to Elbows while trapped in a triangle. Dan Henderson, well held him down for 1 round and succumbed to a RNC in the second….and Chael “im an overrated roid head” Sonnen, how can we forget the 4 round domination of AS then getting caught in the 5th in a….u guessed it, TRIANGLE. then in his “redemption” fight, gets tko’d in the second. If you watched any of his earlier fights, its not a wrestler that is his kyptonite….its a Ju Jitsu practisioner….notice he didnt wanna goto the ground with Leites or Maia? both high lvl black belts in BJJ. Andy knows better. this new kid wont get him down and will end up on his highlight reel of KO/TKO’s

  16. Casual Carl says:

    Even though Rockhold is a champion in Strikeforce I can’t imagine that many people that don’t know anything about Weidman or Lombard would know who he is either, so I’m failing to see how that fight would be a bigger PPV draw than the other two. With Strikeforce events being held almost exclusively on a premium cable network in the US, I’d wager to guess that more casual fans have probably seen a UFC card with Weidman on it or caught Lombard fighting for Bellator on MTV2 than have seen a Rockhold fight.

    • Scotty says:

      You can promote this fight more by marketing it, “UFC champ vs. Strikeforce Champ” which can bring more money than Silva vs. Weidman or even Silva vs. Lombard(even though you can market this as long winning streaks) which better than a weidman fight!

  17. Shawn says:

    Really? As impressive as Rockhold looked last weekend (better than he did in his previous fights), and I’m not sure if it’s because he was fighting Jardine, I don’t think he will be able to stand in their with Silva. Which makes me think 2 things, Silva’s camp wants easier fights going into his last few fights. Or he wants to hold two titles from different promotions before he retires. Which would hold true to what he has always said, he wants his last fights to be significant fights that will permanently etch his name in MMA history.

  18. CanILive says:

    Wow, gayyyy. Silva is really trying to pick and choose his opponents…. Is he really”for the fans?”

  19. Soup says:

    Jon Jones or Winner of Condit vs. GSP. Go for another belt!

  20. im batman says:

    Look dana said we will find out Saturday who will fight Anderson next! My guess is the winner of the lombard fight! And I think Anderson said rockhold because he called Silva a cheat after he whopped chael! That article is on here too!

  21. Anomie says:

    He says he won’t fight Lombard until he has 3 fights in the UFC…
    …. Wants to fight Rockhold who has had 0 fights in the UFC….

    Of course, Anderson also forgot to mention he got his title shot in his second UFC fight…

  22. Xaninho says:

    And there come the haters….

    His management is just thinking out loud. If the UFC says fight Weidman or whoever he will fight him. They just hope the last few fights he has left will be big PPV draws.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      So you’re now for big PPV fights for your Silva boyfriend? Then the BIGGEST PPV would be Silva fighting Jones!!! But Silva already said Nope to that. The truth is that Silva has Always ducked tough fights and he wants to skate out with people he thinks he can beat. He didn’t want to fight Sonnen the second time until White told him you can’t say no because he has been mean to you!! Silva is a known cheater now and he is scared to fight threats. Plus his team is too. You know why???? Cuz, when he LOSES the gravy train ends!! There now you have the truth. It will set you FREE…..lmao..Silva zombies are so stooooopid.

      • mean170 says:

        Wrestlingrules you are the biggest Silva hater on this whole site. And the sad thing is that you are a knowledgeable mma fan. Why is it that you hate Silva? Or is it that you hate all strikers? Please don’t tell me you hate Jose Aldo as well? He’s shown solid takedowns and solid takedown defense, that should get your inner wrestler excited, and he finishes fights. Just curious man, not trying talk shit.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You know what Dude. You ask GREAT questions and deserve my complete respect and honest answers. I don’t really hate anybody!! I believe we are all ONE and we are all brothers of the one race, the Human Race!! What I DO HATE are people’s beliefs. So if I am guilty of anything it is I am guilty of hating bullshit BELIEFS. As far as Silva, I really respect his abilities and what he does. He probably has the STRONGEST mental game around. When he didn’t give up in the first fight and locked in that triangle at the last minute from a stupid Sonnen, I KNEW he was strong and smart mentally. What I don’t admire is his character. I believe he is an egotistical narcissist and he will be humbled. It’s inevitable, But beyond that, I have noticed that there are many people on this forum who are just NOT savvy about Silva and don’t see all his weaknesses. I am VERY GOOD at finding the mentally weak fanboys who can’t argue and can’t fight for their positions. It’s the same on the mat. I fight all the time and easily beat these guys who are so full of fantasy and when I pick them up and show then how gravity works they crumble. I love crumbling shitty beliefs! I am guilty of that.

          Do I hate striking? No! I have boxed longer than I have wrestled and I have been wrestling since I was 3!! I love striking but I also KNOW that wrestling and the transitions it brings set-ups good striking. It is the base of your power. Most of the wrestlers in the UFC right now are just now beginning to learn striking. I could go on and on. But there are wrestlers who are really good boxers and are getting good at the transitions and these are the new school that will dominate MMA in the next 5 years. There is a new wave building and it will change the way MMA will be fought. Can you imagine a nice striker like a Hominick or JDS that can immediately turn up a Sonnen take down in a quick transition from an awesome combo?? Then can Fitch the bitch out and really throw elbows and fists from top control. It’s coming and take down defense isn’t good enough. Weidman is part of this new breed. He has chosen the bjj route because of his gym and mentors. I personally think it is a mistake. Weidman had full mount on Munoz and all he tried were bjj cranks and couldn’t finish them. Hasn’t anybody told him that when you have dominate top control, you throw elbows and fists!!! BJJ is good how Silva used it or how Bj uses it. Silva threw one form a submissive position and got it and BJ usually beats em up for awhile then chokes them out in an offensive manner. I personally only use bjj in this manner. I am never on my back.

          Aldo, and matter of fact, most of the Brazilians are beasts and I DO like them. They do have good takedown defense because that is about ALL they are training right now. But it won’t be enough soon. You better have takedown offense to be the best. Look at Dos Anjos in his last fight, that bjj guy just became a wrestler and when he figures out top control dominance he may be a champ. It’s coming.

          I actually believe Aldo, maybe the real p4p best fighter out there. But he needs better competition and he seems to be taking the Silva path. Silva has always been in the weakest division in the UFC and Now 45 is the weakest division and he seems content on staying there. I wish he would go to 55 and see if he can win there. If he does then he is the real p4p.

          But at the end of the day, IMO the GOAT and the p4p not only are good fighters, but are willing to fight anybody and have been champs in multiple divisions. So in my book there have been 3: Royce cuz he fought guys 100lbs heavier than him and BEAT everybody. Couture and BJ. These other guys need to fight threats.

          So I do like challenging these guys on this forum and those smart enough to fight then let’s see who wins!!

          Crap this was long but I wanted to answer fully and honestly…HooRah…

        • mean170 says:

          Well said, and thank you brother, I respect your opinion.

        • Bjj BB says:

          Silva shows nothing but respect all the time, well he never did for sonnen but we all know why, now u say your not a fan of bullshit beliefs? Thats funny cause silva will go down as one of the most famous and humbble fighters ever!! So wat u have to say is bullshit!! Its funny how u dont bring in matt huges, sonnen, and all them other cocky ass wrestlers but got some fucking nerve talking about silva!! Wake the fuck up chump!!

        • B-rad says:

          good point about the three who would fight anyone anywhere at anytime!! i try to take after that mentality! As much as some people would hate to hear it you should throw Chael into that list.. Like he said everyone use to run for the hills when they saw Anderson Silva, but he was the one who was brave enough (or maybe dumb enough) to stick his finger in his chest and give him a challenge! AS probably loves Chael for that, because he was probably bored at the top of the mountain

        • Xaninho says:

          No WrestlingRules hates Aldo, because Aldo showed wrestling is done in MMA.

          He’s always hoping Aldo will lose his next fight.

          And WrestlingRules, You’re very good at finding mentally weak fanboys? I’m constantly wiping the floor with you and your biased rants. Still you keep trying to take me on.

          You’re even posting bullshit under my name(Yes I found out it’s you) because you want to be just like me.

          It was you who claimed Silva’s fans would come up with excuses after Sonnen would have beaten him. Well Silva annihilated Sonnen and here you are making excuses under every news article Silva’s name is mentioned. No it’s even worse, you even post excuses under articles with totally different subjects.

          Wrestling is DONE in MMA! All strikers with a bit of takedown defense are murdering wrestlers in there!

          If wrestling rules , why aren’t there more wrestlers with belts?

        • B-rad says:

          Im not takin any sides on this, but i will say that you cant say one is better than the other.. ITS MMA WERE WATCHING!! When Badr Hari or Semmy Schilt fight the best HW wrestler in the world (whoever the fuck that is cuz IDGAF about straight up wrestling at all) until that happens its not striker vs grappler or what ever… Its MMA vs MMA.. and im a striker at heart, that is what my passion is, is kickboxing.. But if you sleep on wrestling it will bite you on the ass if your not ready for it… But you are right a guy like the Reem (boosted T or not) unbelivable striking with good TDD AND submissions, is the make of most champions.. But like i said thats still all 3 phases of the game

        • Xaninho says:

          I see your point. I know there are useful wrestling techniques, takedowns and takedown defense.

          Good takedown defense can keep the fight on the feet where one-dimensional LnP wrestlers like Mendes and Fitch eat knees and fists, if you want to take it to the ground, the wrestling takedowns are the best option to do that….Once the takedown is done BJJ comes into play to finish the job though.

        • B-rad says:

          ^ exactly

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Is this the real Xanindo?? If so tell me something about yourself that I would know it is you. Speaking of rants? You are the king of rants and always has Silva in your motuh.

          Plus, I am beginning to think YOU are signing under my name now that you are accusing me of doing it to you. I have NEVER signed up under anybody’s name or will I.

          So as usual, you are WRONG again.

          Nice try next time.

          As I stated before, I hate NOBODY, but I do hate SHITTY Beliefs and I believ Aldo should go to 55 and see if he can beat that deep bench. If so, then he is the best.

          Now @Xanindo, stop your ranting and drug induced dementia. lol..

          Take a deep breath. you’ll calm down some. Cheesch..

  23. 43fqwe4trq says:

    Silva wants is afraid of Weidman. True story.

  24. ku says:

    andy would murder rockhold. I agree weidman and lombard gotta build some more hype or defeat sonnen to get a shot.

  25. GoFinishPlease says:

    Bisping is the most interesting match up, I’d enjoy watching that

  26. im batman says:

    Why would Silva be scared when he’s beat the best the UFC has thrown at him!

  27. brandon wheaton says:

    Seriously, how can you be GOAT when you CONSISTENTLY ask for weaker, less experienced opponents, and openly state that you don’t want to fight the tougher guys?

  28. beag says:

    “unnamed source…”…chael sonnen or some other spinster?

  29. Bobby Larson says:

    Quite honestly when you’ve reached the level of success that Anderson has its a bit difficult to find him a matchup that would sell. I completely understand where his camps coming from in that perspective. Not disregarding any of Weidman or Lombard’s credentials in any way because both of these guys are legitimate threats to his reign. But financially it doesn’t make sense at the moment. Contenders are running short fast because he dismantles everyone in his way. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see him fight for another year for the simple fact that there really is no one out there. It’s happened plenty of times in the history of combat sports. Boxing’s Floyd Mayweather is a perfect example. He takes year to year and a half layoffs because there’s no one out there to match his skill. Same thing with Sugar Ray Leonard when he was in his prime. He retired 3 times before his career went downhill. Why? There was nobody out there. If anybody’s going to be a next contender for Silva it’ll probably be Bisping. Why? Because it makes sense. He talks shit, which will generate ticket sales. He’s not too far down the ladder, and a legitimate win over Stann might have him a fight away from a title shot. Knowing Dana’s reputation he might get it automatically just to make some money. That’s if he defeats Stann (which I’m hoping he doesn’t) but if Silva’s camp is concerned about money that fight makes sense imo.

  30. DEFINITLY I SAY DEFINITLY will they have to wait for lombard, that guy is on a big streak if he keeps winning they have to wait for him as an opponent that for sure will be silvas biggest challenge

  31. Xaninho says:

    Cmon they know if they beg Dana they can make that fight happen Silva just dont want ppl to take him down.that’s why he chose rockhold over Wiedman and Lombard

  32. Ryan kelly says:

    I think belcher vs Chris wiedman would be a great match up and vitor vs bisping winner of each fight faces each othe for a title shot seems like it makes the most sense to me who agrees ?

  33. Q says:

    How about Weidman vs bisping #1 contender match

  34. 808topteam says:

    Weidman would get KO/TKO’d wihtout a doubt in my mind. Weidman presents no threats to Silva. Lombard on the other hand has great power and his ground game is sick. BUT it took him 5 rounds to finally TKO my boy Niko Vitale in Bellator. Not exactly impressive IMO. Niko’s ground is better than Andersons but Lombard likes to bomb and he would likely get KO’d trading int he pocket with Silva, Lombard is a stonger heavier hitter version of Chael. and thats a problem for Silva. i think in 90% of MMA circles Lombard is well known, plus i’m sure the UFC could easily put together a nice little montage of Lombards KO finishes and Title defense in Bellator, BUT general american UFC fans dont know him so thats a problem. hopefully he ends this fight saturday with some good ground work and then a KO to make a statment. Weidman stands no chance! he’s never been a champion and likely never will, he’s got a good attitude and solid basic skills, but he will never be discussed as a great like Anderson.

  35. Bd says:

    you people must not have a job. let the man pick his opponents. he always challenges himself and beats opposition. the best should be able to choose the best. he probably doesnt see any good competition in the UFC

  36. mean170 says:

    If you really look at it, there are no legitimate threats to Silva at 185. You guys really believe that Weidman or Lombard can win?? You don’t, you’re as bad as the people that hate Jon Jones and are just praying someone can land one perfect shot that will knock one of those Kings off their thrones. It doesn’t make sense to me to hate someone because of their greatness. Champions should be applauded, especially champions who have defended their belt multiple times and in spectacular fashion for the most part. Shame on you for idolizing these pretenders to the crown, saying this champion is scared or that they pick their fights, or that they should all move up a weight class and fight a bigger guy just because you, a random fan who has possibly never been in a cage fight, wrestling match, or even a street fight, hell maybe not a sport of any kind, says so on the internet.

    • GRZ says:

      Word, I like this site there is some good comments that are on here and it’s disappointing to see little gags on here and just ruin shit, your not cool go suck mommies tittie, for everyone who respects this site props to you, for the rest just don’t post and that wrestlingrules, I think ur probly nine and I feel bad for your future cause ur a fuckin dork, and now u see ur name ur going to rant so ……. Here’s my reply WHO FUCKING CARES ANYWAAY

      • WrestlingRules says:

        lol….That’s all you got???? Peace and love and Andy is the greatest and the p4p and the only and eternally the GOAT! Is that better?? rofl…

      • WrestlingRules says: last thing and you KNEW this was coming didn’t you??…lol..
        You DID exactly what you said you DON’T like others doing! You said you like the good comments on this site and commended people who respect this site and don’t say stupid shit…then you turn a 180 and DO EXACTLY what you said you didn’t like!!! Is that the definition of on Insanity on your part? Or are you just full of shit and can’t handle it???…..You’re feeling all defensive inside now aren’t you??? ….rofl…

  37. Sepy says:

    He is scared of Lombard!!

  38. Jason says:

    Lombard and Weidman are legitamat threats,It’s seems like silva is slowing down a bit.That’s just my opinion,Some one like lombard can take out silva because he attacks right at the beginning,we saw that sonnen could drop silva,Think of what Lombard could do.

  39. DMAC says:

    You dumb shits really think Silva is scared to fight… Lol I guess when your a UFC mega star you gotta have hate..

  40. Drew says:

    Anderson would beat all 3 w/o a problem. If he wasn’t 37 and probably not tryn to fight when he’s 40 id give him shit for not movn up and clean house but there really isn’t any threat at 185 at all. He would be bisping and stann so honestly the only option I see is 205 but it’s cool if he doesn’t wanna do all that. Chael sonnen is not some gatekeeper to Anderson. Like chael had the testeserone of fucking 16em that night and that’s cheating dude and second fight he was allowed and was 6x the limit and lost in the second round. Look at chael in fight one compared to fight two. He said how chael of now would beat but chael then was a testersone filled beast to now

  41. ASVSRE says:

    Rumour has it that a certain 205er could be dropping down. With all the confusion at 185 lets just go for……. Anderson vs Rashad!

  42. Azorr says:

    Isn’t it clear. It seems to me that he is ducking the tough fights. There has to be some truth to what Charl kept saying about him. He is a fake.

  43. Krinkle says:

    Bring Nick Diaz to 185. Not the first time he has fought at higher weights. Of course that is in Feb when he returns.

  44. Brad says:

    I would love to see Weidman get a shot. Stylistically I think he would pose some significant challenges for Silva.

  45. shaven maven says:

    no surprised at all.
    luke rockhold is my home town bro, santa cruz, california, and even though i want to see him fight in the UFC, make big money, even get the title one day, he is no match for anderson silva.
    the anderson silva camp is CHERRY PICKING. i’m not saying that luke isn’t a worthy opponent, but he is not the #1 contender. Luke still needs to face top 10 fighters, and merge with the UFC roster. by the time this happens, anderson silva will prolly b retired.
    why is anderson silva not picking the #1 contender? he prolly thinks it’s best for his legacy to retire undefeated in the UFC, rather than fight like a man against the best out there.

  46. maurice says:

    who gives the fuck who anderson calls out?! this is not the first time he called out a fighter. last i remember he called out bisping and caught major hate. he wanted to beat bisping in the UK. ppl hated back then but bisping will soon be in line for a shot. rockhold is a strong opponent. better stand up then a lot of guys anderson has fought, aside from belfort and dan. if rockhold wins atleast 2 more fights in sf he will be ready for a ufc superfight. ppl act like anderson ducking someone at mw. we all know the ufc will put whoever they want in front of anderson. and anderson will embarrass them just like the rest. DONT RIDE THE WEIDMAN TRAIN!! bisping, vitor and anderson would destroy that dude.

  47. Harris170 says:

    Have anderson go up to LHW and face Jones. There positives for both of them in that match-up. Anderson can try to be the first man to hold 2 current belts and Jones gets a chance to take on the p4p greatest and cement his own legacy.

  48. WoWoW says:

    Why am I not surprised….
    Anderson trying to duck legitimate threats again. Lol.

  49. Andy sucks. He never mixes his sweat with the other guy!

  50. dave.haldenby says:

    I think the man will have to fight Dan henderson at light heavy division after the Jones and hendo fight, or Mr Rashad Evans.

  51. B-rad says:

    There is ONLY 1 soul that can legitmatly challenge Silva at 185… Rashad Evans!! He has the boxing to maybe not get crushed like a can standing, and he definilty has the wrestling ability to take Silva down.. Verry interesting fight i personally love both fighters and it would be hard to take a winner..

  52. antwon says:

    i dont even know why silva and his camps oppinion on who he should fight matter hes a fighter and gets paid to do just that just shut up and take who ever they give you

  53. WrestlingISgay says:

    Fuck chael P n wrestling

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